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  1. A few years ago we had Good Sam ERS and on a trip from AZ to Alberta, Can. we were in an area of AZ where there no cell service nor CB. Our engine quit going up a mountain. The State Patrol came by and told us to move the MH because of an impending storm. He used his radio to call a wrecker and when they arrived, the driver told he was ERS connected. He jacked us up and hauled us into Page AZ to a repair garage. I could not get ahold of Good Same until the next for authorization. The driver had notified them and they graciously paid the $285.00 tow bill. All that for a $79.00 enrollment fee Deacon
  2. Bar keepers friend will do a real nice job of cleaning up that sink. DO NOT use anything with bleach. Deacon
  3. Time to go up a ladder. Place a broomstick or equivalent over one of your A/Cs and drop a measuring tape to the ground. I seriously doubt if you'll make under a 10' 6" tunnel Deacon.
  4. dale007, I just sold my 86 Mallard with a 454. Mfg called for 10/30 oil. I used synthetic blend from Firestone. It is Kendall. I use that oil in the last 4 vehicles with no problem. Deacon
  5. I just (within the last week) canceled my motorhome ins. through Ameriprise. They only go to 30' and 45000 in value. That's unless they have changed policy in the past few years. I was insured by them for 11 yrs. Happy travels. Deacon
  6. I just disposed of an 86 Mallard and the fuel line and filter ran up the inside of the left chassis rail. It was a carburated 454 that ran like a dream after I put a remanufactured engine in it. But, I'm in Oh. and the rig was in Az.
  7. Please don't blame all buckeyes for that one. That was just plain hillbilly stupid! I hope that he had some good insurance to take care of the other guys. Deacon Retired USAF 1958 - 1979
  8. Military campgrounds are open to active duty military and retired military, plus some retired govt. personnel.
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