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Our 1997 Bus

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Our current RV is a 1997 Prevost converted by Angola. We are the third owners, purchased from Mr. Oliver's RVs in Princeton TX in October 2010.

Hey, for a rig that's over 10 years old and doesn't have full body paint, it's not bad. ;)






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Guest BillAdams

What ain't painted is stainless steel. That's full body paint in anyone's book!

I am sure you coach will grow up some day but in my book it's still a baby. My Prevost is a 1988 with an 8V92 and its second paint job and at least one full interior remodel. There's about 325,000 on the odometer and she's still going strong.

Welcome to the club. (Don't actually join the Prevost "club" as they are all a bunch of snobs!).

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