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For the second time, we've had our insurance cancelled without notice by Poliseek, our agent with Blue Sky Insurance.

Probably, it's yet another admin goof on their end, the first stemming from a change to our autocharge due to internal problems at Citibank.

I have no doubt this is another admin flub, but these are adding up.

If members have a preferred insurance provider, I'd enjoy hearing your input.

After-Action Report: I screwed up, plain and simple. 'Mis-read their correspondence, am pleased to report all is fine with Poli-Seek and Blue Sky. Summed up, the sole negative is that we had to submit paperwork to back up a change to the autocharge card number, which seems a needless pain.

Wayne from Strictly Cycles and I were just on the phone, a great character and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for his, and all the other, links.

We pack a powerful punch, minimize our mistakes, by comparing notes and watching each others' backs. For that, you have my gratitude, each and every one of you!

Pilots aren't supposed to make mistakes like this...Controller: "Descend two four hundred." Flying Tigers Crew: "Roger, descend to four hundred." Or, on one flight in the American Southwest: Copilot: "Hey, isn't the minimum altitude here... <BANG!>" Lots of other examples, in aviation history. :wacko:

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I switched to Geico 2 years ago after being insured by Progressive for several years. Progressive rates climbed.

I research and compare quotes each rating period, and I could not find anyone that provides the same coverage compete with Geico.

Also, I researched their ERS and carry it for both the Jeep and MH.

My Geico policy increased $4 over the last 2 years.

What I like is I can schedule any payment when I want right on the Geico Site, receive alerts by email, etc.

That said, I had great customer service and Comp claim settlements with Progressive on 2 occasions totaling $21K. A tree limb did $5k damage, and another RV'r burned my boat $16K

The only claim experience with Geico has been a windshield repair, which went smoothly, and without cost for the repair and no deductible.

Good Luck, don't think I could tolerate your problems more than once.

I like insuring with companies that I can have direct contact with online, telephone, etc. I no longer use an intermediary Agent. An Agent made a mistake years ago on a Vin# on a new RV, which created headaches that I had to correct. I figured I could create my own headaches, and save the additional cost of going through an Agent. I have not had a problem since. That's what I like about Progressive and Geico. Don't need an Agent as a go to, direct contact with the Insurance company saves that policy fee.

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