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  1. In St Augustine, Stagecoach is very popular for it's reasonable price and location near the interstate and outlet malls, but its not a resort. North Beach Campground is a unique location. It sits between the intracoastal waterway and the ocean. You can request a site near the intracoastal as it has picnic tables and a dock on the waterway. There are 3 very good restaurants within walking distance - Aunt Kate's (right next to the campground) on the intracoastal, Caps on the Water also on the intracoastal and The Reef on the ocean. There are many other great restaurants within 2 miles. The campground has lots of sand but also lots of large oaks to provide shade. Beverly Beach is nice but I think you would find staying in St Augustine would be much more convenient to restaurants, sightseeing, and shopping. It would be about a 45 minute drive into St Augustine based on traffic on 2 lane A1A. Enjoy your vacation in Florida!
  2. For the past few years we have used St Brendan Isle for our mail service while on extended trips. They will scan your mail daily for your preview, then you can have these saved, trashed or scanned. They will send you anything you select to your specific location. It's an excellent service and has been well worth it.
  3. Keon, TGO in Titusville would be very convenient for you for the space center. I'm sure there are others. Agree with the suggestion to use rvparkreviews.com to find suitable campgrounds. You have a lot of ground to cover in 10 days. Travel safe and enjoy!
  4. The Balloon fiesta was a great experience for us in 2013. We stayed at a Casino Queen RV park in St Louis, IL which was right across the river from the Arch; we could see the Arch from the park. On your route, a very interesting tour is the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma. We stayed in a state park but it was far from the university so really wouldn't recommend it. In Amarillo you can visit Palo Duro Canyon, the Cadillac Ranch, and the steakhouse mentioned above. We like to stay at Amarillo Ranch RV Park. In Santa Fe we like Los Suenos RV Park. There is so much to see along your route, Enjoy the journey!
  5. Lazydays used to publish a magazine that also had a coordinated website with all of the driving tips that included the DOT system. I can't find it; maybe someone else on here can remember their website for this.
  6. I know I'm not answering your question but would warn you that Entegra used to advertise that it's 2 years of warranty on a NEW unit was for the original owner. This led me to be cautious of buying a "gently used" Entegra. Definitely get a clarification if you want to buy a used, less than 2 year old Entegra.
  7. Howde


    I've heard the Irish Spring soap works. Also was told after it seems to lose it's scent, you can rejuvenate it by putting in a baggy for a few days, then re-use. I've cut up a bar and put pieces in corners, etc. Also, the peppermint but you must use peppermint oil; buy it at a health food store that carries essential oils. Makes the motorhome smell very good but needs to be replenished regularly. I put it on cotton pads. I've tried all these things but,nonetheless, we've had critters get inside.
  8. We stayed at American RV Park off of I-40. It was very nice, had continental breakfast everyday, and was a great location. Took about 20 minutes to travel to the Balloon Fiesta with no traffic problems. There were several other campgrounds near there but I never visited any of them so can't offer recommendations.
  9. kaelalynn, You will find in a motorhome, you don't "change lanes in a hurry". If you miss an exit, miss a turn, or whatever, you go on and get off at the next exit so you can adjust your route. We have a Garmin truckers GPS that shows all of the lanes on the highway and highlights the one(s) that you will need to be in for a turn or exit, etc. This is helpful so you can prepare yourself to get in the correct lane early on. Have a safe journey!
  10. I have a Splendide combo unit and the manual said not to use dryer sheets in it. I use liquid detergent and fabric softener but no dryer sheets. I don't know why it's not recommended.
  11. Lazydays' magazine Better RVing (betterrving.com) has videos on driving an RV, setting your mirrors, backing up etc. http://betterrving.com/rv-classroom/drivers-confidence/ Enjoy your travels!
  12. Mr. Yeatts, our preferences on road side assistance are: 1) QUALIFIED technicians for motorhomes, 2) tow ability for motorhomes, 3) rapid response is extremely important when on the side of a road broken down, 4) trained telephone responders to understand the needs of a motorhome owner 5) price should reflect quality of service 6) The limit of miles to be towed is ridiculous when you are stranded and need a tow; it should be to get to a QUALIFIED motohome repair service. Concierge services are not important to us; I never think to look at my road service provider to buy movie tickets. Thank you for your interest.
  13. Our 4 door Dometic refrigerator is about 7 months old and, yes, the fan is rather loud. We notice it mostly when it heats up outside and especially when the sun is bearing down on the side of our refrigerator. Our old Dometic was not loud like this. In our experience, 38 degrees is not something to be alarmed about. When I am filling the fridge and have it open for several minutes, it will rise to 38. We do get concerned when it starts going over 40 but it has done that in extreme heat.
  14. If you're going through Amarillo, we stayed at the Amarillo Ranch RV Park last year. Also you could stay in the Palo Duro Canyon or just go visit it.
  15. Howde

    Under 50

    John Jill, I think it would be great for FMCA to have a group of young families to have their own rallies/get-togethers. I think camping is a wonderful family bonding activity. We camped with our children for 15 years and our experiences were similar to Gulya. Of all our friends in our home town, no one was willing to travel as far, or as much, as we did with the family. We camped with them a few times within a hundred mile radius of home. But maybe only a handful of times did we have another family travel with us. I think work schedules, children's school and outside activities dominate your family's travel schedule. Rarely does anyone else's schedule matches yours. We found the state and national parks have some wonderful activities to include children. We often met some nice families along the way the kids enjoyed playing with. But our kids never complained or felt isolated during our camping trips AND we did not have a TV or electronic gadgets in those days. Our last trip with our youngest was when she was in high school and she had begged us to go so we did on her spring break and took one of her friends. So I think that says a lot when a high schooler wanted to go camping with her parents. Go with your family as much as you can, create memories, and enjoy the journey!
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