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  1. I recently had my RV serviced at a large southern California dealer. Oil change, air filter change and chassis lubed. We are 1700 miles from home and no place to do work here myself. On the way home from the dealer my Tire Tracker system went off with a high pressure warning. I wasn't going that far and as there was not a good place to stop I continued back to our RV Park before checking the tires. All but one of my tires had 115 to 117 PSI. I run 105 in the fronts and 100 in the rear duals as suggested (for our weight) on the tire chart by the tire company. One of the rear duals on the drivers side still have 100PSI. That dual is a pain to get to and with my monitor system in place very hard to take off and fill. I think someone at the service department took it upon themselves to add air to my tires except the hard to fill one. When I called them to ask if this is part of there regular service they said they do not touch tires. Weird. Glad I have a pressure monitor. If I had gone a long way I think I may have had trouble. Suggestion. Check for yourself after someone else has worked on your coach!
  2. We purchased the Kargard before a trip to Alaska last summer. After almost 8000 miles not any damage to our TOAD. It did limit our turn radius and I scratched the back of the motorhome a little when I was forced to made a turn to sharp for the rock guard. Still worth it. I did buy additional truck mud flaps and attached them to the bottom of the rock guard outside the towbar for additional protection. I think the Kargard is a good product.
  3. Have towed the MKS over 10,000 miles now with no problems. No more tow dollies for me.
  4. Rise and bends. Only now it grinds and stays put. The whole step assembly is going to be replaced. Motor and all. It comes as a complete unit.
  5. It is the inside step. Don't know why it costs so much. You are at there mercy with this kind of thing. They are the only ones that make a part to fit. Glad I have a warranty. Otherwise I would be trying to fix it myself for less. Maybe not origional but so it works.
  6. Manholt. The Thor Dealer says my whole step assembly inside needs to be replaced. It is a very poor design. When the steps fail in the up position, you have access to repair them. When they fail in the down position they need to be cut out and replaced. I have seen repairs on the internet where people have cut a hole in the steps to gain access for repair. I have a warranty and want them repaired to Thor specs. That is $3500 for a new step assembly.
  7. I made a second complaint to CW over the internet. Once again I got a call the next day from the Manager at the Burlington Camping World. He claimed he thought the check had gone out to me. I advised it had not and he said he would have one sent that day. I did recieve a refund check in the mail a week or so later. Update on the repair. What a hassle. I took the coach to a Thor dealer in Southern California where we are for the winter. My extended warranty company would not approve the part needed for repair ($3500 part) until they sent someone out to inspect the problem. After inspection the part is on order but the warranty company refuses to pay freight to get the part here. That apparently is my expense. Seems strange to me. Sounds like a $100 deductable and freight will be my cost. Anyway the part is on order.
  8. Crandall Moble RV Service from Desert Hot Springs, California are Stars!! They returned with the new recall box and put it in last week. The fridge took right off. Then he pulled out a little insulation patch and said to me I asked them to send this as well, I noticed the original recall was done incorrectly. We have had constant problems with this fridge since we bought the RV with temps being all over the place. The fridge would vary in temps from 45 degrees to 32 degrees without significant changes in weather outside. The tech pointed out when the original recall was done they cut into the insulation to install the sensor and just tucked the insulation back over the sensor (and not well). He said that if this was not covered better that the hot air would escape and the fridge would not work correctly and use more power. After he applied the insulation patch and covered the seams with silver duct tape to make it air tight he ask me to listen to the back of the fridge and asked if I had ever heard that? I could hear the ammonia boiling. I had not heard that before. Since that insulation patch was installed, our fridge is like a new fridge. Stays at a constant 40 degrees and only goes up a few degrees when we open the door and then back to 40 degrees. We carry meds that can't freeze and this is a load off our minds. We also had this unit in at least four dealers asking what was wrong with the fridge. We thought they were all like ours and had quit asking. Simple but very important fix. We had no idea that the insulation seal around the heat elements was so important. Thanks again Crandall Mobil RV Service. PS: They didn't charge me a dime. The cost was all passed on to Norcold.
  9. Yes and it is fine. Fridge still working well with recall unit bypassed. Waiting for RV Tech to return with new recall box.
  10. Had an RV Mobile Repair unit come out today to check the fridge. He did all the same things I did with the same result. Appears the Norcold Recall box is toast. He called Norcold and ordered a new box. He, like so many, said the recall box is junk. He didn't even want to get involved in the recall boxes, but did agree to get me a new one. At least I now know how to by-pass it to have the fridge working if this happens again.
  11. Yes we are out of propane. Stove will not light. Gauge reads empty. Hope to fill it tomorrow.
  12. I tracked the problem to the Hi Limit switch (Norcold Recall). Couldn't fix it with a magnet so I bypassed it as described on internet. Fridge took right off on electric. Don't want a fire, so will have a tech come out and reset the switch or order a new one. I guess that switch doesn't shut the unit off when on propane. I think mine was on Auto when it tripped and then switched over to propane when the switch failed. Could be wrong about that. I also had to clean the clips on the tube type fuse on the circuit board as they were not making contact. Good to go for today. Always seems to happen on a weekend, doesn't it?
