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  1. Our driver-side bedroom slideout has all the weight of the king size bed on it. It has always been a little slower than our other sides but is really slow now. Sometimes it takes a second person to give it a little push while moving the slide. I know I need new house batteries and wondered if weak batteries could be the problem with the slide. We have no chance of moving this side all the way in or out without being plugged in to shore power or starting the generator. Really don't want to buy new batteries until spring since we are plugged in for the winter (Snowbirds). Anyone had a similar problem before that can give advice?
  2. We have one EZ pass. Have it on the dash of the motorhome when towing and on the dash of the car when just using the car. Don't know how it does it but it knows how many axles. and we are charged acordingly. Never have seen a mistake on our statement.
  3. We have towed ours at least twice that far. Keep a close watch on yours.
  4. We tow a 2013 Lincoln MKS we bought new in 2012. The car has 33,000 miles on it and we have towed it about another 20,000. Today we brought it in because of vibration in the front end. It needs a whole new rack and pinion. Thank goodness it is still under warranty. Any other people having this kind of problem towing Ford or Lincoln products? Car seems to new for this kind of problem. Is towing hard on the steering system of a car?
  5. We move ours from motorhome to car and have never had a problem just setting it on the dash. Works great. Ours is from Delaware, (no yearly service charge).
  6. What uses less propane, running your water heater all the time on propane or only warming it up once or twice a day when you need hot water? We leave ours on when hooked up to 50 amp electric but sometimes when on 30 amp service or dry camping we need to run the water heater on propane. That is when this question comes into play. Are we wasting propane letting it run all the time?
  7. First travel day and re=level. Still works great. Thanks Desertdeals69 !!!
  8. Thanks. Seems to have worked for now. Hope it stays straight after travel. I didn't get the top frame just right but I am so happy it doesn't bind that I can live with it for now. Still have lots of caulking around the glass to stop leaks. Tired of water on the floor after a shower.
  9. Desertdeals69 I didn't catch your idea of loosening the screws to readjust the door to square. I will try that today. When I look at how the door is constructed, that seems to make the most sense. Cross your fingers.
  10. I have tried that and doesn't work. Can I loosen the bottom one? Top one is tight.
  11. We are having trouble with our shower door binding. Can't figure out how to adjust it. It catches on the bottom when opening and closing. Sometimes it is very hard to close it when taking a shower. When open there is a screw on the inside of the door, top and bottom. Top screw appears tight and I can't bring it in to raise the other side of the door. Suggestions?
  12. Bought a Surround Sound Amp and BluRay player and installed them in the motorhome. Surround sound working now off the Dish. Sounds great. $279 for reciever and $89 for DVD player. Sounds almost like our system at home.
  13. Our motorhome is wired for surround sound through the DVD player. We seldom use the DVD player, When watching TV on our Dish Sat. no surround sound. The sound comes through the TV. Has anyone out there wire in a surround receiver so all goes through the surround. If so, how, and will it work with 211K dish receiver?
  14. I bought the flush tool through Amazon. $7 plus shipping. It is just a plastic valve with a short soft hose on the end with elbow at the end. It took about 15 minutes of flushing my water heater before it ran clean with no chunks of crud coming out. Fired the heater up and with the new valve, the water temperature at the tap is 130. Problem seems to be solved. I will be cleaning out the water heater more often now. Brett, next time you pour fluid into a funnel from the top of your motorhome, post pictures. I'll bet that is a sight.
  15. After the old mixing valve worked sometimes and then not at all I purchased a replacement. valve ($189). When installing the valve I read the instructions (I know, very unmanly). They talked about the valve failing if the water heater is not flushed often enough. I did not realize that just draining the Atwood GE16 EXT water heater we had did not do this. When drained it still has about 2 quarts of water in it and the sediment seems to stay in the water heater. I have ordered a flush tool and will flush the water heater before putting anything through the new valve. More to follow.
  16. Used the meat thermometer Rich suggested today. 110 degrees. This is hotter than before. Is it enough? Will test it on a short trip this weekend.
  17. Thanks Rich, I'll try that. Right now tank is full of bleach water and am sanitizing for next trip. Draining hot water tank so I can refill with bleach water.
  18. Success I think. Water is much hotter. Uncomfortable to leave your hand under the hot water. Before it was only warm. How hot is your hot water? Can you touch it when on hot?
  19. I drained the hot water heater today and the water was very hot. Could not leave hand in the stream. Water coming out of tap on hot is much colder. I took the mixing valve out today and it is soaking in vinegar as I write this. Seems the the check valve is operating better now. I will reinstall tomorrow and see if this has made a difference. Outside shower is off. I seldom use it so didn't think it would be on. Update to follow.
  20. The model is GE16EXT. I have not winterized for two years as the unit was in a warm climate. Valves are a pain to get to behind a panel. Have not checked that yet but don't think they would move by themselves. I did drain it an left it empty for about 2 months before current use. We get home tomorrow and will drain the water heater again. If water coming out is lukewarm or very hot, it should help narrow down problem. Advice is welcome.
  21. Last year we had this problem with the electric side of the water heater. A new element solved the problem. Now it is both sides, electric and propane. Our water heats only to warm. You can take a shower with only hot water. The water before was to hot to touch on hot. Suggestions on a fix?
  22. I would not have believed the difference in fuel economy good fuel can make. I had been filling up at our local Sams Club. After several partial fills I noticed our fuel mileage had fallen off to around 7 1/2. We had been getting closer to 9. On the advice of our neighbor, a long haul trucker, I filled up at a truck stop the next time we needed fuel. Our mileage went right back to 9. I had been saving 13 cents a gallon on the cheaper fuel. If you figure the difference in mileage, it would need to be 85 cents cheaper to break even on cost vs mileage. Now, I only buy fuel at Loves, Flying J, or Pilot. Run your own test but I am convinced fuel can make a difference. I wonder if the Sams I used may have had #1 winter fuel in the tank?
  23. Can't explain the extra pressure in our tires. I have adjusted the pressure to what we run at again. I am the only one that puts air in our tires. I believe someone at the dealership added air. They say no. Nothing else explains the change. Our pressure monitoring system would have allerted me if it had been overinflated before.
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