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  1. My error. Sorry, I misread my voltage chart.
  2. Lithium batteries at 12.9 to 13.0 volts are about 80-90% DISCHARGED. You need to charge those batteries. Fully charged lithium is about 13.4V. It is really hard to monitor the SOC (State of Charge) using only voltage as there is so little voltage change between fully charged and fully discharged.
  3. Have you checked the If both tires are load range "G" are you sure there is an increase in load capacity? Have you look online for the diameter of the tires? If the 275/80 is much larger it could rub on something. Especially the steer tires.
  4. Once you have the dish stowed, does it extend, locate the satellites and work OK? Lost communication would seem like a control cable issue and not a coax or LNB problem. I have had my Wineguard for 8 years now and no problems. It is now on my 3rd RV.
  5. All good road from Flagstaff to Kanab. Stay on US-89. US-89A has a steep climb to Jacobs Lake and then a steep drop down to Fredonia. From Fredonia to I-15 on SR-389 and SR-59 is all good 2 lane road. US-89A is a good road, just pretty steep. No problem for the Phaeton, as long as you have mountain driving experience. If you did take US-89A you can spend a couple of nights in Jacobs Lake at the National Forest CG or at the RV park there and drive your Toad to the North Rim.
  6. We have stayed over night in Amarillo at Walmart at 5730 W Amarillo Blvd on the NW side of Amarillo. We also stayed at Sam's Club on west side at SR-335 and I-40. Call and ask permission. We liked Sam's club better. Quieter and easier to get in and out.
  7. Link to the beard shaving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMYpVHi2xLg If you don't want to watch all of the video, move the slider on the bottom of the screen to about 8 minutes for shaving part.
  8. This is not exactly about "campgrounds", but I don't see a "boondocking" section in this forum. Boondocking and dry camping topics appear from time to time in this forum. Sometimes folks w/o much experience boondocking talk about running their generators and just going out and parking in the boondocks.This video very nicely presents the 9 major items most boondockers would like for others to think about when they look for a place to park in the boonies.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3751kg4jhts&feature=youtu.be
  9. I just went to Google Maps https://www.google.com/maps and got directions from Charlotte, NC to North Sidney, NS with no problems. However, it is good to note that there isn't a lot of choice in routes to North Sidney once you enter Canada. You pretty much follow the main hwy though NB & NS. About ferries to NL. Consider taking the long ferry to the western end of NL and then the short ferry either to or from NL. It is about 600 miles from the western end of NL to the eastern end where the short ferry is located, so the cost of the fuel comes close to the same as the extra cost of the long ferry ride. Additionally the drive on TC-1 to or from St Johns to Port Aux Basques is kind of dull and boring, especially since you already drove it once. It is best to allow 6-9 weeks in NL. There is lots to see and lots of driving.
  10. If you want a structured trip where they make all the places to stay and what to see then the caravans are for you. You will also have to pick up and move on the day and time they say. No staying an extra day or two, even if the weather is not what you want to drive in. Lots of people, including us, have made the trip w/o problems. The roads through Canada and inside AK are generally in good shape. Many times better than 2 lane roads in the lower 48. Yes there is some construction with gravel and splashing dirt/mud, but just slow down and take your time. It is best if you plan on no more than 200 miles in a day. Slow down and enjoy the trip. Most of the roads are 2 lane and 50-55mph speed limit. We spent 4 1/2 months on our trip from the Washington/BC border to AK and back to the US border. Really enjoyed the trip. If you are interested here is a link to our blog of our trip: http://downtheroadaroundthebend.blogspot.com/2017/01/alaska-trip-index-april-26september-6.html
  11. alflorida

    Tire upgrade

    Please read my reply again. I am referring to dually spacing on my installed wheels to verify that the spacing is far enough apart to install different tires that the mfg specs on the tire are less than the spacing I have on my wheels. For example the dually tire spacing on my diesel pusher measures 13 3/8" between the inner tire center tread and the outer tire center tread. So it looks to me that if the mfg of a tire states the minimum spacing is 12 1/2" then there should not be a problem installing them on my wheels. That is why I am wondering why I can't just measure the distance between the tread groves to find the existing dually tire spacing on a RV to see if there is enough spacing for different tires.
  12. alflorida

    Tire upgrade

    Tireman9, You write in your blog post that " there is also a CRITICAL dimension that you can't measure with a tape measure and that is called "Minimum Dual Spacing". " I don't understand why I can't take a tape measure and measure the distance between the center tread groves on both installed tires on my dual tires and come up the the the "Dual Spacing" on my tires and wheels. I believe this distance is determined by the wheels installed and does not change when different tires are installed. I do understand that wider tires require larger Dual Spacing. However if the distance I measure is greater than the Minimum Dual Spacing required for the new tires, then I should be good to go with new tires. Would you explain why my thoughts are incorrect?
  13. Curious. Are you saying the odometer was left in "trip" setting and had 70,000 miles. Then when you reset it and switched it to the true odometer reading it showed 120,000 miles? What year, make and model of MH do you have?
  14. If the former owner change the fluid and used standard transmission fluid, what is written on the dipstick doesn't matter much. For about $28 and a little more for the fluid type check, you not only know for sure the correct fluid is in there, but you also learn if there is excessive wear in the components. Not a bad investment in my opinion.
  15. Where in Nevada are you going? I-70 ends in Utah at I-15. If you are going to central NV, pick up US-50 on Salina, UT to US-6 in Delta, UT. Just be careful once you get west of Denver. You have some long steep climbs and drops. Going downhill slow down, get into a lower gear so the engine braking does most of the work. If you ride your brakes at 55-60mph you will likely overheat your brakes, experience brake fade and have serious problems. Manually shift into 3rd gear and 40mph if need be. Going up hill, downshift early to keep your RPM's up to the 3500-4500 range to keep from overheating the transmission & engine.
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