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  1. We have been RVing First with a Travel trailer. Then with Fifth wheel. But in 2012 we switched a type A. Now we are considering going to a B. Does anyone here have one of the new B s built on the Ram van? We have been checking out the Hymer as well as Road Trek. If you have made the switch was it hard?
  2. Check with an insurance company. I know at one time, people from the U.S. could get a policy from Good Sam. Here in Canada there are many companies that that sell us health insurance when we go to the USA.
  3. Any time if we are stopped by the police They ask for registration and proof of insurance. Any US insurance company can give you a card just carry next to your registration. In Canada the insurance company automatically sends it to us when we pay our bill.
  4. Look at Forest River Forums there will be a section for Legacy. There you can ask owners about their experience.
  5. I have a Georgetown 378 and would buy the same again, We had a fifth wheel before this coach that we pulled with a F350 diesel. I was willing to give up some hill climbing ability when we went to gas. I have been pleasantly surprised by the power of the V10. As to the noise it if you are willing to turn off the cruise when approaching larger hills and let the speed drop 5 or 10 MH the noise will not be bad.
  6. We have spent many years as Winter Texans and prefer the centre of the valley. In the area around Mc Allen ( Alamo) it is easy to go all over and I would agree that if it's your first year there check into a park for a week or two and check out parks until you find the one that is perfect for you. Some people will have gone home and there may be some real deals. And some will be taking Passport America this time of the year.
  7. We are going to the Perry Rally on our way home to Ontario from Florida on I 75. We don't want to go directly home as it will still be cold in Ontario. We have to be home by April 12 and will be spending about a week in Lima Ohio. That still leaves us some time to be tourists along the way. Any ideas for things along the way?
  8. I like the idea of being able to leave them open and not be concerned if starts to rain and I'm not right there. Are they as well insulated as dual pane windows?
  9. Try asking that question at forestriverforms.com in the Georgetown area. I'm sure someone there can help.
  10. Be sure you are not sensitive to strong chemical smells. I talked to the company rep at a rally and asked him about that. He told me if I was sensitive to chemicals not to do it myself. He gave me the contact for there Canadian rep and he put in touch with someone to do it for me. We had our fifth wheel done and it still looked good when we traded it for our coach. You have to make sure it is totally clean before you seal it or it will show.
  11. We don't leave Ontario until after Christmas and watch the weather and head south on I75. After that we don't go west until we feel comfortable that we can stay out of the snow. Leaving in January we go directly south but take our time coming back north. It seems that February is the month when the parks are the most full. This year we are planning to go back to the Rio Grande Valley and are not making reservations. In AZ I think I would want to have reservations for February if you want it for the month. We were in AZ two years ago and had no problem getting a site for a week at a time in March with Passport American. We did get a site in Tucson for February but not the best sites.
  12. We have Internet on the go mifi and use it when we are in the USA and don't have access to wifi. As Canadians this was only one that we could find that we did not have a monthly fee and didn't lose what we had paid when we are back home. It will not work in some areas but will work very well in many others. When we travel here in Canada we seem to be able to find wifi as the internet on the go will not work here.
  13. We were at FMC GLAMERAMA a few weeks ago. While there I went to a seminar with someone from Lippert where he told us that the kind of slides that we have in our Georgetown 378 do not need to be lubricated. Because the cylinders are all inside and not exposed to the weather. He did tell those that had exposed working parts that is very important that they use dry lubrication so will not collect dirt.
  14. We have step covers that we bought from a vendor at a rally. They wrap all the way around the step and are held on by velcro. They come in a number of different colors and came with a contrasting bands that go around the step and helps to hold them on. They are made out of indoor outdoor carpet so are very washable.
  15. For your Minnie Winne a Honda Fit might be a good choice. We have been towing our automatic Fit for three years and love it. It has a surprising amount of space inside for such a small car. The only car that I can think of that is more compact and towable is the Smart Car.
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