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  1. They look exactly like Westinghouse generators. I suspect that they are.
  2. Michelin and tire seminars have told me that only wash the tires with mild carwash soap and that is it. No spray or wipe on "protectant". The brown is the oil protection coming to the surface of the tire and will throughout the life of the tire. i also cover if staying for an extended time and park on placemats. The best thing for a tire is to drive and exercise the tire to keep them supple and the oils moving inside to the outside. I try not to stay in one place more than a month. It is better for the tires and coach.
  3. One thing about California is the sales tax, I'm going to get tires in Oregon in about two months. I will be at Pomona but will wait. Good information Brett.
  4. What about the take offs? Is there any value as trailer tires or are the tires disposed with and a fee for that? I currently have 275/80R22.5 XZA3 that are 7 years and 4 months old. I'm studying, thinking of getting tires at Love's Truck Stop in Ontario, Or if possible.
  5. I like Snap Ring TireSavers, easy on and off. Also they don't need to be tied on.
  6. My trip dist, leg dist, and leg fuel economy zero when I turn off the ignition. I have checked the fuses and they are okay. Anyone have any idea what else I can check? I guess I will be taking it to a Freightliner or my local Cummins Coach Care.
  7. Also Blue Ox (Aventa LX) and US Gear (Unified Tow) for our 07 Honda CRV awd. There are many other good choices out there though at various prices and conveniences of use.
  8. Towing Service tows whenever necessary, right? Once a year? I have been towed twice in about a week time at over 100 miles each time. Coach-Net has been good to me except the second rep on the phone was not as knowledgeable as the previous rep. So far I am a fan.
  9. The same way we do it with our 2007 Honda CRV. Pretty simple actually.
  10. We recently completed a two-day driving course from **** Reed's RV Driving School. If you want to learn in your RV then this course is for you. No classroom, just you in your RV with the instructor. I was amazed at what I and my wife learned with the 12-hour, two-day, two-person class. We have RVed for many, many years and last year we got a Class A motorhome. Our skill and confidence have really now added to the enjoyment of our motorhome. I believe every couple or single owner should take this or some driving hands-on class like this. Jerry and Diane J. currently in Quartzsite, Az.
  11. I will be bringing my engraver with me next time but don't think it will help a lot. I would have to see the chair again and then the engraving. Funny but we do have a "Campsite Reserved" sign and thought the chair would work okay. Live and learn. We will also be going to Quartzsite next year. Probably be looking in the big tent for some special chairs.
  12. Close, but it looks like the style chair is the director style. It seems like the side table would flip up over the lap and could be used with a computer. I wished I would have bought 2 of them but had a price around $100. We have since bought 2 chairs, recliners, from CampingWorld. They are very comfortable but still we will be looking for a couple of director chairs. Maybe at another FMCA Convention. We bought: https://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/...erracotta/37560 .
  13. What are your favorite folding chairs? We are looking for two new chairs because one of ours was stolen while we left it to save a parking place. At the West is Best Rally in Albany, Oregon, I kind of liked the folding chairs that had a solid flip-up table on the side or over your legs when sitting. I would like to know who the suppliers were, if anyone knows. They don't fold as compact as what we now have, but they may be more useful. Just wondering what motorhomers' favorite chairs are. Jerry and Diane Johnston
  14. jerryj

    Winnebago GNR -2009

    Earlier we drove from home in Moscow, Id. to Forest City, Ia. The Grand National Rally is now over and the Winnebagos are heading off down the road. We are now at the Winnebago Customer Service in Forest City, Ia. finishing up on getting problems fixed on our "new" 2008 Winnebago Vectra TD. Tomorrow we will get the King-Dome replaced and the bedroom fan replaced.
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