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  1. Just a short note; we used two small nylon w/velcro straps, and placed them around the awning arms when the awning is closed. Never had a problem but sure did feel safer traveling under any highway conditions. For us it was just a safety precaution..........
  2. Hi Tim, Have to agree with you, have used the spray bottle w/bleach for years, after observing a camper wash his sewer hose out under the spigot. One has to be prepared to protect oneself and family from the posibilty of contracting a serious disease due to someone elses, less than safe, actions. Have read forums about "pros & cons" about the using of the bleach.........but we would rather be safe than sorry.........to each his own.
  3. Will relate my experience with obtaining an extension 50 amp cord. While at the local RV dealer, there was a sale table with all kinds of RV parts that were at discounted prices. Within that area was two new 50 amp electrical cords that was for either a towable or for a motorhome. They were new replacement parts. The price was right, 30 dollars each. As there was a male end on the cord, I had to purchase the female end, at CW, and install........now we have a 50 amp extension cord......and only cost about 55 dollars. Far cheaper than CW or elsewhere................note: now that we have it, have never had a situation where it was needed.....o'well............
  4. Just a point of information, "Harbor Freight" has inspection cameras and they are not bad in price, also "Camping World" has one listed at a higher price.
  5. Have registered the motor home with Monaco under our name, have contacted Monaco as to inquiries about a few concerns and was promptly given requested info. We have all the owners manuals, have read all, and in fact, have purchased and read fully a new owners manual more than once. Have rec'd all required schedules as to motor home, generator, engine, and trans(Allison) from related websites....have a large three ringed binder with over fifty pages of schedules, and "know how to do" info. I think we have covered almost all the bases.......... We are not new to motorhoming, but we are new to the "DP concept". Thanks for your response, all info is appreciated.
  6. Brett, I had all info necessary to obtain the service records but I think that some services could have been done elsewhere. The dealership removes all references to the previous owner before sale. But we knew who the PO was as we had found some past insurance papers. The service person was not to helpful and was not willing to give any info another than what was directly asked for. Something about company policy; to protect the private matters of the PO. So again, I believe that a complete service is the only answer......that at least we will know what and when the services were performed. Gives us a starting point for any future services. Brett, the service mgr and I do not see eye to eye. He is less than honorable, and I told him and the General Mgr. in a face to face conversation. I'm a retired auto/truck/bus mechanic and finished working as a parts mgr within the Ford dealership system. Know all to well about the "no ticky, no laundry(parts)"....must be charged somewhere, to someone. At my age, it's not my first rodeo.....was born at night...but not last night. Hope you get my drift.....
  7. With our 2007 Monaco Diplomat, I was totally confused as to what fluid was used within the system. The owners manual was not clear when you service the hydraulic system. As per the manual, it spoke of using 15w40 motor oil then two paragraphs later speaks of using dexron 3 only. I then e-mail Monaco and rec'd a reply which stated,"if the oil is red it's dexron, if yellow(amber) its motor oil, if it's clear it is AW 46 hydraulic oil", but have to know what was in it before your change. My manual does not mention using AW 46. Mine was filled with 15w40 motor oil. NOTE: As we purchased this rig as pre-owned, last July 2011, we are in the dark as to what maintenences have been done and when. Contacted dealer where purchased, and was very vague as to what was done and when. So when the rig comes out of winter storage this spring a complete total service will be done on the motor home and the generator. This will give us a starting point for services in the future.
  8. BRETT, We have an "ONAN 8000 diesel generator", in a 2007 Monaco Diplomat, and according to it's manual and it's data plate, is rated at 66.7 amps, and 120 AC voltage. Butch
  9. May God bless all who have served, and may God bless & watch over all those who are currently serving.
  10. We could not agree more with your observations, and feel likewise. When we were looking to upgrade, would always inquired as to the interior fabric colors and wood color. If it was dark, we would move on and continue our quest to find something else to satisfy our requirements. We now have a unit that fills the bill 100%.
  11. Roy, Yes they did replace all valve stems, but I do not believe they were equipted with filters, nor personally knew about stems with filters ?????? Don't have this problem now as we have just traded up to a "new to us" unit at the end of July. One way to solve a problem(s).....
  12. This works for me as an answer to the position of the MH in the highway lane. I personally made a notation, on the windshield, with a piece of red tape indicating the right edge of your center line when the MH is within inches of the line on your side. Now you know where you are in the lane. Other drivers may have other indicators, but this mine.
  13. Just for information, we purchased a 2009 Ford Escape in May of 2009, a 4x4 XLT w/4cylinder, 6speed trans, and have towed the vehicle since new, mileage travelled not noted, but as of this date we have over 23,000 driven miles. We purchaced this vehicle solely to be towed, but we use the vehicle for winter travel needs, but only towed it after about a thousand miles were on the odmeter. Knock on wood, we have not had a problem with it, but we follow the Ford instructions to the letter. Have followed other purchasers, on this forum, who are not so lucky and have had nothing but problems. Having been in the Ford dealership system for over twenty years, now retired, I personally do not have an answer as to why some have a problem and others do not. We wish you luck with your purchase, and hope you will enjoy your vehicle as much as we enjoy ours.
  14. We had new tires installed and they used equal to balance, they are a truck tire store and they told me that is all they use. The balance part is a'okay, BUT, one has to be careful when checking the air pressures as to the position of tire valve. If in the lower quadrant, the equal powder will enter the valve, and after taking the pressure reading, will give you a very slow air leak. When in the upper quadrant, you have to release just a very small amount of air, to clear the valve before taking the tire pressure reading. At least that is how I have had to check pressures. I personally would not recommend "equal", just my two cents and experience......
  15. Places close by: 1) Vermont Teddy Bear factory 2) Shelburne Mus. 3) Shelburne farm 4) City of Burlington 5) many other points of interest Note: while at Alexandria Bay, Boldt Castle is a must see. Stay away from a campground named,"Seaway Island Resort" @ Fineview....on Wellesley Island, not good, amenities are poor to non-existant, and the hookups are very poor. A resort it is NOT !!!! There is another Cg on the island named Wellesley Island State Park and has full hookups. Most other cg are small and also leave a lot to be desired. Not much to choose from that will meet your expectations. The State Park is about the best.
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