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  1. <p>In a word, NO, they charge at different rates and a lead acid setting on a charger will not bring the agm battery up to full charge, therefore shortening it's life right from the get-go. Bite the bullet and replace with ALL Agms, if that is the route you choose. I have 10 of them <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="http://community.fmca.com/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png" title=":(" />. It only hurts for a little while.</p>
  2. We frequent the Finger Lakes almost every year (gotta replenish the wine cellar) We stay at Klute Park right in downtown Watkins Glen. The state park is 1/2 mile away,the walk thru the gorge will take a couple hours, but well worth it, the lake is right across the street. Get a schedule of events, There is soo much to do and see, you need a week, but a couple days will do. The scenery is beautiful, the wines are fantastic, the atmosphere is very relaxed, and the people are very friendly .
  3. We have a Bluebird rally at Ocean Lakes in April. It is wonderful. In the summer not so much ! Wall to wall people and after 5 p.m. you can't go anywhere in the campground by car. It is bumper to bumper golf carts on any given road until 11:00 curfew It is quite the spectacle if you want free entertainment.
  4. Stay away from the Streakin Beacon, the chemicals they us will destroy your paint over time.
  5. Karen, The finger lakes are gorgeous!... and a lot of fun. They have literally hundreds of wineries and vineyards, a couple microbreweries and even a distillery. Make sure you stop at the Torrey Ridge winery, Tell them the "truck driver from Ohio sent you" Esther and John are the nicest people! The 3 western most lakes,Canadaigua,Cayuga and Keuka will give you the most bang for your buck. It is just a beautiful area to visit!
  6. Icefixr66

    Tire Replacement

    Spend your money on a new tire ......or........ your funeral!! not much of a choice in my mind use the Goodyear for a spare.
  7. I may be biased here ( I own one) BUT, I would take a 25 year old bluebird wanderlodge over ANY brand new coach on the market other than a Newell or Prevost..And that is debatable. There is no comparison period .Bluebird Wanderlodge is out of business as are a lot of RV mfg's. That being said, if you just want to get in and go and are not interested in doing a lot of your own maintenance, then a bird is not for you. They are complex machines. They are also a heavy bus chassis. You will find parts for them at Heavy truck facilities, NOT at Camping World or most RV dealers IF you want to get a true feel for the Wanderlodge, go www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.com. It is a free website and you can learn ALL you want to know about a Wanderlodge. If you are going to compare,compare apples to apples.
  8. RVerOnTheMove, What I meant was that if the slide does not have a seal at all, it is time for a new coach.
  9. C'mon people, the slide seal is obviously shot! There should be a rubber seal all the way around the slide to squeegee off any water that accumulates. If there is not one, time to get a new coach! JMHO
  10. Every time we go to Myrtle Beach, we have stayed at Ocean Lakes.The amenities are great! It is right on the beach, onsite RV store and repair facility, huge pool,wi-fi thru-out, level concrete pads, golf cart rentals,and my favorite--Express check-in/out. The last time we were there in March 2012, I never set foot in the office. It is very crowded in the heat of summer with almost 900 sites but what campground isn't, unless of course it is not a very nice one! YMMV
  11. To all that are interested in flooring: Go to http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/erniesremodelingandrepair/. Talk to Ernie and look at the pics on his website. I would venture to say that there is nobody better in the country than Ernie. I have seen his work first hand on many occasions and there is no better!
  12. I love staying at Ocean Lakes! We are there for our yearly" Birds at the Beach" rally in March. The golf carts and all their high volume obnoxious rap music are a royal pain in the butt. You can't even sit outside your coach and carry on a normal conversation in the evening. I love my music loud but a campground where everyone is trying to relax and get away from it all is not the place! And Bill Adams is right.... walking is way better for you!
  13. Stuart, If I had 7 year old, almost 8, tires on my coach I wouldn't be concerned with the tire being 2 different sizes. I would spec the correct size and replace them all! Regardless of what they LOOK like, They are old and should be replaced! Safety is the MAIN concern here. How much do you value the people that ride with you? The price of new tires is pittance compared to that! If you've ever had a blowout at highway speeds, it's a real wakeup call! Been There,done that and glad to be able to talk about it!
  14. I have been told that the exsisting lines themselves leak due to the difference in molecular structure of r12,r22 and r134. Don't know how true this is but I have heard it from numerous people!
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