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  1. Great program. I bought two front Michelins before I found out about this offer. Wow, did I save money on the rear 6 Tires ... 315 R12 are not cheap. But the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program saved me so much Mulla ($$$) that I could have almost gotten the front Pair Free ... I'm very pleased. I used Pete Tire Service and they were very helpful and we completed the billing to FMCA and I drove off. Fantastic!! Rz.
  2. Thanks for the info.. I found the switch and I changed it out (got one from Rush Truck Center) Counrty Coach Parts vendors and way to greedy! I guess there all about the same size and pressure except the fitting size 1/3 or 3/8 could be bigger ones but Rust only stocked those two sizes. It was not a hard change out (needed a skinny wrench to get behind the pressure unit to grab the 1/2 nut). The reason I was having a hard time finding it, well it not marked and is mounted thru a wall, Sheet metal wall. All is good now, I'm full timing and I can spend more time finding out all of these little mysteries. I just had my 1st Service I broke the 100K mark, had the top end done and oil filters charged out plus a 21 point inspection, had one purge canister changed out bad snap ring (non removable) all is good.. Not bad for 100K I bought it with 61.766. I have not used it as much as I am now. On the road again.. as they say Happy Trails.
  3. Hi Out there in RV world.. I'm a full timer and have had issues with wifi along with the rest of you.. I will not spend $ 2500 to $ 4000. for a high end system since I'm not running a business out of my RV. Yes some system or antenna are way cheaper but one has to pay a monthly connection fee or use a phone company provider units like a mobile hot spot, (which most newer phones & I-Pad have build in and you need to pay for date usage depending on you provider or plan. Well I have those units and sometimes I can not get good reception or its to slow or drop's frequently or pause stops..Now I do not have a data plan and still use Wifi, So what I did was get a very inexpensive WIFI booster from Radio Shack around $ 99. to $ 119. It comes with a 15ft cable mounting cups works in or out doors, has an USB plug in and a CD plus instruction boo, unit is small and I use it inside my RV. Yes it works great I have not had ant issues at all I use it on a ASUS and a MacBook Pro both laptops. Range is 1 mile or more. I looked in to a I-Boost system and 4 others alone with Verizon, AT&T & Sprint (had a Sprint at one time after one year it failed and they want me to buy another, I did not do that). So I hope this helps some of you out there in the RV world.
  4. Great program.. I bought two front Michelins before I found out about this offer.. wow did I save money on the rear 6 Tires.. 315 R12 are not cheap.. But the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program.. saved me so much Mulla ($$$) that I could have almost gotten the front Pair Free' ... I'm very pleased. I used Pete Tire Service and they were very helpful and we completer the billing to FMCA and I drove off.. Fantastic!! Rz.
  5. Thanks I looked under the drivers area and could not find it I'll have to go on line and try to find diagram of the brake line air system. Thanks, Ross
  6. Hi, For no apparent reason my brake lights are not working. Anyone know were the brake light switch is on a 2002 Magna (Country Coach)? I've found the fuse & relay they are good.. Can not find brake lite switch. Any help would be nice.. thanking anyone in advance for help. Ross
  7. Yes I bought a Country Coach Magna from them in 2008.. Over all it was a good experience The RV was toped off with fuel and propane, cleaned, they installed the front electrical shades I wanted.. Had a issue with the front hub leaking after I got it home, called them the owner took care of the repair bill That was nice.. As dealers go I think they try to be honest and give one a fair deal... out of 5 Stars' I give them a 4.25-4.5 Very good over all.
  8. jarz09

    2011 Balloon Festival

    Some daybreak & evening glow
  9. It is really strange that no one else had a problem with the FOOD????? I do not believe that, not from what we we told around the event!! As to your response to things to do, well yes there was the Indian ruins.. We looked at those in two days, and as you very well know Chaco was a very long drive and a bumpy dirt road for 18 miles or so. You cant count New Mexico's Ruins as FMAC events. That's just not correct. I would expect you to stick up for the event but your facts are not quit correct. My wife and I make our own fun and we did, so we had a good time! But the event was not up to par' and that is not just our opinion. I really wish the members that attended would speak up, but they are being reserve about saying anything bad about an FMCA sponsored event.
