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  1. RRR


    So I have been getting the Special, Greatest, Best Buy it Now, Renewal notices for a couple months. Looked up my account and it was about a year out till renewal. I get that FMCA needs my money but sending out renewals a year in advance is a sure way for me ignore your request. Since I signed for a three year subscription the first time, why not offer the Super Best Ever discount on that instead of bugging members a year in advance, every year? It reminds me of a certain publication that I used to get that was generally read during the last stage of digestion. Kept getting renewals and I just re-upped not really thinking about it. Till I figured out that I was paid several years in advance. Dumped that publication in a heartbeat.
  2. Not in Oregon but is Coeur D'alene, ID to far for you? Silverwood is great. Took the then 14 and 11 year grandson a few years ago and they had a blast. Since the weather didn't really heat up till the day we were to depart we stayed another day for the water park. We had plans for this year with the 10 and 7 year granddaughters but had to cancel.
  3. RRR

    6 AM Text.

    Thanks dons2346. As it was I had just made the morning trip and was just getting back to my happy spot when it went off. I used to work nights in my other life. One vacation at 0230 coworker texted me then 15 minuets later sends me another ''Sorry, forgot you were off.'' I spent the rest of the night wondering if it would be justifiable homicide.
  4. RRR

    6 AM Text.

    Any other members get a text around 0600 on 3/31 advertising the Gillette convention? Really FMCA you need to figure out what time zone the member is based in before these go out. It might be 0900 in Ohio but us west coasters are still in our slumber mode.
  5. RRR

    10 Tire TPMS

    I have been using EEZ Tire Monitor https://eezrvproducts.com/ and other than having to add the wireless extender on my 35' gasser that they said should be fine without. Works good and I had trouble setting it up. Quick call set me straight.
  6. We are only out 1-2 weeks and our now 16 year old grandson lives with us, and lot of the times we will have one or two of his siblings. When we bought our 2016 Bounder, coming from a C, we were doing the tour. Wife blessed the counter space, bath and shower. In the bedroom she was happy with the storage. Opening the rear closet door she was shocked when she saw the Splendiee combo. "I always wished we had a washer!" I never knew. We toss a load or two in in the AM or in the evening. Cuts down on the clothes we pack and use it like a hamper if we don't have hookups. Also been know to run the generator to finish drying. Daughter likes having the kids come home with clean clothes too. Saves having to unload towels to wash and reload.
  7. Your motors are dead! The two wires that hang down, with button are the control to limit movement. If your Discovery is anything like my 2016 Bounder the shades are mounted in an assembly that is held up by 8 screws. I'm guessing to access the wires you need to remove the A-piller covering to get to them. What I did was grab a grandson #1 to get the screws out then cut the wires carefully as there isn't much slack in them. Replaced the motor and used grandson #2 to get everything installed. My blackout shade motor was replaced about two years ago so I had some clues on what to shop for. The latest is the Black Pearl MCD 50:5338 (confirmed by MCD) replacing IIRC the ES2512D-0.7/34 which is a red motor. The red one is a lot cheaper than the Black Pearl (it is white) but I figured I might as well put the newer version in. There is a lot of the red motors out there and the 50:338 is spendy. Lowest cost was $106 plus shipping. Check e-bay, I found some there. MCD was quick in responding to e-mail but they are proud of their product. Your choice but I didn't fool with hooking up the ignition lockout wire. I'm not going to drop the blackout shade while driving and I drop the sunscreen while backing to cut the glare in the mirrors.
  8. I had the MiFi 2000 for a while and can confirm that the usage is unlimited. Ignore the 100 gig message I was using 300+ gig/month while I had it. hermanmullins With respect I understand what your instructions are but all it is doing, IMO, is changing what is being displayed. I seriously doubt that any cellular carrier is going to allow everyone to login to the unit and change their plan limits.
  9. I am really disappointed that there has not been any response from the leadership, not even a canned reply. Makes me wonder if maybe the accusations have some truth to them. I would expect more.
  10. And what about Credit Card info? How is it stored? Is it kept on file? The CC must be kept of file for the Connect Plan or is that info kept by Sprint/T-Mobil?
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