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  1. Turned the inverter on while connected to shore power because we were taking the coach to a dealer 100 miles away to hook up brakes to tow car. Our new coach is all electric. We had thrown a few things in the fridge and fridge freezer before leaving. When we opened the fridge later in the afternoon everything was thawed out. Checked the panel and the inverter was off. Maybe the dealer turned it off but I don't think so. Coach is so new to us not sure what is happening.
  2. Our Magnum Inverter keeps shutting down on its own. Am I turning it on incorrectly? Pushing power button. Does the charger have to be on as well for it to stay on?
  3. We had ours replaced once and it needed it again when we lost the rig to a fire. We had a $1000 deductible. The replacement cost $2000 so we were stuck with $1000.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Expect delivery of our new coach late June. After our fire last year can wait to get on the road again. But safely with correct tire pressures.
  5. We expect our new 4369 Dutch Star next month. Many delays so very anxious. My question is about weighing a coach with a tag axle. Tag is new to us. What math do I use to get the right pressure for all four corners? We have a local grain elevator where I can weigh by corner (after hours). Do I weigh the tag separate?
  6. We bought a Wally with the external hard drive. Wayne, the features you were disappointed about only work with the external hard drive. Ours works well. Haven't had it in a location where you can't pickup all satellites yet. Have heard that can be a problem.
  7. Dealer is suggesting an Nano Care treatment for our new RV. Anyone have experience with this? Says no need to wax for 7 years. Claims it will prevent paint damage from sun . Our RV lives outside full time so that sounds attractive. Full treatment of fabrics inside to prevent stains. Treatment on headlight to resist fogging. If it works for washing and no waxing the cost would be cheaper in the long run than paying someone to wax the coach each year.
  8. Wayne77590, Do you have the DVR with the 722?
  9. Thanks for all the different ideas on this topic. I guess it is a matter of your financial risk tolerance. I think we will pass on and extended warranty. We will see what they offer at delivery.
  10. We had the 211 receiver in our last rig with an external hard drive DVR. Worked great. I am told the Wally is better but I wouldn't use one without the DVR external hard drive. If you add it I think you will get the pause and skip backward features you are looking for. I am wondering if anyone has used the over the air adapter to incorporate the local channels in the guide??
  11. That's why we have the DVR. We always have enough recorded to get by for a few days. If not a good book works fine. Our new coach will also have and over the air antenna that we can pull in local channels if the satellite is blocked.
  12. We are expecting our new RV soon. We are having a Winegard Skm-100 Dish installed on top. We have dish network at home an I want to go the route of their $7 per month charge to to get the same programming in the RV. We want DVR and the ability to record off the Over the Air Antenna as well as off the satellite . Suggestions on hardware to buy? Wally receiver with DVR external hard drive and over the air antenna connection??? Anything else??
  13. If you buy an extended warranty with a new RV do you in up being double covered for the first year? Shouldn't you buy the extended warranty after one year if you want one?
  14. Our Norcold Fridge started the fire while it was on the electric side. Sooner or later the tubes that hold the ammonia break on some of the models. This is flammable and pours out on an open flame or red hot electric element. I don't know if the NX641 is a model at risk.
  15. This will be our replacement coach after the fire. Our old coach was a Damon 4072. Lost it in a fire caused by failure of the Norcold 1200 Fridge. The new coach is to be here, (Palm Desert) soon is a Newmar 4369. Can't wait. It is being built now. I changed our type of coach on the FMCA website after we ordered the new coach last Nov. Update on the hose. I am a stubborn Dutchman and kept trying to fix it. I took the hose apart so I could put it in the vise to press it back together. Couldn't get a good grip on it that way. I then held the two pieces in place with my hands and put it between my knees and pressed. It snapped back into place. Not easy but it worked. Looks like it is tight and should be fine.
  16. You guys are right. Seems impossible to put the two pieces back together. After pricing parts to fix the old hose I agree that a new hose is the best option. My old one will become spare parts. Thanks for letting me bounce an idea off you. Our new coach should be ready next month. Can't wait to get on the road again.
  17. If you look at it the hose is not involved. the parts I am talking about are plastic on plastic. Beveled edge and I can't get it back together. Came apart during a fire when we lost our coach. Trying to salvage it for the next coach. Might need to buy a new end for the bayonet end.
  18. Has anyone successfully reattached the two plastic pieces on a rhino flex end? The barbed end has come off at the swivel. Can't get the pieces to slip back together.
  19. We put new Michelin tires on our 40 DP through the FMCA tire program. Saved a few bucks on the tires going through FMCA. Compared to the Goodyear tires we had before the Michelin tires gave us a much nicer ride. You can buy cheaper tires but I am sold on the Michelin tires. Make sure who ever you have replace your tires that they know how to do it on a motorhome. We got ours back with a cracked windshield because they jacked up the front end separately. Of course they denied breaking the windshield I we stood the cost of the replacement.
  20. Don't plan on factory pick up.
  21. Well we have a Newmar 4369 on order. Delivery around April 2018.
  22. We are looking at a new Newmar Dutch Star. Are you telling me factory direct is cheaper than going thru one of their dealers? Seems unlikely they would sell cheaper than their dealers. Seems to undercut the dealer network.
  23. 30 % off dealer or manufacturer MSRP. I thought the MSRP was from the manufacturer.
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