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  1. On mine there was no bleeder. I had to put the antifreeze in the radiator cap itself and not the overflow bottle.
  2. Oil increasing is a bad injector. It is not closing and constantly pumping diesel into the cylinder and it is going into the pan. Had same problem with a Ford once.
  3. If it uses vacuum to change the controls then yes it has to have a vacuum pump as Diesel engines don't create vacuum.
  4. I would do "A" but it really does not matter which way you do it
  5. I just replaced ours with the Toyo M122 on our Winnebago and get a very good ride for 1/2 the price of the Michelins. I don't really notice any difference.
  6. It does not make sense that they would take a fuse that is made to protect a circuit and put in a relay which does not protect it. Are you sure they didn't replace it with a resettable circuit breaker. It seems that it is possibly the low cutoff switch or something shutting off the compressor. Also sounds like it might be low on refrigerant and possibly freezing up then shutting down till it thaws and then coming back on.
  7. Dish has a pay as you go service which is month to month. Pay for one then shut off in 30 days. Go online and pay next time you are going out and it gets turned back on.
  8. You talking a suspension leveling valve or coach leveling valve??? Suspension valves run about $100 bucks a piece . . . at least for mine.
  9. We had same issue. It was plugged fuel filters. This occurred when we bought it used and before I was able to do maintenance on the rig. Ended up going to O'Reilly near a campground and changing them in the campground. Filled new filter with diesel before installing and no issues after that.
  10. Thanks for the heads up . . . I probably would have missed it.
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