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  1. see his other post New batteries and it started
  2. duanelin

    I'm Back

    Ray, I tapped a tractor trailer in bumper to bumper traffic jam on our way to Gillette last summer. have a 2020 Cornerstone. Entegra sent me to S&S. It was there for 7 months. First they were going to repair the front cap. Then decided to replace it. 8 weeks later cap arrives and was damaged, another wait for a new one. Everything looks fantastic for body work. But not all things work with the vega touch system. Being without a coach for 7 months was not fun. We had to adjust a lot of travel plans. Picked it up a week before Tuscon and made it to the convention. Good luck with your new coach Duane
  3. Stonevos.com They use the best fabric and thread and have trhe best warrenty on toppers
  4. I put mine on with body molding tape
  5. My LTZ has the pulse width modulation which is the exception to that lionk
  6. Joe My mechanic tried Hopkins and Roadmaster It is the wireing for the LED taillights controlled by a board in the tail lights.. its a multiplex system Duane
  7. I found out today that there is no way to wire up the taillights and turn signals direct to my coach. No one has produced a system to interface with the integrated electronic system that controls the rear lights..I had to purchase a wireless magnetic system 2020 Cornerstone 2014 Equinox or 2022 Silverado Duramax Both with M&G Brake system
  8. Monaco International is having a Pre Rally at the Camplex in Gillette June 30 - July 3. So we will be there allready.
  9. I tow a 2018 diesel 2500 with M&G system with last 2 coaches. We also have and tow a 2014 Equinox with the M&G system. It works very well
  10. My American Eagle has discs on all three axels
  11. Call customer service 972-385-2756 with your member number they should be able to answer your question
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