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  1. We had a 2001 Newmar Kountry Star on a W-22 chassis. Never had the recall's brake issues. WH at first using, our VIN, said no recall affected us. 3 month's later they sent letters saying it did. Had calipers replaced at WH dealer. Now we are buying a 2005 Fleetwood Southwind, 32', on a WH chassis W/ 19.5 tires. Will check the VIN for chassis. Is there another newer brake recall out on the 05's and later, as my dealer knows nothing. Gerry Jo
  2. I do thank every one for there input on tow dollies, regardless of brand. One small concern for me and my mini-van is when loading van on neighbors Master tow dolly, after van was in place on dolly the dollies ramps were uncomfortabily close to the van's rocker panels, and we both thought that if there was a dip in the road we might damage the van. Other than this concern, everything else was fine.
  3. New to tow dollies as I may be using one soon myself, not a pleasant choice as have always towed 4 down in past. My concern is the type of tow dolly brakes out there, some have electric, others surge, then there's Acme tow dollies with they say best, a surge type disk brake. Another concern is most tow dolly's track behind the motor home and have read where when turning the dollies tires don't turn but kinda slide side ways causing tire wear. Then others such as Demco's Kar Kaddy dollies that feature steerable wheels and turn with the direction of the dolly. Any input here would be appreciated. You know sometimes in turning the motor home you need a wide turn at some intersections, and if the dolly is going to track at a 90 degree angle you could damage your car on the dolly, or have it come off the dolly I'm told.
  4. As suggested, contact Brake Buddy. My thought is it should work with about any toad as I have used mine on both a Chrysler Sebring and later on a Jeep Cherokee, with no issues, and great customer service.
  5. Been talking to Remco about their lube pump for my toad, and their parting remark was," if you feel uncomfortable about using our pump on your toad, then don't as we are not responsible for failures" A reputable REV Dealer who has dealt with Remco for years before they sold out to new owners( yes they retained the Remco name) that Remco did warrant any failures now don't. Mchigan Remco dealer advised not to put the pump on my Chrysler T/C as their was issues with the 62 TE tranny as far as fluid levels. Proceed with caution.
  6. I have to agree the GC is the only way to go for ease of set-up and hook-up, and driving, never had thought of the Liberty as it's as heavy as my 01 GC was, scale weight. And while we're on the subject of towing, has anyone seen the ad page 116 under towing equipment section, for http://www.electrictowhitch.com. Check this out, this guy invented a new way of towing, not quite 4 down, same principal as using a tow dolly, but better than both and you can back up. Please someone check this out and get back to me. In advance thanks for your feed back. RCWilly@aol.comn
  7. Interesting espically when Ford has had problems with their newer transmissions. Remco has just issued a bulletin about a new Remco Lube pump to solve problems with Ford's new line. I wanted to put a Remco pump on my 08 Chrysler Town-n-Country, and some of their dealers caution doing this period, concern was proper fluid levels since there is no dip stick. Good Luck. Remco told me if I was uncomfortable using their product, then don't as they are not responsible for damage. Good Luck.
  8. Are the TST made TPMS the only ones made that have to be sent back to manufacturer for battery replacement's? We are looking to purchasing a TPMS for our motor home & toad but didn't realize there were so many brands to choose from Can any of the TPMS's be secured to the valve to prevent theft?
