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  1. Thank you all and thanks for your suggestions. I have ordered the fuel filters and will start with them.
  2. It is a 1996 Holiday Rambler Navigator 38 ft with the Cummins 8.3L/300HP and Allison MD 3060 6 speed. 46000 miles on odometer, 150 gal fuel tank diesel pusher.
  3. Hello everyone. Have a 1996 HR Navigator that I bought a couple of months ago, my first ever MH and I'm loving it.. Everything has been good with it so far until this Sunday 08-11-19, after coming back home from a weekend camping trip, stopped to drop my nephew at his house and waited there about 10 min before heading home. Took off fine from there but then I was getting minimal to no response to the gas pedal. Kept going like that for about half a mile and then it died on me as I was getting ready to enter the highway. Lots of room so pulled into the shoulder and waited a few minutes. Started it again but after 50 ft it died again. Waited another 15 minutes and tried to start it one more time. This time I could feel the response to the gas pedal and decided to put it on reverse and go back 50 ft to tested. It was doing ok so we took our chances and thanks God, was able to drive it home with no more issues. Sorry for the long explanation.So, has anyone had this happen to you; what could be the problem and the fix. I will appreciate any input or suggestions on what to look for. Thank you.
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