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  1. Nothing to be sorry about, just differences of opinion.
  2. There's a difference between can, should and want to. I've made several trips towing my truck and my Jeep. Certainly CAN make those trips and probably will again during colder weather. Just want to travel lighter. And can't put the Harley in the truck. My hitch has a 5,000 lbs limit. Gassers don't have the same capacity that DP's do. My Silverado is already a tiny bit past that. Wouldn't feel safe adding electric ramps and 800 lbs, of motorcycle.
  3. Not sure how I fit into this question, but the answer is....soon. I've always towed either a Jeep or in rare cases, my pickup, behind my Itasca Suncruiser. But my wife passed away and now towing a vehicle becomes a real hassle. When I go places, I can't de-hitch and let her drive the car in. Some places, like Fort Wilderness, want you to de-hitch near the check-in and drive both to your site. That's a real problem. So I'm in the middle of buying a used 2015 Honda CB300F that I plan to put on a hitch carrier. This little bike only weighs 348 lbs. so I don't expect it to give my hitch much trouble. I'll be putting it on the "Ultimate MX Hauler Ramp" so this old 67 year old coot doesn't have to run it up a ramp. You pull the bike on the ramp, strap it down, then lift it with one of those hydraulic bottle jacks. Wish I could talk my Street Glide on this carrier, but it's only rated for 400 lbs. My rig is a gasser. It doesn't have the frame that a diesel rear pusher has and I've read too many horror stories about people who put these really heavy lifts on the back of a gas frame and ended up bending the frame. This little Honda can cruise at 70 all day long. It's very easy to ride and can take me to sight-seeing locations and go get a loaf of bread. But I WILL be using the motorhome for the big shopping trips. I'll stock up before I leave or at Walmart between destinations. I'll just use the bike to get small stuff.
  4. How does this change when you move to something like the Idaho Tote or the Cruiserlift Swivelwheel?
  5. Just as an addendum to this topic, I wanted the same thing and went to Winnebago to see about buying a replacement. This is a direct quote from Betty Williams in Winnebago Service: " depending on the fabric chosen – a new sofa could be more than $5300.00 – plus shipping and tax." This information may impact the decision to pursue the purchase of a new one.
  6. And HOWDY! Back at'cha. I'll be back when you come back to Perry. Hopefully that will be soon.
  7. Thanks Herman, Unfortunately, due to my wife's health, I'm not able to leave her much and go volunteering. I'm sure it makes for a better experience. But on the other hand, I'm probably one of the "ole grouches" you mentioned anyway, so it might work out best for everyone. Please don't misunderstand my comments. I had a great time and will come back when it returns to Perry. But you don't need to know about the parts that went right. So I ask that you look at the below "***** list" and remember, I thought 95% of the rally was great. The volunteers and members I dealt with were friendly, helpful and very personable. I got a lot out of most of the seminars I went to, so don't take this as a dissatisfied person, but rather one trying to provide feedback to "tweak" future rallies.... I guess that, along with the inbound traffic, which according to Jeff, was a fluke, it was the "First Timers" tag....what exactly was supposed to happen if you were a first timer? The only thing that I saw that was different for us was the initial "First Timer's Orientation" and I have to say, that was disappointing. Maybe I just missed it, but I didn't hear a thing that wasn't in the paperwork we received before the Rally. What, if anything, did a "First Timer's" tag mean or do? We also had an electrical problem in the lot when we got there. And a number of coaches didn't get power (in the second 30-amp lot) until evening. Oh, and Murphy did come out and take my schedule and beat it to death. There were three big subjects I wanted to attend and it was impossible to get to see all three. Course, I guess that's reason to attend the next one. Sorry for all the gripes, but since you asked, I figured you wanted feedback. Sam
  8. Thanks for telling me this story Jeff. We were one of the forty-six that had to wait awhile; fortunately (at least for us), we were in the first group to go to the new lot. Later in the afternoon, I saw that line and my wait just didn't seem too bad anymore. I wasn't angry with the volunteers as I was the lack of organization (or so it appeared). We had no information about the loss of a team or an injury, so it just appeared as if this was the "system" in place. I really felt sorry for some of the volunteers; they were working really hard, but you could tell they were frustrated. I'm glad to know that we were the exception rather than the rule. My only suggestion for future rallies would be improved signage on the way in.
  9. Many thanks to all who have reported this wobble problem. I've been looking for a vehicle that I can both tow and is easy for seniors to enter and exit. The Cherokee appeared to be a prime candidate to replace my Wrangler, but thanks to all of you, I'll be looking elsewhere.
  10. I agree. I sent a message to North Carolina regarding the instructions to mount at the top of a windshield. I mount on the top when driving my Jeep, but at the center bottom in my Itasca Suncruiser.
  11. Let me just second NCBounder's comments regarding Bar Harbor CG. Large CG with nice size sites. Good location.
  12. Can't say enough about Eagles Landing in Holt Florida. 25 miles north of Ft. Walton Beach. Huge, long pull through sites, clean, neat, safe and with an absolute wonderful couple running it. http://www.eagleslandingrvpark.com/
  13. As a relatively new member, let me just say that I was recently disabled with a blocked fuel filter in Byron, Georgia. Coach-Net was so attentive and so responsive they were almost annoying. On a Saturday evening it was difficult to find a wrecker and for four hours they called us about every half hour to make sure we we safe and to tell us the status of the wrecker. The wrecker towed us to his yard (with security fences) and the next morning, to a a Workhorse facility. I have nothing but good to say about Coach-Net and will remain their customer.
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