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  1. Do you see a vent hose underneath the unit? This is a vent and it may be plugged. Run a wire into it to unclog it and try again.
  2. Some Onan generators have a sensor in the oil sump that will shut down the generator if the oil level is low.
  3. A properly charged battery should spin the engine effortlessly in 70 degree weather. And slower of course in colder weather. Double check all of your dash switches the see if you left something on, such as your heated mirror switch. The fact your battery went dead in a relatively short drive would indicate a large drain on the battery or something else, such as the alternator not charging the battery at all, as indicated on your statement about a 25% charge. The alternator should also be charging the house batteries. Are they going flat as well? I'd test the alternator as well as the any solenoid relays between the house and chassis batteries if you do not see any switches in the dash area that are turned on.
  4. Thank you for the information....I will have to look under the hood to see what I have.
  5. Are you by chance on a Workhorse W-Series chassis? If so I sure would like to learn more about this wiring harness....where it goes to and from, etc
  6. May and June in Vermont were the wettest ever. Try playing golf. The Vermont Amateur Golf Championship was postponed until August due to the wet conditions. Lake Champlain is 6" below flood stage and rising...and also at the highest level it has ever been this time of year. Your situation at the fairgrounds was unusual but don't be discouraged...it will dry out sometime.
  7. I agree with jrwitt. It may be the requirement of ANY bank that Collision be left on the vehicle. I would check this out before you refinance. Clarification though...Uninsured Motorist is part of the liability package and is not tied to Collision. Specifically the Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) could cover the costs of damage from another known and underinsured driver as long as you are not at fault, not UMPD does not cover hit-and-run scenarios. Why Car Insurance Guide recommends Esurance, our trusted partner Home > Coverage Options > Collision Coverage Collision Coverage What is collision coverage? Collision coverage is the part of your car insurance policy that will cover the cost of damages to your car that occur because of a car accident you cause
  8. Not sure if you are speaking with someone at your local branch, but I would call and speak to a Manager and have them contact the Loan Department at Corporate Headquarters...or get their number and call them directly. Technically, if you remove Collision and do not drive the RV, you are fully insured.
  9. 1. You will always have Comprehensive on your RV whether it is in storage or not. 2. Some insurance companies also require the Liability portion of the policy to remain in effect when in storage 3. Only Collision is removed if #2 is true. In summary your RV is properly insured if you removed #2, as well as #3 if don't drive it. I would call then and specifically ask them what part of the RV is "underinsured" (Liability, Comp, Collision?). If they say you need Collision on it you should examine your policy to see what it states.
  10. There is a amperage spike when you turn on the AC. With the first unit running, when you turn on the second unit the sudden increase in amperage could briefly exceed the 30 amp limit and trip the breaker. In addition, you will have to figure out what else other than your first AC unit is using electricity and subtract that from the 30 amp limit. Paul
  11. Not sure of this RV, but on mine...if you follow the red (+) wire from the chassis battery it runs to a high amp circuit breaker. If this breaker is tripped you will see a small red tab sticking out on the bottom. Push the tab back in and power will be restored. Here is a picture of one....yours will look different than this one. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/bss-cb185-120?seid=srese1&gclid=CMXczPvUj7gCFcGe4AodGncAyg
  12. Can we start with what satellite service you have and what model receiver as well as whether the box as well as your television are High Definition? Then let us know what zip code you are in as well as whether you have a batwing antenna on the roof. Cable systems in RV parks are minimal as far a quality is concerned and not necessarily in HD. You may find HD channels on your batwing, and if you do, you may be able to hook up your antenna directly to your satellite box. Here is a site that will tell you what is in range of your antenna: http://transition.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/
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