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  1. Thanks to the heads-up by FMCA, we now have a NEW 2014 Honda CRV- and we were waiting for the 2015 but did see on this website that it was not towable on all 4. We are so tired of the car dolly route- can't wait to get a new hitch so we can tow our new CRV. I'm not in advertisement, but we looked over a year for a new toad. IF you are in the market- don't hesitate to purchase new now- the LX model is easy to find but there are very few AWD models left. We searched a 4 state area- less than 50 AWD (EX) models could be found in TX, NM, AZ, and CO. (both 2 Wheel and AWD are towable- we just preferred the EX model- AWD). We did lots of research- and asked at several rallies- for the price, you can't beat the CRV. We paid 24,800. out the door. There is 0.9% financing available from Honda so we just left our $$ in the bank and financed it. BTW- says in the owners manual that NO AWD (2014) CRV can be towed on a dolly- only on all 4s (or off the ground on a flat bed, of course) Glad we didn't wait any longer. Now about the hitch... anybody out there have comments on what is best? Anybody using the hitch with a braking system in the hitch? It is advertised in FMCA-p.47, Nov 2014 edition. We are kinda leaning towards that one because it says it only needs one small "hole" to be drilled into the car.
  2. IF you pull a toad, Saris has a roof mounted "canoe" and bike rack. I think the canoe rack would hold your portabote.
  3. Thank you!!! We have been looking to match the paint on our gold 2001 Safari Zanzibar ever since we picked it up in 2012. We WILL be able to use this information- thanks again. Joe & Cathy 2001 Safari Zanzibar 438540
  4. I might be mistaken- but I understood at a Perry seminar- that we should only use #2 diesel. Problem is- we have not found #2 at Walmart/Sams. Am I missing something??? We used it before we went to the seminar in Perry and I guess we just had beginners luck of not having any problems. Anybody care to clarify this issue? Joe & Cathy 438540 2001 Safari Zanzibar
  5. We have stayed at the Las Cruces Walmart, one night, on two different occasions, and at the Deming Walmart once, and at the Alamagordo Walmart one night, on two different occasions . Thanks for the info that we are always welcome! We always look forward to getting stuff we forgot to pack and we have never had a problem in New Mexico! We live in El Paso TX so these Walmarts are very convienently located!
  6. Elkhartjim, Well we are not sure what Bubba was banging on...we don't think he knew either, but having Brett come to the rescue about the motorhome really gave us some confidence that everything should be OK. Time will tell. If ever going thru El Paso Texas, we CAN steer others away from this company unless they are just getting a tire- they do keep 22.5 size in stock with good DOT # (but they don't keep rims on hand- had to get that from Colorado and shipping was $$$)
  7. First, I suggest that you get a second opinion on the engine damage. Second- if you have computer access, look online under used RVs. Maybe you will find something great. They even have internet sites where you can put in your dream RV and price and the sites look for it. Find what you want thru a google search. Also I suggest that you keep a highly visible emergency contact phone number or two in your vehicle or on your person. I keep 2 papers with me at all times- I keep a copy of the health questionnaire that my doctor had me fill out (shows my health history, diseases, hospitalizations & surgeries, doctors names, etc) as well as a copy of all my current meds in my purse- which I usually have on me. I have health issues but that information can readily be available in case of an emergency. Hope this helps! Cathy
  8. Rich, We are newbies- just received our membership card yesterday but have already used this website as a lifeline- and could not have done that without having joined, which then led to our attending the Perry rally where we attended several sessions- one given by Brett. Learning so much has cemented our opinion that this organization is very professionally run, has true "experts" you can request info from, has an excellent responsive president (Charlie Adcock), and a helpful staff available by phone in Cincinnati. We have used all these services in just a couple of days. I have posted only a few times- but I learn a lot from other posts. Without getting into too much detail- we had what we considered "an emergency" we needed expert advise while our diesel was being repaired. I emailed Brett thru this website and he responded very quickly. Thank you Brett!!!! I was able to register for Perry by phone because we did not have our membership materials yet- the ladies at the Cincinnati office were great and all our materials came, complete, correct, and in a timely manner. I sent an email to Charlie at midnight last night with a request- he responded and filled my request by 6 am this morning!!! Unbelievable!! Thank you Charlie!!! We can't wait to get together with FMCA members again. It is truly an excellent organization!! We can't offer much expertise- so we usually only "read" items on the forum- I'm sure others do the same. In my opinion, this website is almost as good as a "chat room" but with expert monitors with unbelievable knowledge- willing and able to help other members who have real issues, not just chit-chat, what more could anyone ask for? And just think- we haven't even figured out how to use all the features on the website yet. I would love to see more pictures- especially of the Perry rally. Maybe they are there somewhere... maybe I can post some when I figure out how to do it. I love the organization of the website- you can go to exactly what you are looking for- a novel idea not found in any other website we have looked on for RVing. I like that once you join, you can participate- unlike "a yahoo site" we joined last year- didn't sign on for a couple months and they deleted us! Won't go back there. Joe & Cathy 2001 Safari Zanzibar member #438540
  9. Just a thought- Semi trailer companies often buy good looking tires for spares out our way. Maybe you will want to make a couple of bucks with the old tires. (We have 22.5 size- that size fits most semi trailers- if your size is smaller, I don't know...)
  10. Bubba is banging like **** on the bottom by the front axle. Don't know what he is doing. We have a steer safe he says is working. Don't know if he is banging on that. So sad.... The tire IS a manufacture defect- the manager said its called mold contamination- the steel from the mold must have been mixed with the rubber. Anyway he is going to replace the tire and return the defective tire to Firestone. I think I'll crawl under our rig and check the other 5 tires now.... Thanks for getting back to us. I think he found the valves...oh joy- no more banging....
  11. Brett, The guy decided to put the oil in thru the back- he took off a yellow cap and used a funnel. We told him that it took 30 quarts and now they ran out. I cannot believe WE are paying for this! My husband said never again- he will change his own oil. We had to buy the filters anyway...Joe (my husband) did learn how to prime the water separator filter so it has not been a total waste. We have already been here 4 hours and all they did was rotate the tires- and there was nobody else that they are working on. Simply amazing....bill so far $558 (but that includes an alignment. BTW- they used 4 different brands, all 15-40. Thought that was unusual also. My husband went inside to try to open engine bay but the slide had to be out so he didn't access it. Sure wish we had gone in to the diesel seminar at Perry....would have saved us a lot of headache today. Do you think we are alright with where he put oil??? Cathy
  12. We put an inspection sticker on our vehicle when we bought RV in Arizona but licenses it in Texas. Does this bill say that we don't need an annual sticker? It only cost $10 or $15because all they did was check the lights...cost more in fuel to get it inspected... they don't do anything with diesels ...we have a 2001 Safari- maybe it is too old for current regulations. We drove from 1987-2012 without ever buying a sticker
  13. We are at a service place and they cannot find where to put the oil. Please help! 2001 Safari Zanzibar
  14. Don't try to stay in Walmarts in AZ. We were kicked out of the one in Tucson even though they asked us to move while we were unloading about $200. of stuff. We then continued on toward Phoenix (both on I-10) and found a Walmart about 1/2 way there- it had signs clearly stating NO RVs- so we pulled in, turned around, and pulled out- with security on our tail.... We did find a rest area to stay at in AZ- when they are open- they have very nice rest areas in AZ.
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