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  1. There is one out there which recently started up, search for All Inclusive Motorhome Club - started by NIRVC.
  2. Since the club is no longer motorhome-centric, and we have no need for a third generic RV club membership beyond Good Sam and Escapees, we've requested a refund of our unused future membership years (we had renewed for multiple additional years prior to the leadership's push to change the charter).
  3. Not sure where the green/red map came from, but it's not Sprint's official coverage map. Visit the Sprint website to get a look at their published coverage map to see just how much is roaming https://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp?INTNAV=TopNav:Support:CoverageMap Most of Alabama, Georgia, S. Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, NY, Vermont, western US... Be sure to zoom in so you can see all the grey (roaming) and white (no service) areas. It might be a viable option for some, but Sprint has the poorest network coverage of all the providers.
  4. Extended LTE means partner networks where you would be roaming. Be absolutely sure you understand how roaming works on this plan. You are allowed only minimal data roaming (300 MB) with Sprint. So true Sprint coverage is much less than the other networks.
  5. We sent in our "No" vote a few weeks ago. We actually had paid up for several years when the last increase was announced. If membership becomes generic we'll ask for a refund. If that's not possible, we'll let it lapse. GS and SKPs already provide all we need from a generic RV club. The only reason we are FMCA members is because it's focus has been motorhome-only. When the board began blatantly pushing this change, we took our FMCA placard off our coach and refuse to provide free marketing for an organization that does not follow its charter. The revelation about the huge "gift" to RVillage was an eye-opener.
  6. I posted this in the Verizon benefit topic, not realizing which topic I had posted in. Sprint has well less than 10% of the coverage that Verizon or AT&T have, so research carefully whether this plan would work for you or not. We are rarely in a Sprint area, and it's not like we go deep into the wilderness... From RVMobileInternet's site, one of their graphics from their Coverage app
  7. Do research Sprint's coverage vs. Verizon or AT&T to determine if the Sprint option will work for you. Sprint has well less than 10% of the coverage area that the other 2 do. If you are typically near major metropolitan areas, then it will likely be OK. For us, when we look at the places we travel, we are rarely in a Sprint coverage location. RVMobileInternet has some graphics from their Coverage app that shows this more clearly:
  8. Actually, we have been members since 2004 and are paid up for several years in the future, so I can't say that I "stayed" with FMCA after that unpleasant interaction. It will, however, be considered along with the result of this vote as to whether we ever send another dime to FMCA. Michelle
  9. I got publicly attacked by an FMCA board member on another website for posting my experience with the Verizon issue (mine was a comment to their article about how it had failed). Total turn-off to FMCA's board.
  10. I agree, Jim. If anything, opening up to towables would put the club in direct competition with Good Sam for members as it will look like an identical organization, and it doesn't have advantages over that organization (discounts, services, etc.) to succeed in that competition. The motorhome-only focus is what drew us to the club years ago. We already had GS (and still have it, as we were young enough when they offered discounted Lifetime membership that it was a no brainer to sign up). We don't see a need for a second GS-equivalent club. Michelle
  11. Chris, I would extend your "old fashioned idea" even further and comment that many rallies, both national and some chapter, separate the "menfolk and the wimmenfolk" so the men get technical seminars and the women get "cheap bedazzling floral arranging crafts" (which seems like an afterthought as well - "what the heck do we do with the wives?".) That only serves to further the misconception of FMCA as an older, retired person's club. As younger folks are becoming RVers (we started in our 30's and are now in our 50's), we have always done things together (there are no "pink" or "blue" jobs in our coach) and personally I go to the tech seminars because they are a heck of a lot more interesting (you couldn't pay me to sequin-coat a planter ;-) ) TBH the main way to make this paradigm shift is to get younger folks into the leadership of the organization, particularly for the planning of rallies and conventions. Escapees is doing this successfully with Xscapers and their convergences. Michelle
  12. It appears you mis-credited your quote. Those (with the strongly noted exception of your added "larger Class A" comment) are my words, not Brocki's. We own a B+/C (depending on your definition of such) and do not share your impression of FMCA as a Class A Motorhome Club. I certainly haven't found the general community to be unwelcoming to any class of motorhome.
  13. We joined FMCA over 17 years ago specifically because it was motorhome-focused. We were (are) also members of Good Sam. If FMCA changes to allow towables, I see no advantage to remaining in the club as the content would be diluted/become more generic "RV", and Good Sam gets us better and more varied discounts for lower cost. It is VERY inappropriate to have "it's time to take a step in the right direction" plastered on the main FMCA web landing page. The leadership should not be pushing their opinion/agenda on the membership in such a fashion. Such verbage indicates that the leadership has put their main energies into making this happen rather than listening respectfully and thoughtfully to any of the membership's opinions. That alone gives me pause as to whether the current leadership has the general membership's best interests in mind.
  14. I think you mean MWeiner, not me. We owned a Foretravel for 13 1/2 years. Know all about them ;-) We run Foreforums.
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