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A&E 9100 Power Awning

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My 9100 A&E Power Awning material keeps winding up crooked and the arms do not retract all the way in. Is there a way to move the material so it is even on the roller ?


Tom Sobers

Livingston NJ

2008 Winnebago Voyage 33V

2010 Smart Car

2005 Ford Escape

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Measure the distance of the front and rear of the roller from the coach wall. When extended.
If one end is farther from the wall, the fabric will not roll up evenly.

Might need to completely unroll the fabric and get it nice and square in relation to the roller! Good time to check the extended distance from the top of the coach to the roller are equal; at both ends.

Also,you might check the ends of each arm to make sure there are no issues with the bearing mounts at the ends of the support arms.

Twisted, cracked or damaged in some way.


NOTE, if you do not have a long ruler, a piece of string with a mark on it from one end - compared to the other will get you a close measurement comparison.

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I have a related question, and this is the closest post I can find to ask. Is it possible to replace just the alumaguard wrap/cover of an awning? I have searched until Google had no more places to look ;-). The situation is that we side-swiped a power pole while making a very sharp turn at an intersection into a single lane of traffic with on-coming traffic. I didn't think I touched the pole, but the alumaguard damage says I did.

I am hoping to not replace the entire awning but just the alumaguard cover.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Wayne 447252

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Your lucky, that's not all you sideswiped! Have you talked to your Insurance? Is the damage such that you cant use the awning, or cosmetic?

You might call Camping World and or Dealerships, people replace their awnings and they might have yours in a throw away pile. If yours is an 02' odds are to replace it.

Do as Herman says first and go from there.

Next time, take your half of the road into traffic...they will give you room, just like you do to a 18 wheeler. Dirty looks and a whole bunch off birds is a small price to pay! :)


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