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    I would contact Intellitec and see if they can tell you of call Newmar customer service.
  2. I had to call CoachNet a few years ago with an airbag issue. It was on a weekend and we were in West Glacier. The air bags would not inflate. The service truck came from Kalispell some 30 miles away. He quickly found the problem was a faulty airbag dump valve. He had one on his service truck to install. When he handed me his invoice it was for the part only and of course I asked about his labor, maybe 45 minutes. He said CoachNet pays him well enough that he usually didn't charge for labor if under an hour. That was about 10 years ago and I bet it wouldn't be that way today.
  3. Being a used to be body shop owner, when they start teardown they most likely will find hidden damage. It may be totaled in the end.
  4. I would think thats the second decision you make, the first is do we sell. If you do it yourself, a lot of great pictures and a well written description of the unit including all the improvements you've made. You can advertise in the FMCA magazine but the last I heard it takes 2-3 months for it to be published. RV Trader, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Craigs List would be places to advertise.
  5. Do you want to sell it yourself or consign the unit?
  6. If your trailer came equipped with the so called "China Bombs", I would replace before leaving for your trip. Should you have a blowout, the damage can cause you to cancel your trip. https://drivinvibin.com/2021/09/03/rv-china-bomb-tires/
  7. Makes sense. The IT people are usually at a loss. They could very easily set one of their team members up with a dummy account and do all the testing the desire and do it in the background. They probably need to hire a couple of high schoolers that could resolve this in a few hours and do it all transparently. BTW....there are modern and secure forum software packages available with fill in the blanks that can be purchased. Good luck with the tests.
  8. This is referred to as spam on other forums.
  9. Any information they would publish, assuming they ever will, is meaningless. Because FMCA is so tied up in their bureaucratic nonsense is likely the reason they can't or won't give you an answer. At this time, I wouldn't put any stock in the information they published from a survey taken almost 9 months ago. Cummins has a software work around for some engines and are working on the remainder. You do understand, the RV industry is just a minor participant in the DEF issues. Ask the large trucking companies how many trucks are parked in repair facilities waiting on parts. I find it amazing the Washington puzzle palace group hasn't used this as another excuse for the supply chain issues but of course it would backfire because its ultimately their fault - They are the reason we have to have DEF.
  10. You might consider adding how to register for anyone interested in attending.
  11. Just so you're aware of the law, its illegal to have a video screen viewable by the driver while moving in most states. 39:3A-1. Television set with screen visible to driver of vehicle prohibitedIt shall be unlawful to operate upon any public highway in this State a motor vehicle which is equipped with or in which is located a television set so placed that the viewing screen thereof is visible to the driver while operating such vehicle.
  12. I'm not sure when Freightliner had th light bar control unit but if you have that, you can pull the codes from there. I suggest calling either the Freightliner or Spartan help desk. FTL is 1-800--385-4357 have the last 6 numbers of your VIN.
  13. As you're probably aware, Ray, its not going to take much to total a 22 year old motorhome especially when you include the Xantrex and I would be concerned with some structural damage since you mentioned the foam blowing out of the rood vents. Good luck!
  14. If its a FTL Chassis, its on the Light Bar Control Unit. Turbo Pressure, Tranny Temp, Engine Temp, Etc, Etc. No exhaust gas temp, darn it. The gauge measures in PSI.
  15. I retired in 2004 at the age of 59 but didn't sell my business until 2007. We had a lake home, a city home and a ranch home all debt free when I retired. Stock options bought the properties. My late wife had a pension that I continue to receive and I didn't start taking SS until I reached full retirement. I take RMD each year and Bxxtx about the taxes I have to pay because of the RMD. I suggest investing in Roth IRA rather than the traditional IRA's due to the governments out of control spending taxes are most certainly going to go up.
  16. Visit the north rim if possible. Its less crowed and actually the views are better. https://www.kaibabcampervillage.com/ If you stay at Williams, AZ, The Grand Canyon Railroad Park is where we stay and if you like you can take the train to the south rim. You're also a short drive to Sedona. https://www.thetrain.com/lodging/rv-park-location/
  17. Go to FMCA RV Club Facebook page, its a pinned post at the top of the page.
  18. I tow a Canyon and I think you're getting hung up on Acc position and off, correct? When you turn the key to the Acc position, it will turn the engine off. I suggest making copy a copy of the instructions, laminate and keep in the passenger seat pocket.
  19. 4-wheel drive Jeeps cannot be towed on a tow dolly. Either all 4 wheels must be down or on a trailer.
  20. Simple, I know longer trust our government, its spokespeople, the media or the drug companies. I've been reprimanded already for my comments on the open border between the US and Mexico but I'll repeat, its ok to wade across the Rio Grande River into Texas, given money and transportation to unknown cities yet don't fly in to the US from South Africa. The state of Texas has documented illegal crossings form almost 200 countries so far and those are just those apprehended. I have a solution for you Richard, don't read this topic. We Texans are in the trenches spending millions of dollars weekly trying to protect our country. How much is your state contributing to the border crisis. Yep, regardless of what you hear from the talking heads, it's a crisis.
  21. "You all were too nice to Dish. Or else I am a nasty old woman. I never recommend Dish" Just wait until you need technical help or want to change your local channels. God only know where the person will be located in the world or what language they will speak but they won't have a clue what an RV is and they certainly won't be speaking a language that is easily understood. I wish you well.
  22. Mike, I agree with Carl. Is there a particular reason that you need to back it in? I always drive in and back out.
  23. Wise decision. We did it in late Sept and the fall color was spectacular. I hope you can drive it at some point in your toad.
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