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  1. They are not the same quality. My first two motorhomes were Fleetwoods. I'm not bashing Fleetwoods I enjoyed them both. My third and fourth were and are Tiffins. the Tiffins far exceed the quality of the Fleetwoods. but even more importantly the customer service you receive from Tiffin motorhomes is second to none.
  2. We did the Oregon coast last summer and really enjoyed the jet boat ride up the Roque river out of gold beach, the casino in Coos Bay has a nice RV park, Winchester bay has a nice park and a great tour of their light house, take a dune buggy ride in Florence and also see the seal caves. The Tillamook cheese factory tour is a must they have the best ice cream. In Astoria make sure you climb the tower and visit the coast guard museum. Astoria also has the best sea food in Oregon in my opinion.
  3. Check out Palm Creek RV resort in Casa Grande AZ about 60 miles south of Phoenix with similar amenities.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have seen these in a truck stop in Canyonville Oregon, it does sound very useful
  5. We have the Roadmaster brakemaster that tbutler mentioned above. We tow a 2007 jeep liberty behind our 2007 Phaeton and have no complaints.
  6. We like Palm Creek Resort in Casa Grande. It's clean, beautiful and plenty to do.
  7. 16 is fine you can even take 36 out of red bluff
  8. Hwy 20 has more twist than hwy 37 however should save you between 90 and 120 mins . Its plenty safe many big rigs use it.
  9. We did the same trip last August, spent the night due to bad weather in Missoula at Jim and Marys its a great place to stay.
  10. We tow a 07 Jeep Liberty that is also my wifes daily driver. We luv it.
  11. My wife Paula and I will be there Tuesday afternoon. see you there.
  12. kinti, You described the same problem I had with my Coleman unit. The compressor was out and I needed to replace the whole unit.
  13. We have stayed at the Elks and enjoyed our stays, but only on the west coast. I don't know about the Moose, but the Elks put out three books listing all their lodges with directions and what they offer.
  14. like paulin said, catch 97 in weed ca. good road but mostly two lane. plenty of small towns for food and fuel
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