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  1. On a refi, with Essex credit, one must owe less than they think it is worth.
  2. Yep, There is the Shuttle bus, fully enclosed and HVAC controlled. There is also a red bus that is open top. Depending on the weather, your choice. Each comes with its' own experience.
  3. Hi Connitaylor, Go to http://www.nps.gov/glac/index.htm This is the NPS web site for Glacier NP To answer your question, this is an excerpt from the above mentioned web site: Are there vehicle size restrictions on the Going-to-the-Sun Road? Yes. To help reduce congestion, vehicle size restrictions are in effect. Vehicles, and vehicle combinations, longer than 21 feet(including bumpers) or wider than 8 feet (including mirrors), are prohibited between Avalanche Campground and the Rising Sun picnic area parking. The bottom line is your coach is not allowed on the Road. There are a couple of alternative arrangements, inside the park, to still travel the Road. The above mentioned web site details the alternatives. I've been there before and will be back again this summer. I like hiking the park. If you are so inclined, there are trails for those of all different abilities.
  4. Hi Connitaylor, Craters of the Moon National Monument is a nice place to visit. I've been there before and will be back this summer. Go to http://www.nps.gov/crmo/index.htm and check it out.
  5. Hi joelashley, If post 39 and 48 do not contain or direct you to the information I have posted for RV Frequent Fueler customers, please be specific about what is missing or incorrect. When going to the PFJ web site stay in the RV section. The Frequent Fueler FAQ information you quote is for OTR Drivers not RVers. The RV FAQs are found on the same page. Once you read and understand the RV Frequent Fueler Program then it is your decision to participate. My responses to your posts is to provide the correct information to those reading the posts and you. This is important, especially when incorrect information is posted.
  6. Hi mjrij, If the area is why your visiting Charlotte, consider Tom Johnson's Racing Camping Center. Contact info is 704-455-4445. It is located next to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Drag strip and Dirt Track. If there are no events, the cost is $25/night for full 50 AMP hookups. There may be a discount if you stay a week or longer. The CG has nothing to do. The area is where the entertainment comes from. This is the only place I stay when in this area (two or three times a year).
  7. Hi joelashley, I am surprised by your post. Go to post #39 in this thread. The link for an RV Frequent Fueler is in this post and for your benefit http://pilotflyingj.com/rv-home is posted again here. Post #39 and the link you will find the current information. Some of the information in your post is months old. One does need to register their Frequent Fueler card. One can do this via the web site link (again in post 39) a Kiosk in the store or a PFJ cashier. Just like you registered for Pioneer, one must do a similar registration with PFJ. Sound fair to you? It is unfortunate the information you are working with is outdated. Stay with what is in post 39 and you'll have the current information.
  8. Hi Tom, The reference material you used may be the wrong book. An RVer should use the PFJ RV Frequent Fueler Guide. Go to the URL in post #39 or to http://pilotflyingj.com/assets/templates/pilot/images/RVTG_v10_eproof.pdf . One can download the PDF file and keep it on a computer. This is the "bible" for RVers wanting to use the PFJ Frequent Fueler Program. In Kansas there are only 3 PFJ places to fuel.
  9. It is true that the same old thing will draw fewer attendees. However, the "baton" of leadership needs to be passed to younger members who will, most likely, have different ideas that will carry FMCA into the future. As an example, toy hauler coaches have been selling quite well the last two or three years. Does FMCA host events that would attract families owning toy hauler coaches? Does the entertainment have something for 30's and 40's years old with their kids (teenagers)? Do the optional activities appeal to the previously mentioned families? The FMCA needs to consider who they want to attract as future members. Then attract them with events that will draw them to the FMCA. Doing the same thing over and over again will provide the same result over and over again.
  10. Hi mrboyer, Consider finding another tire dealer. Not wanting to be redundant, Brett provided the correct advice. I'd add a bit more that Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) is something you should know. My assumption is you are not over weight on the axles. Purchase tires that will handle the maximum weight the coach (GVWR) and each axle (GAWR) will carry. I have not used Equal for balancing. I have found spin balancing and lead weights work for me. Lastly, I will not purchase tires from a shop that is unable spin balance the tires.
  11. Hi gandr2737, I'm glad you received a reply from PFJ. I guess you missed my reply to you yesterday afternoon. Check the other PFJ thread and post #80. I replied there because that is where your original concern was posted. Also, in this thread I made a post of current information about the PFJ program. It is about 3 posts up from this post.
