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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. We have made reservations at Palo Dura RV Park for 5 nights beginning October 20. Looking forward to the Canyon. Never been there. Thanks again.
  2. Will be going to Canyon, TX to go through PD Canyon. Will be staying at the PD RV Park and was wondering if anyone has ever stayed there. According to RV Reviews it looks rather basic but we are a couple of geezers and will be traveling with another couple of geezers so we do not need pool, playgrounds, etc. Just a place to rest in the afternoon and have a quiet night. Looking for your responses. Thanks.
  3. Recently, I was camped next to a man from Savannah, Ga. that was using this tow dolly for his car. He was driving a 31' Coachmen Concord Class C towing a Honda Accord on the dolly. I was very impressed with the dolly....the first of that brand I had ever seen.
  4. My owners manual calls for 5W20 motor oil. I suggest staying with recommendations from manufacturer.
  5. I mounted my "no ground plane" fiberglass antenna on the ladder and ran the coax underneath along the frame rails. Works good for me. Mine sticks up about 14 inches above the MH roof.
  6. Stan, Welcome to the forum. I hope you have safe travels. Thank you for your service to our great country....
  7. We have stayed at Lake Catherine SP several times and highly recommend it. It is a short drive into Hot Springs from there.
  8. Most Flyin J/Pilots have dump stations for a fee.....Love's Truck Stop in our area has a dump station for a fee.
  9. I replace my tires at 5 years regardless of tread left on tire, miles on tire, etc. I do receive some criticism from some of my camping friends but I choose to err on the side of safety. I think replacing tires is better than taking a chance. Just my 2 cents worth. Happy travels.
  10. Well said, TBUTLER, well said. Here in Louisiana we are not as bad off as some other parts of the country but we still have a long way to go.
  11. We have stayed at Hill Country RV Park a couple of times when visiting our son and his family. It is close to I-35 (exit 184 I think), nice park, and the people are friendly. It usually has some winter Texans later in the fall. Enjoy!!
  12. Dryer sheets and a little elbow grease will get them off. Do not use the dryer sheets on the windshield. I've used them for a long time and they work.
  13. We have stayed a couple of times at Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis, Ark. before. It is just across the river from Memphis. A nice park with good views of the river and all the traffic up and down the river. Enjoy.
  14. Several years ago when we did the Trace, we started in Jackson, Ms. Stayed at Petrified Forest and I do not recommend this park. The next 2 nights we stayed at a very nice park in Tupelo, Ms. I do not remember the name but it was small, nice, well maintained. When we made it to Nashville, we stayed 4 nights at Davy Crockett SP. It was nice but the sites on top of the hill were not made for larger RV's. Down the hill was better. Along the way there is a lot of interesting things to look at. Even Oprah Winfrey's home town is accessible from the Trace. Speed limit is strictly enforced, so take your time and enjoy. Happy travels.
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