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  1. If not a GFI problem my money would be on having wires come loose from the back of each receptical. It's strange that two would go at once but it's easy to check. Good Luck... rick
  2. You've probably gotten the idea by now but NO you don't need to buy a special TV. I've installed a 37" and 32" in our coach over two years and 30,000 miles ago and they're still working great. My next move will be to replace the 19" outside TV with a new 26" LED/LCD set... however on that one I will probably buy an extended wty since it does live in a harsher environment. Good Luck rick
  3. We have an extended wty with EZCare and have been very pleased with it. I think we've used it 4 times without issue. The largest was replacement of my Winegard ADC2003 Satellite dish. Parts were no longer available so they credited me $1150 for the dish and four hours of installation labor. I applied it toward the installation of a new Winegard Slimline Travlr and love it. Rick
  4. I had to laugh when I read the title of your post. We spent August and September in Minnesota on my FIL's little farm. We got INVADED with them. We didn't spray either and when we left, we headed right into Arizona heat which certainly seemed to kill them off. We continued to see one once in a while for a few weeks but they're pretty much gone by now. Hopefully they won't be back next spring! Sorry I don't have a solution to offer.... I can only share your pain. Rick
  5. I bought the EZ Care extended warranty with the purchase of my new coach in 2007. It was my first ever RV... I had no idea what I was doing... and didn't want to get stuck with big repair bills. They have been great. I think I've had 4 claims already and my dealer is now working with them to get authorization for repair of HWH jacks, gas furnace and a couple of minor things following our cross country loop over this past year. It's not that there's a problem with authorization but we full time so just dropped off the coach for a day of diagnostic work and picked it up that afternoon. My dealer is ordering parts and getting authorization for me to bring the coach back in following Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if I'll buy another one or not but EZ Care has been great. I'm also fortunate in that I made a conscious decision to buy my coach AND extended wty from a local dealer and they've taken end to end ownership of any problems I've had. Since I plugged EZ Care (which I think is owned by Ford?) I'll plug my dealer too... Village RV in Roseville, Ca. I'll report back after these pending repairs. I don't expect problems but my remote door and bay locks have failed and the vendor is no longer in business so the coach needs to be retrofitted with another mfgrs system. I may be pushing the envelope with this one but when my original Winegard Sat Dish died and parts were no longer available, EZ Care paid $1700 toward to purchase of a new HD Slimline! Rick
  6. Welcome Jim... Yep, we've been using ours for >2 years now. We spend a lot of time in Arizona where the water is so hard it feel like gravel coming out of the faucet. It has worked great for us. I probably should recharge it every couple of weeks when we're down there but usually stretch that a bit. We actually use it everywhere we go now because we just like having soft water. rick
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum! Your signature and profile don't identify the year or type of rig you have so it's going to be a bit tougher for folks to give specifics. However, in my coach there is a connection for an external sat connection located in the electrical bay right next to the connection for cable TV. We carry a manual dish but I can't remember the last time we needed it...but since it won't bring in HD we try to make sure we can get a signal from our rooftop dish when we pick our sites. My switchbox became intermittent a while back and I sprayed the push buttons with electrical contact cleaner and it helped a lot. Good Luck... rick
  8. I'm new to this forum but have been full timing for a bit over a year now... in addition to over two years of half timing. I am from a family of three San Francisco law enforcement officers. I can't tell you how refreshing these responses are. When we went on the road I purchased a can of Bear Spray which I keep in the bedroom..... somewhere. After over 800 nights on the road we have not encountered a single incident where we would even report anyone to the camp host... much less kill them. If you ask this same question on some other forums you will get much different responses. From the research I've done on this issue I would describe RV'ers as one of the most heavily armed group of folks anywhere. Many of these folks feel the need to carry (permitted) concealed weapons and freely share the number of times they have had to pull their weapons to... I guess fend off the forces of evil. I have not found it necessary in the RV world in which I live.... Be safe. Rick
  9. EXACTLY... I would truely love to learn to do more of my own work on the coach but we full time and I just can't see me trying to handle all of that oil with limited tools while set up in a CG.... at least without making a real mess at some point.
  10. Great news. I'll do that Monday. Thanks so much... Rick
  11. If I drive my coach with air brakes into Alberta from Texas are you saying that I would need to get a Q endorsement as well or is it because the son would be driving a coach you assume is registered in Alberta? Rick
  12. Thanks Bill.... that's the way I read it too. Have to wait for my mail to catch up with me I guess. Rick
  13. Hi Bill... I read the Directv letter they've been sending out to existing DNS customers and I'm still a little confused. I'm an existing DNS HD customer. Do you interpret the new offering as allowing me to get HD feeds from both coasts for $20? Thanks, Rick
  14. Thanks all for such a warm welcome! I'm looking forward to joining in. Rick
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