  13. Cold this morning in Desert Hot Springs. That's good for a fridge that is not working. I tested the plug that the fridge plugs into and it works fine. I also plugged the fridge into an outside outlet with a drop cord and got the same "no AC" message so know power to the fridge is OK. Looked for fuses and the only one I see on the circuit board is a 5 amp. It appears to be OK. There is another tube type fuse on the circuit board that also appears OK. I wonder if my problem could be the Norcold Recall box on the unit. The little red light on it is not on. I tried to reset it with a magnet without success. I have only read about resetting these and have never done it before. Maybe the magnet I have is not strong enough. I put it right by the light and did not hear a click that I am told happens when they reset. More ideas would be appreciated. How could I bypass this box to check if it is the problem? Then we could have a fridge till tomorrow when I can get propane or a Norcold Tech to replace the box if it is faulty.
  14. I thought I had our Norcold Fridge running on Auto. Today it started beeping at the control panel and showed a "no flo" reading. After checking around I realized the fridge had been running on propane and our tank had gone empty. I tried to switch the fridge over manually to the AC setting and got a reading of "no AC" Either I had the fridge running on LP for a long time without realizing it or it automatically switched to LP when the AC stopped working. Can't figure out why the AC is not working. All the other AC in the Coach is working fine. Where should I start looking? Do you think I could use an outside outlet (not part of the motorhome) and run a drop cord to the fridge to check it out and see if it will work that way for now. Risks? Of course this happened on a weekend when I can't get a technician to come and work on it.
  15. Just saw this post. We had the same problem. We got our seat covers at 1/2 price from Thor for our 2007 Damon Tuscany. They know they had a problem with fabric for a few years. They had a buy one get one free program. We are the second owner of our Coach and they still covered them We are happy with the new covers. We had someone install them at our expense. Still, we thought it fair as we didn't buy the Coach new.
  16. Well it is now November and still no check. Guess out of sight and out of mind for the Camping World in Burlington, Washington. Can't trust them to stand by their word. Beware!!
  17. Gorgeal, My 2007 Tuscany works exactly like yours. I get by if I drive slowly and run the wipers slowly. Hope someone has found a fix. I need another new windshield after a trip to Alaska so will need to do the trial an error to find the right spline for the drivers wiper. I also have that wiper set lower than the other one to make it work at all.
  18. Got a call back from Camping World almost immediately the next day. They agreed to refund the money I was charged. They offered to repair the steps if I would return. As we are well down the road I thanked them and told them we would not be able to return. I was told I would get a check next month when checks are sent out.
  19. I have lodged a complaint with Camping World Corp. No answer as yet but I just put it in. I'll give them a chance to respond. When we get it fixed it will need to be somewhere else as we do not live in Washington and have moved on.
  20. We just spent a week at Camping World at Burlington Washington waiting for a step repair (We have an extended warranty bought at another Camping World where our RV was purchased). I called about a month in advance to get an appointment as we were returning from Alaska and would be in Washington. We were allowed to camp free in their lot while we waited for service(big plus). Our problem is that the inside steps on our Class A stuck and will not come up into the platform for travel. The motor runs, and at first it would try to come up on one side and would bind. Now the motor just grinds and no movement. The stairs are stuck. After taking the attendant to our motorhome and showing him the problem Camping World washed off our exterior steps and lubed them stating the problem was solved, never mind they worked before they did anything, as this was not the problem. After waiting another two days once again they looked at our step, taking it apart (this time the right one). I received a call stating the problem with our step was to big and they did not have the time to fix it so they put it back together. The bill was $79 diagnostic fee and was presented as a favor as they claimed to have over 5 hours into the project. I paid it to get my keys back. They stated now I have a record that a claim was made on the warranty (which is about to run out) so if I take it elsewhere even if time runs out I should be covered. Great extended warranty, they didn't help at all. Anyone out there have a similar problem with a step. I think I will try to fix it myself. The only reason I went to Camping World is that it is a covered item on my warranty. Never heard of thanks but no thanks we will not fix a warranty item for you!!!
  21. We have the same problem and a friend told us about Bar Keepers Friend. Comes in a container like Comet. It takes the stains out so fast it is hard to believe. We use it when needed.
  22. Thanks guys. That is what I needed to know.
  23. Are there no glass experts out there?
  24. Thanks for your responses. I still would like the question answered, are there different qualities of windshields available? If so how do you pick the right one?
  25. Once again we picked up a rock and have a crack in our windshield. At the Indio FMCA rally I found a glass company that told me they could repair the crack (several others told me it could not be fixed) for $125. I was hoping that if it didn't work that a least it would slow it down before our trip to Alaska. I expected to replace the windshield anyway after that trip. Well the repair didn't work. I didn't even start the motorhome before it started to crack further with just re-leveling the motorhome. The cost of the repair would be credited toward a new windshield if I use the same company. Now my question. This guy tells me that there are different quality windshields and one he suggests for $200 more, is more resistant to chips. I know nothing about glass. Could this be true? My trust level is a little low with this guy since the crack repair was such a bust.
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