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  1. We are looking into our buying or next motorhome and was wondering about the pros and cons on the Cornerstones vs say 16-18 Newmar Essex or King Aires or Mountain Aires
  2. Members Location:Oklahoma I travel:With children,With Pets It has been awhile since the last post, and I am happy to say the problem was the wiring harnesses on the LBCU. Very easy to fix, and have to give it up to Freightliner on getting me the parts quickly. Thanks for the help.
  3. I have a 2007 Fleetwood Expedition that had a problem some years back that the air guage would drop and set off an alarm, and it was a wiring harness underneath the steering wheel horn cover. real easy to replace, called freightliner for harness and it came the next day, and haven't had problem since, probably was five or six years ago.
  4. A few miles before Shawnee is the Grand Casino Resort on exit 178, turn left and go north to second entrance, as it is truck entrance, also probably the cheapest fuel prices around. There are rv hookups or you could pull into truck parking. We have stayed there a couple of times while heading to Loretta Lynns Ranch in Tenn. with no problems. We too we're traveling in 40 ft DP with 20 ft trailer. There are a few Wal-Marts just off of 40 that you can pull into also in Ark
  5. We are not new to motorhoming as we now have 2007 FW Expedition 39S. What my question is, which mh/company is better? Entegra or Tiffin? We have found three floor plans that we really like, 2013 Entegra Anthem 45SL, 2012 Tiffin 43QGP, and the 2013-15 Tiffin 45LP. Another possibility is Entegra 44DLQ. What are some of the downsides of rear bath, and are there any problems that any of these commonly have because of model year. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. We came from Moab and went south on 191 to 162/163, turned right a Bluff down through Forrest Gump Valley in Monument Valley. The local tribe run the Monum Valley, so its a little pricey but haggle with them and gets better. You can drive your own vehicle on public tour route or pay them for a more indepth tour, but however don't miss this attraction as John Wayne would say "Little Missy". We left there and went to Kayenta Burger King and spent night there. got up next morning and went to the Grand Canyon using highway 160 west to highway 89. Left on 89 to Cameron, right on 64 to GC. If you'll be traveling north, try and go through these areas at noon or later as you will have the sun at your back. Enjoy your trip and ps, we're in 40' DP MH pulling an 28ft all alum enclosed trailer, so if we can make it so could you! Be SAFE !!!
  7. It has been awhile since the last post, and I am happy to say the problem was the wiring harnesses on the LBCU. Very easy to fix, and have to give it up to Freightliner on getting me the parts quickly. Thanks for the help.
  8. We did this run on CO 550 this past summer in our 40' DP pulling a 24' enclosed trailer from Durango to Silverton, and stayed in Cunningham Gulch for two weeks, and I too was worried about the million dollar highway, but one of our boondocking neighbors was from the area and told me I would have no problem with it. HE WAS RIGHT !!! Wound up taking it from Silverton to Ouray. The speed limit was only 15 mph in most places, so with MH in 1st gear with engine brake on, I only had to use the brakes a couple of times. Like the earlier post said, with a few pullouts, we were able to pull over and let the rat racers around us. Please do not be afraid to go this route, as you will miss a lot of God's beautiful scenery. From Ouray to Wally World in Montrose for OVN stay and then on to Taylor Park for two more weeks.
  9. We use it once or twice a month. As for the water purifier, it is the bottle sold at Wally World, and it smell like clorox.
  10. It is an Atwood, and I thought it needed an anode and put one in, and they told me to change it back to the nylon plug. The water sure ate up that anode. I also put water purifier in every load of fresh water and change filter after unwinterizing.
  11. I too have had an odor in my water like a strong onion smell and was asked if I had a anode rod in hot water tank, and was told to take it out and just use a plug. Don't know if that was it or not but the odor is gone. I'm in Oklahoma with hard water. I also use water purifier from Wally World to put in tank.
  12. Yes, I started out in second and it shifted to third at the appropriate speed, and I understand the need for up shifting to protect the tranny and engine, I was just wondering if I could keep it creeping longer without the use of brakes, and the trailer does have brakes and are working.
  13. Went to Colorado last year, via Monarch pass and Wolf Creek pass. While downshifting to 2nd, with engine brake on, it still shifted to third. BTW, we have an 07 Expedition 38S with six speed tranny, and was wondering if I'm doing something wrong. Is there a way to keep it low and slow without the mh shifting up gears while in manual mode? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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