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  1. Has anyone installed a JACK Digital HDTV Antenna by King Controls on their coach? I have a 2004 Bounder and get really bad digital signal. Thinking about upgrading to this and wanted to see if anyone has done this and how it really works.
  2. Thanks for the discount code. I have had my eye on this item also. When I saw your update about it and the discount code, I ordered one also. Looking forward to it coming. Thanks again for the discount code information.
  3. I own my own business and all cost are rising. I have a FlyingJ close to my house and last year the dump station was closed several times and had to have costly repairs because someone dumped something in their that was not suppose to be and clogged it all up. Very costly repairs. I have no problem paying a fair price for a service. Why should this be free ! If you dont like paying put in your own dump line at your house and see how cheep that is to do !
  4. Going to Holmes County in northeast Ohio in October and am looking for ideas of what to visit and see while we are there, along with any good hometown places to eat.
  5. I always fill up before I go into a campground for a stay and also when I arrive home. I have had several times when I needed the coach for an emergency and it is nice to know that it is full and ready to go. Last September 14th we had a real bad wind storm here is Ohio and we were out of electric for 7 days so we camped in our driveway and also ran electric cords to our fridge and freezer along with one to our next door neighbor and saved all our food.
  6. The wire ties do really work. I use 4 and the plate does not move at all. But a good 2 sided tape would work fine also. As for my back one, I mounted it on the rear ladder with the bracket that you can order from the same place that your sign came from.
  7. I have the wineguard add on antenna and it did not seem to do anything for me. No increase in signal at all. I would not waste your money.
  8. What kind of coach do you have ? I used plastic wire tires and mounted it on my grille.
  9. Second day at the FMCA convention in Perry. Everything is going to start on Monday. Had a lot of rain today but still had a good time. All the workers were working very hard to park all the coaches. As far as I can see it is a very good turnout. Lots and lots if coaches parked everywhere.
  10. Alot of people bring there bikes to ride all over the grounds. Make sure you come with a full water tank and empty black and gray holding tanks. Food is always expensive on the grounds so bring pleanty of food to cook. There are also quite of few places to get something to eat not to far from the grounds , but you will need a car to get there. Also get ready to have a relaxing good time, people are always very friendly and look forward to having a great time.
  11. I added a link for them. Let me know if this helps you. http://www.southwestrvservice.com/index.html
  12. I would call Southwest RV in Ross Ohio and get a quote from them. I myself have had repair work along with some of my friends and they did a great job. If you can not find there number I can look it up for you. Good Luck Nick
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