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  1. It's all good... Hopefully there will be no shortage of diet water by the time I make it down there, but just in case, I will be traveling with my good thirst quencher friend named Chelada.😁
  2. Yes for sure, I have been very lucky so far, lets hope that everything keeps going that way for me.🙏
  3. Yeah, I did keep a good eye on them until now that I was able to replace them, they are good to go now. 👍
  4. Either that or he just took advantage of the lack of knowledge on my part. It didn't take me long to realize that I the tires were really old and needed to be replaced so I did.
  5. Bill, I agree with you 100%. But part of the problem is that a lot of us, myself included, are not knowledgeable enough with all the different systems present in a motorhome to understand what's actually required to do "all the maintenance". Another problem for me was trusting what the person selling the MH told me, "oh yeah I did all the maintenance on it myself and everything has been taking care of, no problems at all". To me, it looked good, it drove good, it sounded good, engine and transmission oil looked good, he even went out of his way to show me how good the tires where too, he just forgot to mention that they should be replaced anyways because they were over 8 years old already, so like I said, not being knowledgeable enough at the moment and I guess it is foolish to be too trusting of other people until you know exactly what kind of a person they are. Overall I'm very happy that the original owner took very good care of "MY" Navigator and it's been fun working and learning with it. Now I go at my own slow but very meticulous pace to take care of her, one step at a time and soon it will be in top shape again. Then we'll let her take care of us and see how far she can take us. Take care my friend.🍻
  6. Serviced the Pure Air Plus in my Navigator yesterday. I used the DQ6026 general service kit, it includes the desiccant cartridge, coalescing filter, relief valve, purge shield and associated hardware. The old desiccant cartridge didn't look to bad to me but the coalescing filter looked kind of nasty, I think it has not been replaced in like forever. Tested the system today and everything is working nice with no leaks. Also removed the bottom plate/shield from the radiator to inspect and clean, it wasn't too bad, just minimal debris. So, RADIATOR✔️ and AIR DRYER✔️
  7. Hi you guys, Bill and Five, first of all I will like to express, to you two and to everybody else that offer advise, my most sincere and humble thank you. Thank you for all the information and support that you guys are always so willing to offer to everybody and anybody that is looking for or in desperate need of assistance for. I am one of those persons and having people like you here, willing and ready to help is what gives me inspiration and a feeling of relaxation even when I might be frustrated and lost and not knowing what the heck I'm doing or what to do next. The thing is that it is not that difficult once you get a little bit of understanding of what's happening, and there is where you guys shine. I'm still a baby in diapers when it comes to most of the RV world thing, but I'm a very fast learner and I'm also one of those guys that can do a little bit of everything once you get the idea. A few weeks ago I took my Navigator to get new tires and after watching the guy replacing the old ones with the new tires, I'm ready to do them myself, thank God that I should not have to do that but it wasn't that difficult and if I ever need to do it, I know that I can. So my point is, once you get some understanding of what's needed to accomplish the mission and somebody points you in the right direction, if you are willing, you can keep going and complete that mission. As of right now I have ordered and received the oils and filters to do both the engine and transmission, so I will be doing that within the next few weeks at the most. I will look into the oil samples and most likely will order them and the coolant one also so I can have a base number as a reference for me to go by from now on too. But once again, thank you for the support and for the inspiration that you guys provide. Very Respectfully, Navigator1 (Jorge Vega)
  8. No I have not, and I'm not sure how to do that yet but it's just that it has been two years since last change and I wanted to upgrade to TES 668.
  9. I will check it out once I'm under there, right now I'm just going by what's in the manual.
  10. Mine calls for 18 to 24 lb. ft. of torque.🔧
  11. Ordered 5 gals of the Castrol TranSynd 668 and got it delivered today, I also ordered the two filters which were delivered last week so hopefully next week I will be able to service the 3060 and that will be another check mark off my list.👍
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