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    I like the idea... Worth looking into anyway...
  2. FMCA is now like the Boy Scouts.... We will keep the name, but it is no longer only for Boys,, We now allow Girls, Transgenders, etc etc.... I joined the corvette club because I drive a Corvette, not a Mustang. I joined FMCA because I drive a Motorized Coach, not pick up truck and a Fifth wheel. I joined the Cherokee Pilot's association because I Own and fly a, Cherokee, not a Cessna. I joined the USAF because I wanted to work with Fighter Jets,, not Tanks. I don't have anything against a towed RV. I used to pull one behind my Van. FMCA is not the Chevy Van towing a Trailer club. If someone wanted to join an ALL INCLUSIVE RV ASSOCIATION,, there is already one out there,,, It's called GOOD SAM ..... We are now, just another Good Sam Club....
  3. Allowing Non ''MOTOR Coach'' vehicles into a MOTOR COACH association is asinine.... It's like having cats in a dog show.... This was obviously done for the money. I don't relish parking my Motor Home next to a Towed RV Trailer. It will be like camping in a Trailer Park. If they had at least kept the Towed Trailer parking areas separate from the Motorized Coaches, it wouldn't be so bad. You spend big bucks on a nice Motor Home, and now have to park in a Trailer Park. Talk about DOWN GRADING,, and DEGRADING......... I guess with the new mind set of YOU CAN BE A BOY TODAY, AND A GIRL TOMORROW, AND USE ANY BATHROOM YOU LIKE... ANYTHING GOES ..... Liberalism has now invaded and taken over the FMCA.......
  4. The EPA had the foam insulation formula changed on the Shuttle fuel tanks, which affected the adherance of the foam to the tanks... and the results are history.... Damage to tiles and the wings from loose foam destroyed a shuttle on re entry... Now they are screwing with our tires.... GET RID OF THE THREE E'S... EPA, DEPT OF EDUCATION AND DEPT OF ENERGY,,, THEY ARE KILLING US!!
  5. I have about 600 watts of panels on the roof of my Blue Bird and will up that to a thousand very soon. Also have a 2000 watt inverter to run the microwave and power one side of the coach, (and a2500 watt inverter for the other side of the coach), and any other normal items, except the AC. Does the job....
  6. If you hold the switch down for a few seconds, it will allow some of the charge of the good batteries to do a ''fast charge'' onto the bad batteries, and allow some of that charge to be used to help start the engine. It is the same as when you go to jump off someone's vehicle. You want to connect your car to the bad one, and charge up the bad batteries for a few minutes. THEN BE SURE TO TURN OFF YOUR MOTOR BEFORE TRYING TO START THE BAD VEHICLE! The new alternators have solid state regulators that can burn out if you keep them running while trying to start another vehicle. In the old days, you could keep the engine running, because they used to use mechanical regulators that could handle the starting current a lot better than the solid state devices. ... Depending on how low the bad batteries, the longer you hold the switch down, the longer it will help charge the bad batteries.. Also, by not allowing for the bad batteries to come up a little, the bad batteries act like an additional drain on the good batteries while also trying to start the engine. The lower the charge on the bad batteries, the longer you want to ''charge'' them by holding down the switch. Hope that helps explain what is going on when you hold down the switch and wait a little first.
  7. I have just about every tool necessary to fix anything on my Blue Bird, except overhaul the engine! A 3 drawer tool box with every tool I have ever needed to work on the old Bird. Extra compressor, all large sockets and wrenches I have used to change out all air bags, replace air brake actuators, air lines, air gun, lug nut sockets, wrenches to remove and replace the semi truck tires used on the Blue Birds. Installed new jacks, hydraulic jack pump and tank, new jack control valve. Replaced the air step with an electric one. Replaced most water fixtures, new propane heaters, installed one new roof air to replace one basement air that just died. Took some parts from that one to keep the other two working. (New roof air is really great, but a lot noiser than the old basement unit) Next project is replacing the fabric on the awnings.. Just hope the wife likes the new awning colors........ The only thing I have yet to do is over haul the engine. Don't want to even think about that......
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