  12. Hi Everyone, I've been monitoring the PFJ thread on another forum. The following is what I have posted there to keep members updated with the most current information. Much of the information is the same as in Lynsay's post #1. However, there are some additions that have been determined along the way from where we were to where we are. I hope this is helpful to all reading this thread. "This thread is only for questions about PFJ's RV Frequent Fueler Program. For all other questions/comments please contact PFJ directly. Go to http://www.pilottravelcenters.com/Ab...ontact_Us.aspx and determine the contact method that is best for you. Added May 3, 2011 For specific Frequent Fueler Program incidents: 1. where you do not feel the cash price and discount were received 2. card could not be registered, etc. Please send as much of the following information as possible to RV@pilotflyingj.com a. Your RV Real Value or Frequent Fueler number. b. The transaction number from your receipt. c. A short narrative explaining your concern. d. The names of PFJ people you talked to. e. Date and place the transaction occurred. Please be sure you understand and follow the fueling process, to the letter. If the process is not followed, discounts and cash price may be lost for that transaction. The following two links should be read before posting questions about PFJ's Frequent Fueler Program. They should answer most questions. Link to the RV section of the PFJ website http://pilotflyingj.com/rv-home This link provides the fueling instructions for the three different pumps available to fuel from. These are: Auto RV Truck The link also mentions the benefits of the RV Frequent Fueler Program. To register your RV Frequent Fueler Card (or the RV Real Value Card) go to the PFJ loyalty site to register a card or check your online account http://www.frequentfueleradvantage.com/. Added May 6, 2011 If you registered your Frequent Fueler Card in an in store kiosk and now want to check your account via the Internet (on line), follow these instructions: 1) Go to Frequent Fueler Advantage 2) Click register 3) Enter the email address you registered at the kiosk 4) A confirmation email will be sent to you. Follow the link back to the website. 5) When you do that, it should automatically pull up the info you put in the kiosk. 6) Then just follow the next steps to complete your online account. 1. One must register your PFJ card (your old J card or one of the new orange RV cards provided by all PFJ stores) to activate the Pump Start Feature at the truck diesel islands. Added May 7, 2011 Once the pump start feature is activated treat your PFJ card with the same security as a CC. If you lose the card, report it to PFJ immediately. The card is now linked to you. If the card is used in a fuel theft (drive away) PFJ will look to you for payment. 2. At the truck pumps, the first screen may ask for an ICC #. Just insert your registered RV Frequent Fueler Card and follow the instructions on the screen. 3. In AZ discounts are not allowed or require a different process. Signage at these location needs to be read to understand what is available and how to acquire a discount. Due to regulations in NJ and WI, PFJ is unable to give any fuel discounts at locations in these states. Specific tax regulations in IN and OR are currently preventing us from processing discounts at the truck diesel lanes. We are working on a solution. Until we reach this solution, you will need to use the RV lanes to obtain your discount in these 2 states. 4. There is no ability to process credit cards at the truck pumps. PFJ is looking at allowing this in the future. 5. When paying for fuel pumped at the truck diesel pump Added May 8, 2011: after following the truck diesel pump fueling procedure present your payment method and your registered RV frequent fueler card to the cashier. The net cash price (discount and cash price) was displayed at the pump, once the pump recognizes you are a frequent fueler. It will not be broken out as line items on the receipt. Added May 12, 2011 6. At which locations can one receive the cash price and discount? Go to the PFJ website at: http://pilotflyingj.com/locations and if the title of the location says anything except Pilot Travel Center or Flying J it is not owned/operated by Pilot Flying J and at these locations, the cash price and discount is only available at the truck diesel lanes when the Pump Start Feature is used with the Frequent Fueler Card. This is also indicated in the new RV travel guide: http://pilotflyingj.com/assets/templates/pilot/images/RVTG_v10_eproof.pdf The following are additional items. All the following assumes one has a registered PFJ RV Real Value Card or RV Frequent Fueler Card. 1. The Pump Start feature is available immediately once your card is registered. There is no 500 gallon minimum before the feature activates. Updated May 3, 2011 2. Pump $ cutoffs for credit cards: 2a. VISA Auto/Car Lanes = $150. 2b. VISA RV Lanes = $495. 2c. MC, Discover, AMEX Auto/Car & RV Lanes = $75. 2d. Payment method does not matter at the truck pumps. Truck Pumps = $750. Added May 11, 2011 3. Pump cut off limit for Debit Cards (PIN needed) is $75 at all Auto and RV pumps (diesel and gas). 4. Payment method is not a factor for starting the truck pump. 5. Payment method in cash or check at the RV/Auto pumps will require one to go into the store to get the pump started. 6. There are no limits on the amount of discounts one can earn."
  13. Hi Larry3570, Gut feel says you may have an OTR Frequent Fueler Card. What is needed is an RV Frequent Fueler Card. However, something is not correct about the scenario mentioned in your post. The quickest way to close this is to send the scenario mentioned in your post and your RV Real Value or RV Frequent Fueler number to RV@pilotflyingj.com Staff at this email address has the ability to research and close the problem with you directly, via email. Once closed, please post here what the solution was. It may be helpful to other members.
  14. Hi gandr2737, The reason you did not receive the cash price and discount is because the location you stopped at is not owned or operated by PFJ. Consider obtaining the following RV PFJ guide. Go to the PFJ website at: http://pilotflyingj.com/locations and if the title of the location says anything except “Pilot Travel Center” or “Flying J” it is not owned/operated by Pilot Flying J and at these locations, the discount is only available at the truck diesel lanes when the Pump Start Feature is used with the Frequent Fueler Card. This is also indicated in the new RV travel guide: http://pilotflyingj.com/assets/templates/pilot/images/RVTG_v10_eproof.pdf
  15. Hi everyone, In the past I sprayed my jack cylinders and it did help. However, after replacing 2 of my jacks I am rethinking that activity. It seems the jack not retracting properly is the result of a very large seal in the jack contracting in on the cylinder. I do not know if spraying the cylinders contributes to this contraction. For me, the jury is out on this one.
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