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  1. Tom, once again your post has intrigued me. I share these with my wife often and we discuss places to toss into our bucket for when the time comes. I hope these will be around for folks to read for years to come. They have inspired me to look at everything there is to do in each state or providence, had I not read your post or you were kind enough to take the time to write it I would have had no idea it existed.

    Thank you

  2. Judge and Carl, I am very apprehensive when it comes to truck stop washes when they are performing the labor. I have a friend that brought his truck to one and they sprayed a wheel cleaner on his wheels that was a heavy concentrate of aluminum cleaner acid designed for wheels without clear coat. His wheels were polished with clear coat and they had turned yellow by the following day and began to peel shortly after. They never asked or explained what was going to take place and he was left holding the bag in the end.

    The people running those places seem to be short on experience, training and knowledge. I prefer to keep people like that as far away from my coach as possible.

  3. We do mostly long weekends from March to November and long trips two times per year. This our second Motorhome, started with a Class C and moved up to a DP (in the picture). The draw for us was being able to use your own rest room and meal prep while traveling (plus no electric which means no A/C). Most trailers you cannot access the unit without opening slides. All of the other reasons we did not realize until we camped with friends with trailers and observed their discomfort during set up and tear down. We had the vehicle to tow a trailer at the time and it was still an easy decision for the Motorhome over the trailer since the benefits were staring us in the face. Cost isn't much different when you look at the entire picture. We have friends with a newer Diesel truck and a fifth wheel travel trailer and they have over $110000 invested which is $30,000+ over what I have invested in a nice clean used DP. And I don't have to drive that big fuel gobbler truck all over the place when I am not towing the camper. I work with one of my camper friends he spends $2300 per year more than me in fuel to driver that big truck to and from work. It all adds up.

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