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  1. I see that you havent had any response on your question, as of yet; so will tell you what I know. I ordered PoliGlow to use on our 2000 Dutch Star's gel coat. I had found information on-line that made it sound good for gel-coat, mainly on boats, but a little info from some that used it on motorhome gel-coat. Being somewhat leery, I used it on the front "hood" and on the rear back cap. I found it a little tedious to apply. I was getting some air bubbles as I applied it, but suppose that was because I needed to develop the proper technique. It does require several coats to get good coverage as the instructions state. It did provide a shiny gloss to the dull gel-coat, however, it decided it was too much work to apply to all the gel-coat sides of the motorhome, so didn't. The first application was applied about 2 years ago and has held up just fine, but I should go over it again. I haven't been motivated to do that yet. I may use the remaining supply to do the gel-coat on the boat. I will probably be easier to apply to a boat hull since the sides of a boat don't have the attachments and broken surfaces as the motorhome has. PoliGlow is a liquid like Mop and Glo and is applied with a supplied applicator. The applicator is a 3x6" sponge covered in a material that looks like Chamois.You wet the applicator and "smear" (for lack of a better word) it on. There is information on-line if you search for PoliGlow. http://www.poliglow-int.com/ http://www.rvforum.net/SMF_forum/index.php?topic=44247.0
  2. I'll bet it's 100 gals... oops I see some one checked and it supposed to 150.
  3. This is the one we use. It will fold down to a fairly easy to store size. This is a grill not a BBQ so you have to leave the cover up/open to cook on it. I gave up on the "table" models since we did not always have table to place the grill on; and some campground tables are now plastic and not good for placing a grill on due the potential to melt the table top. http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-9949-750-Road-Trip-Grill/dp/B0009V1BDA/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1402874204&sr=1-1&keywords=roadtrip+grill
  4. I am surprise that some think that it is important. I have never been fooled by a car in tow, thinking that it is some one tailgating. It is always obvious to me that a car is being towed.
  5. If you find yourself in windy conditions that cause you to continually make steering corrections, try opening as many side window as you can; it makes a big difference to reduce the side surface area that the wind has to act upon. I regularly use this method and it much easier to drive in heavy side or cross winds.
  6. Don't know anything about it, but found this with an on-line search, was curious once you asked the question: http://beaveramb.org/dogpatch-usa/
  7. Here is a link to a Google Maps route; and probably the only good route to Phoenix. http://goo.gl/maps/5gFSC As you can see by the terrain view, the route is through the valleys and desert area. Although I have not traveled this route, it appears very similar to our route from Vegas to Yuma which we travel twice yearly. BTW if you are not familiar with Google Maps, it has a button that will give you a 3D fly-over view of the route and show you the highway just as if you were driving it: Driving directions to Phoenix, AZ 3D
  8. The FMCA magazine has a section where they help with problems just like this. Contact FMCA and find out how the use the service.
  9. Roadmaster will go around to all coaches at a rally and service any Roadmaster tow bar they find on a coach, BTW...
  10. The program is Microsoft Streets and Trips: http://www.microsoft.com/streets/en-us/STLanding.aspx?refcd=go001745s_microsoft_streets_and_trips There are 3rd party plug-ins for Truck Stops, low clearance, Walmarts, and many other points of interest to travelers. But, as you mentioned, it may not work with a Mac...
  11. To save a search, here's the link:
  12. I have not yet used it, but I am told that others have used Museum Glue/Gel. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=museum+glue+sale&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=4580985897490770143&sa=X&ei=rtX7Tc7nLKTZiALduOCYBQ&ved=0CE0Q8wIwAQ
  13. I was reading a post re: profiles and signatures that stated go to "Community." I cant find the "Community" option... getting a headache...going in circles!
  14. I am interested in a diesel pusher in Minnesota and I am in Washington state. Before I commit to a trip to Minnesota I would like to know if a trip would be worthwhile. If by some remote chance that there is someone in the Garfield, Minnesota that has a critical eye and is familiar with diesel pushers, and that would enjoy viewing the motorhome for me I would greatly appreciate it. If one would be interested, I will provide more information. Ron
  15. In addition to a LED TV being thinner, it is very, very light in comparison to a traditional LCD TV. I replaced our front 22" Samsung LCD with a 22" Sony LED because the Samsung LCD would bounce around, squeek, and bump the frame due to the weight on the standard swing-out bracket. No such problem with the lighter LED. Ron
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