  9. I purchased this 08 to tow 4 wheels down behind motor home not knowing Chrysler had gone to a new 6 speed auto tranny and no transmission dip stick to check fluid levels. Remco says they have a lube pump for this van, but have had issues with too high fluid levels causing aeration or foaming causing their pump to pump air and setting off a pump not working alarm, and transmission failures. They went from recommending 56 milliliters of fluid to 40 milliliters, but no dip stick means taking to dealer to use computer to scan and determine temp and fluid levels. They also say not to install their pump on this van if I feel uneasy. If I ruin the tranny remco or Chrysler say it's my bill. Has anyone towed the 08 or newer with the 6 speed auto (62TE) transmission , 4 wheels down?? Or should I tow on a dolly? I have towed always 4 down, using a Brake Buddy, and Blue Ox tow bars, so money invested and can't tow this 08 Chrysler van. I really don't want to buy a dolly either but what's my choice at this point? HELP. RCWilly@aol.com. Gerry Jo
  10. This reply comes from a recent purchaser of a 08 Chrysler T/C with the 62 TE, 6 speed automatic transmission, which during Remco's testing had issues with too much hot fluid expansion that it caused the lube pump to pump air. Not sure if there was a transmission failure. Remco has said if uneasy about putting their LP-1 pump on this transmission, then don't, as if there is a failure your on your own to replace. I hate to say it but I think a tow dolly is in my future.
  11. We just purchased a 2008 Chrysler Town n Country to tow 4 wheels down behind our Newmar gas coach. It appears Remco has had problems when testing the 6 speed auto ( 62 TE ) transmission as there is no factory dip stick and fluid levels are in millimeters. Chrysler says too much fluid can damage your transmission,and the local dealer says they must use a scan tool to check transmission temp to determine fluid levels. They also want your business to pay to have fluid levels checked. while Remco is now advising using approx 40 millimeters of fluid saying as fluid temps rise during towing this will prevent foaming and causing the lube pump to go into alarm mode. Of course Remco won't be responsible for your repair bill even with all directions followed. So maybe a tow dolly is the best way to tow the 2008 T/C with the 62 TE tranny??? Anyone out there done this or know of user problems ? Thank you for any input, since I prefer towing 4 down over the dolly, but don't want to ruin a transmission. Ford has also had problems with their new 6 speed automatic, and Remco just issued a service bulletin for Ford owners. RCWilly@aol.com
  12. one mentioned here about carrying a shot gun in his RV, sounds okay, but is it legal to do so? any permits or licences needed for a shot gun, not hand guns. there are books out concerning gun laws and RV'ers, but it mainly concerns hand guns, no nemtion about shot guns. anyone got any comments on this, thanks, you can e-mail me also , RCWilly@aol.com
  13. could be all you've mentioned, and is there an end in sight? We cut our usual trip to Florida this winter mainly due to fuel costs for less than a month's stay. We then put the motor home up for sale,but here it is Sept and we still own it, had lots of calls wanting a give away. I think short trips are going to be the answer from here in , know some have the means to drive all over their State monthly, and more power to them, but for a lot of us we can't travel like we used too at today's costs. So we go less, and maybe cut out some memberships just anything to cut travel expenses. I have friends who belong to a FMCA chapter and their attendance is way down, and also the hot weather this summer didn't help.
  14. We just joined FMCA, have yet to attend a monthly outing held in our state of Indiana and looking forward to meeting new friends and getting out more in the RV rather than leave it sitting in the barn. We have belonged only to one other camping group, good people with kids, of course we were still working then and week ends were the only times we had to get out, but no issues. The local chapter we joined last month probably are mostly retired folks who normally travel with-in our state each month, learning more about the state and visiting anything interesting in the area picked to camp for 3 to 4 days, usually Thursdays thru Sunday, then head home. Right now we're excited and the first few camp outs will tell us if we made a good choice. It seems from reading the post's here that the younger couples with families are sorta left out of the FMCA's majority of Chapters which seem to cater to older, retired folks for member ship and income. I think all people regardless of age should be welcome in any Chapter of the FMCA, and the differences in age or having the kids around should not defeat the purpose of having a FMCA, and if that's a issue then the FMCA needs to change their name to ,ROMCA, or Retired Only Motor Coach Owner's Association. Like I said we just joined, and the Chapter members all seem like nice folks, I guess time will tell, and if down the road I want to take my Grand kids along for a weekend camp-out and some one complains about it, one thing for sure there won't be a second year membership for us in either the FMCA or the local Chapter. In closing I hope a FMCA board member reads these posts, because down the road I think your money cow may dry up, if younger families aren't welcome.
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