  10. This is about the Spook-tackular Ramble/Rally in Farmington NM. Well this is just our opinion and some others (do not know if they will post-- I hope they do everyone needs to be heard). To start the people that volunteered were great!!! The Ramble/Rally was well though out and seemed to be OK' at the start, But the lack of thing to do at the Ramble were lacking' Very much lacking! The Food was horrible the eggs were cold and rubbery, the potato's also under cooked and the bacon was all most raw. Only regular coffee or orange juice. That was the 1st day. We decided not to go back then second day. We were informed that the second days was not any better, so on the third day I went down by my self (wife would not go). Well same old food only the ham was cold and undercooked!!!! This is so wrong bad-- food 3 days in a row. Most of the Member/Rally Participants on our row and others that I chatted with all had the same experience. As to the venue's and venders--. well they were few and far between. I feel sorry for the vendors because there were not enough of them and without more vendors, folks were just walking thru and leaving! We have been to three (3) Convention/Rally's/Rambles now and this was the worst! I paid way to much for 30AMP & H20 in a very narrow space. With no place park my toad, closest was (1/2 block away). No septic unless you paid extra for a pump out! In closing, the McGee Campgrounds was very clean, very good weather, nice people. After the Indian Ruin's and some small town shopping there was nothing else to do. No events at the Ramble except for a few seminars. Thanks God we we're at the Balloon Festival or I would have been upset too travel all that way for what we received (not much). I Think that FMCA needs to be more involved and make sure that the members have a good time and do not over pay in these hard times. ps. On the way home we have meet new FMCA members, on the road and they all concurred-- not so good at the Spook-tackular 2011!
  11. Hello out there in Travel land... Not all Wal/Mart's (Wallie World's) let you stay.. After a long drive in early Oct on the way to the NM Balloon Festival, we were on Hwy 95 in AZ. Thought we could get a few hours rest in Havasu AZ. Oh' well NO! WAY' we were informed as soon as I pulled in the lot (had not even set the air brake or taken the Magna out of gear) a young fellow rode up in a cart and told us to move on that they did not allow Motorhomes or Travel trailers on the lot Except to shop and leave! No parking but for shopping! So we left-- had to drive 10miles out of Kingman to a truck stop. Finally got a little shut-eye. We had been looking for an RV park but there was none up in that neck of the woods. We went on to Flagstaff found a RV park. I have ask around and some City Ordinances will not allow over night parking were one would think was OK. These are some up-tight Community's. I'm not sure that I will return to Havasu every again because last year we went thru Havasu AZ and Stayed at the ELK's in there parking lot and we were not chased off so Havasu is a very pick'y place. I been informed that they do not like RV'ers or Motorhome folks!!! Really ???? Well enough said.. I hope this help some of you' Happy Trail's Rz'
  12. Well for what it worth, I have always had diesel engine MH & Trucks, Since I rented a gas 30ft Motorhome once. very bad fuel mileage 4/5mpg (for going so slow), When they (gas) HM's get older run hot, wear out in 120/150K or less, Try to pull 35 to 50K with a gas engine, I have a friend that just purchased a 2011 Gas powered Tiffen. He is already whining (crying) about the lack of power, going so slow up the hills, poor fuel milage, wind blowing him around on the road (no weight) lack of storage, gas generator, no air brakes!, small batteries (just 2) house and coach batteries are way to small. Big hump in the front floor.. on and on. I get the feeling that he is unhappy and he wanted a diesel pusher, but his wife brow beat him in to a cheaper being gas powered MH and he is un-happy. I feel for him he knew what they needed and now he/they suffer. I run a diesel C-12 Cat MT400 trans 52,000 lbs. coach loaded and get 8mpg. Whats wrong with that? Go anywhere, stay out for weeks, diesel generator, one solar panel, lots of storage and I have the power to get just about anywhere in a normal time frame. Yes, you can get there in a gas powered one too,you can also get there in a covered wagon! It's your call.
  13. Thanks everyone. I feel sort of stupid ?, the last time I was cleaning the MH I also wiped down the generator, I mush have turned off the breaker switch without noticing or maybe my grandson who was helping me (2+) did it (not). But thanks for bringing me back to reality and telling me to look for the simplest answer. Rz'
  14. Brett Thank's, I will check that out tomorrow and get back to Ya'' Ok Rz'
  15. Hello.. My coach has day time running lights they are in the low-beam on my quads and the run at reduced power like a standard newer car. The coach mfg. Co/builder wired it that way I thing its is kool and a good safety item. But my running lite's do not come on un-less I turn them also my back light are not on unless I turn them on. So when you are chat about the running lights are you referring to the upper run/clearance lights or the head/drive lights. I ask a couple of MH owner friends about theirs and they are the same as mine, If your running/clearance light are coming on without you turning them on they are wired into the headlight circuit ? or ? If you wanted to change that it is a easy fit.. I hope this helps Good Luck.
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