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    To go see this beautiful country of ours for which I have fought for and for which I proudly will give my life for if I had to, with honor, integrity and respect and to enjoy life to the fullest while doing so.

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  1. Is the FW Mecham International Airport and Eagles Resorts RV Storage is the closest Park to them.
  2. Thank you Herman, I do keep notes on just about anything and everything that I do with the MH and for sure will keep posting and updating on all our travels. Take care my friend...🚍
  3. Thank you Sir and yes, lots of great and knowledgeable people here. Thanks👍
  4. They live close to the airport, FTW and by looking at the map, I can see that there's a few places around that area. Eagles Resorts RV Storage & RV Park, 4627 Robertson Rd #108, Fort Worth, TX is about 10 minutes from their house. I guess I need to start planning something. ☺️
  5. Yes Sir and I think that your location, Texas City is pretty close to Houston too, so it would be awesome to meet you guys sometime in the near future.
  6. Hey Bill, I just saw Fort Worth as your location, that's where one of my nieces is at, my nephew is in Killeen and my other niece in Houston.
  7. I hope to make it down to Texas one of this days, I have a couple of nieces and a nephew living there that I will love to visit.
  8. I think I just did it. 👍 Yeah, that's why I'm staying put for a bit, just planning and preparing for now. Thank you Sir, take care and enjoy 2022.🍻
  9. I bet that you do have some awesome memories and stories from many moments and all of the trips taken so far. For me, I enjoy every now and then to stay put and relax, have some drinks, share some stories with friends and family and reflect on everything that we have done thru the years. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and it recharges the soul so we can plan for the next big adventure, no matter what that might be, cleaning something, fixing something, buying something or just plain taking a brake from it all. Take care my friend and many blessings your way.
  10. This baby is costing me an 💪 and a 🦵but I'm having fun with it. Next Project, AIR BAGS, wooohooo... 🚍 🤪
  11. Hi Bill, When I bought the MH two years ago, it had Michelins XZE2s and they looked brand new, selling point of previous owner. I did not know better about tire age so I was impressed. The fact is that the tires where 8 years old already and after reading and learning everything I know now about tire age and safety I decided to replace them even though they still look really good. And since they were still in such a great shape I ordered the same tires. Hope to get the money worth out of them. I also bought a steel rim and kept one of the old ones to be used as a spare with the hopes of never having to use it.
  12. New Tires, done - 🗹
  13. Wayne, I'm with you on that, I do love the looks of the snow but that's about it anymore. And I hate all the morons that don't pay attention and think that they can drive the same way they do on a sunny day. It did get to a scorching 41˚ here today with lots of rain so all the white stuff is gone which I'm glad because I was able to schedule my tire appointment for tomorrow morning 10am so the old lady is getting new shoes, yesss.🚍👍
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