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  1. Big sigh of relief, passed the driving portion of the Class B today. A bunch of left turns, a bunch of right turns, park next to the curb. No backups, no parallel park. Took the written and drive portion in Marble Falls.
  2. Traded our 2011 Aspire for a 2015 Anthem at the Orlando store. Drove 1400 miles since and had not had even one minor issue. Thanks Entegra Coach and RV One for a defect free coach.
  3. RVGEEKS on Youtube had an idea, we tried it and worked. Add inch of hot water, one scoop of Oxyclean, swish around and let it sit. Bar keepers friend is wonderful on copper and stainless.
  4. Soi, I am not the only one with the Solaire? We also have the same brand at home-- the put out a lot of heat. We can use the small hand carry models or a larger tank. I just wish the infrared burner was a bit larger. It can manage two items at a time.
  5. Not true. We bought a one year old Entegra two years ago. Their customer sevice emailed a change of ownership form. As second owners, we had over $12,000 in warranty repairs done. Impressive. Trading this one in on a 2015 Entegra Anthem.
  6. After your factory tours and seeing all the coaches, now we know. Hershey was a nice show, a lot to see, we enjoyed dinner with ya'll and share the struggle of cost vs quality on our upgrade. Looking forward to cooler weather and the next two weekends in our RV.
  7. Retired Navy here and grateful to our Marine Gunny while in the Seabees. Kudos to all our current and former sevice members and for your service. And as i always say to former Marines, i had to join the Navy, couldnt pass the Marine final test. And they always ask, "which test?" to which i always reply, "i couldnt fit my head in a jar." LCDR, SCW, Navy Supply Corps, Ret
  8. Try looking at Ford Refrigeration on youtube. May be bad electric elements or thermistor. If freezer is cold, normally something simple.
  9. I drive 'Ralphie's Bus'. He is our Boykin Spaniel who competes in hunt tests. I talked the DW into getting the RV to go to training and competitions, so thank you Ralphie.
  10. Try videos at http://rvrefrigeration.com. I fixed a couple issues from that. Look for someone trained by them before you go any further. I am getting their book for sure.
  11. Stone Creek RV park in Shertz, exit 177. We were there 3 weeks ago. Pools, two dog parks, no trains and far enough from I35 to not hear it. We fit easily with 40' MH and toad.
  12. Do you have to go TO the road test with a class A or Business driver?
  13. Cool, welcome aboard. We just finished our first year of MH ownership and 9000miles of travel. The manuals are making sense now...sometimes. We got a one year old model last July. Happy motoring.
  14. And good friend mine runs two Freightliner shops. His candid advice was they are a waste of $, and don't work. The best thing for the fuel system is to fill it before letting it sit to prevent condensation. That works for airplanes too.
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