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  1. That's an awesome idea, thanks.👍
  2. I have not checked the tank yet but I will this weekend. Right now I'm waiting for a belt tensioner and new belt that I just ordered a couple of days ago, It's supposed to be here by Friday. I'm thinking about siphoning some of the fuel out of the tank with a hose just to take a look at it and if it looks ok I will take it out around town for a test drive to see how it performs.
  3. Yes Bill, I do feel a lot better now with the turbo issue and I think that slowly I will be able to take care of the fuel issue also. My biggest reward out of all this is to know that there is a lot of nice and knowledgeable people here and that Sir is worth a million. Thanks to you and to all, and have a wonderful labor day too.
  4. I finally got to the turbo unit today Sept 1st and I think I'm happy with what I found. First, this is a 1996 HR but I found a date plate on the turbo with a 2000 date stamped on it so I'm pretty sure that the turbo unit got replaced at some point. I think that the metal chunks that I found where leftover from the previous unit. Next I opened the front and back and could not see anything broken in there. The unit turns freely and there is no play so I'm going to put it back together and hope that everything is ok now. As far as the fuel issue, I'll just have to replace the filters more often for a while and see what happens. The fuel filters that I replaced had a 2015 service date on them and to me that's poor maintenance practice and unacceptable. I have already replaced the house batteries and yes I'm planning on doing a total service to it too. I will post as I take care of the problems, thank you all for the great recommendations and suggestions and take care.
  5. They were pretty bad, I just ordered some Biobor treatment and some more filters, in hopes that it will help getting rid of that nasty stuff, time will tell.
  6. Yes, and I thought that I was getting a good deal on an rv with less than 46000 miles. The guy was a retired firefighter and he said that he took excellent care of it, maybe the outside. Let's hope it doesn't brake the bank before I can enjoy the darn thing. BTW, thanks for all the good advice...
  7. This was how the fuel filters looked like after I opened them up. The small one was pretty bad compared to the large one. I did start the engine after I replaced the fuel filters and the solenoid and it started fine on the second try. There was no smoke and she ran very smooth, the only thing was the rattling in the muffler. That rattling has been there since I bought her, I thought that it was a loose bolt or something else around that area but not inside the muffler. While checking the engine after changing the filters I realized that the rattling was inside the muffler and that's when I decided to take it apart to see. If I do have to replace the turbo unit, any special one better than others, any good upgrades, how much will it set me back?
  8. Thank everyone for your suggestions. I have replaced both of the fuel filters and the fuel shutoff solenoid also. After doing that I noticed a rattling noise inside the muffler so I took it apart and found something that doesn't look good to me Turbo chunks? Do I need to replace turbo also? How hard to do, will I need special tools? Thanks for any advice.
  9. Thank you all and thanks for your suggestions. I have ordered the fuel filters and will start with them.
  10. It is a 1996 Holiday Rambler Navigator 38 ft with the Cummins 8.3L/300HP and Allison MD 3060 6 speed. 46000 miles on odometer, 150 gal fuel tank diesel pusher.
  11. Hello everyone. Have a 1996 HR Navigator that I bought a couple of months ago, my first ever MH and I'm loving it.. Everything has been good with it so far until this Sunday 08-11-19, after coming back home from a weekend camping trip, stopped to drop my nephew at his house and waited there about 10 min before heading home. Took off fine from there but then I was getting minimal to no response to the gas pedal. Kept going like that for about half a mile and then it died on me as I was getting ready to enter the highway. Lots of room so pulled into the shoulder and waited a few minutes. Started it again but after 50 ft it died again. Waited another 15 minutes and tried to start it one more time. This time I could feel the response to the gas pedal and decided to put it on reverse and go back 50 ft to tested. It was doing ok so we took our chances and thanks God, was able to drive it home with no more issues. Sorry for the long explanation.So, has anyone had this happen to you; what could be the problem and the fix. I will appreciate any input or suggestions on what to look for. Thank you.
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