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  1. I'm with Carl. This post is so vague its only purpose is to take up space. No coach information, no location information, no dealer information and you want me to pm you so you can tell me? You may or may not have some valuable information on re-aligning a slide but its useless at this time.
  2. As already noted, some people think the park is being "snooty" but I appreciate when park owners use this to protect their investment and personally I would prefer to not park next to any rv that has not been taken care of. Same goes for the neighborhood I live in. I'm glad we have restrictions in place to protect my investment.
  3. I don't understand why you're jumping thru hoops for a card you have to prepay just to obtain a few cents per gallon savings plus has very limited number of stations in its program. Too bad FMCA didn't partner with TSD Logistics.
  4. Same thing you're experiencing, temperature fluctuations of 15-20 ℉ towing on level surface. First repair under warranty by the Bryan/College Station Freightliner. They used the wrong grade bolts doing the repair and by the Grace of God I was within 18 miles of the Gaffney Service Center when they sheared and the fan became wedged in the shroud. Freightliner towed me to the repair center in Gaffney and replaced. I was back there for my annual service several miles and years later when they had to replace it again. Freightliner installs the clutch, not Cummins I believe. 2008 Fleetwood Bounder 350 ISB. Check with the Freightliner 24/7 help desk and see if your year still uses the same clutch.
  5. Determine from Cummins or Freightliner if you have the Horton fan Clutch. If so, this component is problematic. I replaced the Horton Clutch on my previous motorhome with a 350 HP ISB twice in 60,000 miles. First time was first year of ownership with less than 15,000 miles and again at 40,000 and was showing signs of same problem when I sold it at 60,000 miles.
  6. I agree with what Richard has stated. I've been using the ACH transfer method to pay bills for almost 20 years and I guess I've been lucky because it seems so many have been scammed some way or another. I feel its safer than writing a check and handing that to someone. That check has my name, address, account number and routing number that can easily be used in nefarious ways. The ACH method is all done computer to computer and granted the systems can be hacked but my check can be much more easily hacked, copied, stolen, etc. I know and understand that many don't feel comfortable with this method but it works for me.
  7. You mentioned you turned the power off at the pedestal; I also recommend turning the automatic generator start off if equipped and confirm the inverter is turned off.
  8. I sure hope Mike eventually chimes in. He could educate us or at least me quickly.
  9. I find it hard to believe we had an abundance of diesel 2 years ago, Joe. We export so much diesel that its difficult for the refiners to keep up with the demand. If tanker trucks were lined up for weeks to deliver, the question is why? The demand certainly has done nothing but increase in the last ten years and with essentially no new refineries added.
  10. Byron, the algae will form in the water that accumulates when the fuel tank is low on fuel. Its worse in areas like Texas where the temperature may fluctuate from 70's to 40's daily. This fluctuation will cause moisture to form in the tank from condensation. By burning 600+ gallons of fuel a week you will never have the problems we are discussing.
  11. Too much pre-planning for me. I'm sure it'll work for many.
  12. The OP stated the light on the black box is not on.
  13. It darn sure works. Another benefit is only need to add water about every 10-12 months and there is absolutely no corrosion issues. We're possibly opening a can of worms, Ray.
  14. The information on the website is too vague to make more than a best guess as to how the program is funded by the user. It appears to me to be more of a prepaid credit card rather than a prepaid debit card. A debit card would debit my checking account directly at each transaction but the website vaguely talks about how a user adds money to the card. It would be nice if Sherry@TCS would come back and directly answer how the card is funded. Sounds like they are explaining one phone call at a time, if you apply. I'm like Wayne; I will continue to enjoy the TSD card and make transfers to a separate account after a purchase.
  15. Sounds like I would need to keep a ledger sheet to know when another deposit would be needed and of course know how much lead time would be required before funds would be available. The 10% fee on the savings amount in the TSD program sounds like one heck of a deal compared to the TCS program. They will get lots of FMCA members I'm sure because unless you frequent RV forums you're not aware there other programs available. Best guess, less than 5% of the FMCA members even know about this forum or if they do participate in it.
  16. If what I understand is correct, their program is a preloaded debit card where you prepay for fuel. That could be interesting.
  17. I'm beginning to understand the problem. TCS thinks it was announced yesterday when in reality it hit the FMCA website last week.
  18. I understand several calls have been made with the same results. Brings back memories when they rolled out the first Verizon program that was quickly canceled.
  19. I'm interested in desulfating the batteries. I did this with my previous coach coach house batteries and they were 8 years old and still holding a good charge when I sold it. I'm not going to mention using mineral oil in each cell and I'm not going to mention I had no corrosion issues either.
  20. Thanks, Brett. I sent them an email early this morning and never heard back. I will call tomorrow.
  21. I tried to take photos but with the battery tops and cables black, its hard to see where the cables go. I may try to sketch something and post that.
  22. I have a BatteryMINDer Charger, Maintainer, Desulfator that I use to keep my car, tractor, truck batteries maintained. I've never used it on my coach house batteries but I'm exploring that option. I know I can do this through the Magnum but I want to explore this possibility. It appears my 8 wet cell 6v batteries are wired in two separate banks of 4 each and are wired series-parallel. I'm not sure if or where they are combined later. Here is my question, Should I hook the charger/maintainer up to the individual bank of 4? I hope this makes sense.
  23. Carl, who are the manufacturers of those high dollar 5th wheels? I'm familiar with the Luxe and they are in the $150-200,000 range. To answer the OP, usually the answer will be whatever the person owns and at the price point they are comfortable with.
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