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  1. I have Road Kings all the way around, and very happy with the ride produced.
  2. The National Guard and FLW (Forest L. Wood, a Bass Fishing organization) contacted numerous volunteers for this coming weekend, celebrating Veterans Day at Lake Mead Nevada (Hemmingway Marina). Myself and many others have offered to take (2) soldiers out on our boats for a day of fishing before their next deployment. At the end of the day, bragging rights between soldiers. My heart is BIG and my plan is to make this an unforgettable trip for my pair. If your in the area, come out and offer support, weigh-in should be around 2:00 pm at the docks. If you have questions call FLW at (270) 252-1000
  3. Get an Rv road atlas. Available at Campers World, it highlights all truckers routes. If it's highlighted you can travel, I'm 65 feet with tow and always looking for these traveled roads.
  4. I have to agree, FMCA this is powerful. Great for anyone looking for information, this may be a top contender for the number of hits it receives.
  5. Looking to stay a few weeks in February. Any recommendations for San Diego Ca?
  6. This toilet really is electronically controlled, it has an electric solinoid valve for water and the controller assembly package which tells the solinoid to open and close. I assume Thetford would be correct, I have had issues with their support personally, but they always worked through it and sent additional parts if needed. As far as weather this is a known issue, no idea, maybe someone else will post.
  7. This just struck a funny note I couldn't resist. Maybe you could install cold air fan and/or a mister system to create moisture near the generator, though they might have those little umbrellas and move in anyways. Sorry it's just a joke, had to chime in on.
  8. Make sure you don't have water filter in your system. Newer ones have a canister. If you do, remove the filter from canister and replace canister without the filter, you might be surprised at the new pressure. If that works replace the filter cartridge. If you don't have a canister replace the all-in-one filter. My coach had the same issue, works great now.
  9. Your correct, sorry about the aggravation, believe me I've experienced this to. Buy your own load bank tester, mine is made by (Actron precision electronic solutions, model # CP7614) under a $100.00, good tool to have with your arsenal of testers. My boat has a four bank charger, (3) of the batteries are connected in series to attain 36 volts, if one battery is bad the other two will try to equalize the bad one and eventually drain them. The charger normally go's into default on the bad battery, it's my first indication I have a bad battery that needs replacement or (in some cases it's just to low to charge by the four bank and needs a boost charge before the four bank will recognize for charging, usually 25% or more of battery charge capacity is needed). All batteries have a general life span, say 30 month's, if you have a battery fail close to the battery exspected life span it's always best to change all of them at the same time, otherwise eventually the other two will fail and cause the same problem. Thanks for the post, opens my eyes to a bigger boat issue in the future. I have lots of batteries in our coach, being an all electric coach only difference is batteries are 12 volts connected in parralel.
  10. Target sells hangers that are wrapped with soft velvet, which keeps the clothes from slipping off the hangers, they work great for us.
  11. WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS: A politician sees his family everyday; a deployed soldier once in 6 months. A politician flies 1st class; a soldier flies in a C130. A politician's pension is not reduced; a soldier's is clawed 65%. A politician enjoys an expense account; a soldier must justify extra ........rations. A politician vows to defend their country; a soldier actually keeps that promise. REPOST IF YOU SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.
  12. Brett, Here are the measurements found on my Coach for the record. Finally got the chance to creep under there, very difficult to get truly accurate on rear axle's but I'm sure I'm within 1/8". Front Koni part # 3407 90 2085 center stud to stud 14.750 inches Rear Drive Koni part # 3407 9044 1004 center stud to stud 15.750 (within 1/8" + or -) Tag Koni part # 0607 8805 1011 center stud to stud 18.000 inches (within 1/8" + or -
  13. You know, I have had experinces similar to what you have with our Coach's over the years, especially with Allison and Cummins. It seems there is a different caliber of technicians or maybe it's the training or management, they just seem to really care and want to help. On the other hand my auto vehicle warranty repairs have little to be desired at sometimes, it's frustrating trying to trust our auto manuafactures at times. I've had good and bad experiences, but the later out-weighs the good. Thanks for the post.
  14. As Brett says above, make sure you are confortable with working with electricity, IT IS DEADLY. I have worked on electrical systems for all of my career. 120 volt is the most deadly, RESPECT IT!!! Output of Generator's is difficult to determine, look the generator over for the obvious. Find a trouble shooting manual and follow procedures to diagnose. You can download or purchase a manual from Onan. It very well could be a loss or problem with magnetism, which can be restored by following procedures within the trouble shooting manual. This work should be performed by an experienced technician, higher voltages are present in generators and working with them without an electrical background is not smart. It also could be rodents have eaten through wiring causing intermitent connectivity. It's very difficult to determine the problem you have without reviewing personally, sorry not a whole lot of help. Find an experienced Onan distributer, they will help determine what is wrong.
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