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I Guess I Missed This...

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...when we signed up. Better late than never.

We are Jerry and Jeanne from Cape Cod. We just started motor homing 2 years ago with a 28' gasser. We did weekend trips and vacation for the first couple of years just to make sure we could deal with it. Almost immediately, we started our list of things to get in bus #2. First thing we decided was we needed something bigger!

We zeroed in on a late 90s Safari with the help of Brett Wolfe and started looking for one. There were a few around, but nothing that jumped out and said we should spend money to go see it.The week before our last trip last year, a 96 Sahara came on Craigs List 10 miles from the CG we were going to. We took that as a sign, called the seller and he agreed to drive it to the CG so I could have a look. We bought White Tiger that day.

We are in the process of setting up to retire, selling the big house and finding a smaller condo somewhere to get out from under a mortgage. After this last winter in New England, Jeanne is even looking at property in Florida!

FMCA is a great resource and I look forward to running into some of the folks here in person.

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Try some Destination parks but again do not buy yet. In addition to Florida look at Texas and Arizona Spend at least a month in each area

Smaller parks have Seasonal rents of 1,200 to 2,000 /year. You can put up a RV Cover an Storage an stay 4 to 5 months good weather for that area an then move.

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Welcome to the forum and I can highly recommend joining a local chapter.

Since you are from Cape Cod, I would suggest the Cape Codders Chapter.

We do several rally weekends not far from The Cape each summer.

See the chapter directory for contact information and rally schedule.

I hope to see you this summer at a rally!!!

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