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  1. This might be way too late but if it is a Lippert Schwintek unit you can resync the motors....run the slide all the way out..bring in about 8" and run the slide all the way out again...repeat about three times....will resync....worked on mine like a charm.
  2. Thought I would share my experience with a "top notch" service facility not to be named. They replaced my chassis a/c compressor and other components..and that is a story in itself. When I got the coach back the l/r slide was open about 2 inches...the house batteries were dead..so I thought I would pull in the slide at home when plugged in. Lo and behold the slide would not come all the way in..hung out about 8" on one side and 6" on the other.I had to take the coach back because the "new" a/c wasn't working. I had them look at the slide. Of course they denied everything and told me it was a factory defect..very common and would need to replace the entire mechanisim..about $7,000. I didn't want them to touch anything after the a/c debacle.When I got home I researched and found you can resync your motors by opening the slide all the way..bringing it in about 8" then reopen all the way again...repeat about three times.....IT WORKED!PM me for the name of the shop. Bottom line is don't believe everything they tell you...do your research
  3. I have had the same problem with my newly acquired C Max....I think it was both turning and braking at the same time. Do either of the drivers with same problems use a toad braking system? Just curious because at this point I don't but intend to. I will clean and lube my blue ox...it does seem very stiff. Thanks for the advice.
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