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  1. Wishin' for Spring!

  2. Great Place! We got there every April/May for the last 5 years. It really isn't that expensive. I hear people paying $100 per night in a fish camp. PTJeff.....we cured the problem of stuffiness. We invited folks on other sites to a "Meet & Greet cocktail party" 8 couples came by to shake hands, share a laugh & a beverage. It broke the ice & everyone was much more friendly after that.
  3. Where'dya stay? We're planning an OBX trip for this August
  4. Bluewater Key (bluewaterkey.com) is at mm14.5 and is an absolutely wonderful place. We'll be there this spring, May 15-31!
  5. All good advice, but let's start at the source. Before you hook up your hose to the water connection at a c.g., Carry a small spray bottle with bleach & spray the spigot liberally before you connect your freshwater hose! Too many times I've seen someone dump their holding tanks, then disconnect their drain hose & proceed to slip it onto the water spigot in attempt to rinse out their waste hose. Sanitize that spigot first!
  6. Mr Wolfe...You're correct. 360 it is! I need to pay attention to that BIG chrome decal on the side of my coach! (at least I had the 800 #/ft right)
  7. Hanko....check again. I just purchased a 2012 Astoria 36MQ & it has ( as do all Astorias) 380 Hp, 800 ft/#'s torque ISB (6.7) I'll be taking delivery tomorrrow. If interested.....I'll keep ya posted on how things go.
  8. Check your owners manual. I don't think the Wrangler can be towed on a dolly.
  9. My wife metal detects from time to time. She picked up the hobby from a friend who's an avid detector. Wife's still learning, but has a good time with it.
  10. Many pull-through sites are not long enough to accomodate a MH & trailer (or 4-down toad) connected.
  11. Ha Ha Ha! I can just see it now....fast forward to May 2nd, 2010. Me & DW are at Bluewater Key. The sun is shining, a gentle island breeze is blowing, there's some mellow steel drum music playing. DW looks into her glass to raise a toast, Ahhhh, Life is good! Suddenly, she realizes there's a spider in the middle of her ice cube!!!!!!!!
  12. For the icemaker, I disconnected both the line in & out of the solenoid. (Closing the petcock on the "in" (feed) line first). The line out of the solenoid gravity drained. I hope that with both lines disconnected, any water that remained in the solenoid can expand with the freeze. I'll let you know in a week or so (when I de-winterize) if my assumption was a success. There is an offical winterizing procedure for the icemaker, but it's pretty thorough. if you want me to copy the procedure from my O&M Manuals, let me know. As far as the toilet, while mine isn't electric, I camp overnight on New Years Eve. In order to not break full winterization, I simply use jugs of water when flushing the toilet. Then, I empty the black tank.
  13. That's what the solenoid looks like in mine. I know because I had to replace it last spring. Freezing overnight temps snuck up on me before I could winterize.
  14. Yep, remove them both & your hubcap should come off. Like I mentioned, they shouldn't be too tight ( I hope not) Good Luck!
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