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  1. Thanks everybody for the help. I will contact freightliner later today. I called newmar and they indicated the recall with replacement harness should fix problem. I will advise group when problem is solved.
  2. Yes freightliner chassis.
  3. All wiring looks factory including plug to headlights. Lamps are halogen and I have swapped lamp from side not working to opposite headlight and works fine. Lights that work obviously have power at connector and those that are not working don't. All fuses I can find test good. Thanks for the ideas.
  4. Hi gang, just bought a used 2014 newmar dutchstar. I have a interesting problem. On drivers side the daytime running light which is also the low beam works. The drivers side high beam has no power and all fuses have checked out good. On the passenger side it's the exact opposite! No daytime or low beam just high beam. No power and all fuses checked out good. Also only one fog light is working. There is a factory recall on the headlight harness to fix having both high and low beam on at same time on high beam. Thanks carl 2014 Newman dutchstar 4364 17,000 miles
  5. Yes I drove one Monday at general rv in Tampa. Drove fine and no dash rattles. Front axle does seem to small. My tradition scaled out at Spartan at 12770 front 19680 rear.
  6. Was looking at a 2015 American revolution at dealer and saw a discovery LXE. I wasn't familiar with this discovery model. Check out one of there brochures. Coach has all the right stuff. 8.9 ISL, 3000 mh allision transmission, one piece fiberglass roof, 3 a/c, truma tankless hot water, girard power patio awning e.t.c. Wood work inside was beautiful and fit and finish was solid. I thought the build sheet was for a higher end coach not a lowly discovery. I am told fleetwood wants to make this there flagship of their line. Being a American coach owner I was surprised to see so much coach for the money. They probably would have been better off using a different name and get away from the discovery badge. Carl 2004 American tradition 40w
  7. 42qd is a great floor plan. Have fun
  8. greenbarn1

    Tire size

    I agree!! one of my neighbors 2015 phaeton has the ceiling sagging! I guess it's known in that year to happen and it's going to cost a bundle to remove vinyl ceiling and at new supports to roof. Another guy in the park had his carefree patio awning that looks like a girard style fail at the knuckles were it attaches to awning cartridge to coach. Scratched paint but tiffin is sending out new and improved parts for awning. 2018 next to me has sloppy fit and finish I couldn't believe. I think cranking out 13 a day is starting to cut into there famous quality.
  9. Wayne77590, will do I was on there website this morning using there dealer locator. Just was checking to see if anybody recommended anyone in particular were they had a great experience in Florida. were we are snowbirds. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Manholt, I like to research and to my homework before so I can plan to get things done in a reasonable time frame. 1
  11. Manholt, I am looking at both and yes I am aware they are different animals. I currently own a American tradition. Thanks again for all your help. Carl 2004 American tradition 40w Spartan 122,000
  12. Hi gang, looking at a new 2018 discovery lxe. Any recommendations in florida for installation of SMI. My car already has SMI installed I just need service line added to new coach Carl 2004 American tradition
  13. greenbarn1

    Tire size

    Manholt , I was concerned that fleetwood is building a 41ft bath and half coach and possibly cutting it close on tire load vs axle load. Manufacturers have been known to cut it close in the name of the almighty dollar. My neighbor has a new tiffin phaeton which is comparable to the discovery lxe and they come with 275/80r22.5 adding a little insurance. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Carl 2004 American tradition 40 w Spartan 122,000
  14. Own a 2004 American tradition if using fob actuators can break, door harness on hinge side can have broken wires. I use key to lock door and leave one window unlocked in case I need a ladder to get in. The real problem never addressed by the manufacturer is when lock fails and you can't get out!! Carl 2004 American tradition
  15. Looking at a American coach and salesman said they are having trouble with warranty claims with sleep # warranting bed. Especially at high altitude they are failing Carl 2004 American tradition
  16. greenbarn1

    Tire size

    Hi gang, thinking of trading my 2004 American tradition which rides on 295/80r22.5 tires. Looking at a new 2018 discovery lxe 12400 front axle and 24000 on rear. Coach comes. With Michelin 275/70r22.5 tires. I believe the tire load is 6980 so it appears ok. Just really like my bigger tires. Carl 2004 American tradition 122,000 Spartan 40w
  17. Problem fixed! The robust and excellently designed powergear system is attached to slideout floor of coach by fleetwood using #14 self tapping screws. Found self tappers loose and one with the head popped off. Re drilled and used new self tappers to secure powergear slide to floor. Unfortunately now that slide is in coach there is no other way so secure slide to box! Very poor engineering on fleetwood. On my American coach owners group there is mention of shimming slide gears. This is actually done by putting a wood shim in the middle of we're powergear bolts to floor. This is right under we're motor gear engages slide gear causing a slight bow on the rack and pinion causing better gear engagement. When slide goes out and reaches full extension against outside wall this force pushes rack and pinion down on slide floor this is why there is never a bang going out. Coming in when slide reaches side of coach this force wants to lift rack and pinion up off floor disengaging gear mesh.
  18. Thanks Wayne for the reply. I think you are right I guess the motor better then the teeth on rack. Looks like motor and gearbox come as one assembly. And expensive!!
  19. I also have a 2013 cr-v with gps. When towing we shut off radio and gps screen. The only thing on is the little screen top middle of dash that is a clock. We have a wire from coach to car for maintaining charge when we drive. It goes in your seven pin connection. No pulling fuses no problem towing all day never a dead battery. Before we added charging wire to 7 pin connector we had same issues. I do believe a diode has to be wired into circuit to stop back feeding. We had this done by dealer who installed blue ox on car Carl 2004 American tradition
  20. Hi gang, brought my bedroom slide in yesterday and right when slide is tightening hard against coach a millisecond before it stops I hear a bang bang then stops. Obviously skipping a gear I assume? Slide goes out and stops fine but if you hold slide button as usual and let limit switch stop the slide coming in it bangs. My slide is a power gear which has a square metal tube in middle of bedroom slide under my bed that has metal track on bottom of it. I would say it's about 12 inches off floor. My slide motor and gear box are then bolted to that rail. Slide from outside looks as if it's been pulled very very tight to side of coach. I have a American technologies dual current sensor slide out control box that has amp adjustment fro 37 to 21 amps it was set in the middle I tried turning down to 21 amps but still the same condition. One other thing to mention coach is sitting in New Hampshire in 30 to 40 degree temperatures not sure if that would effect electronics. We leave for Florida this Sunday!! 12 volt battery is reading 14.1 volts Carl 2004 American tradition 40w Spartan 119,000
  21. About 20 minutes away. My wife and I like walking along Hampton beach this time a year.
  22. Beautiful spot. To bad they only have about 30 spots. Carl 2004 American tradition atkinson n.h,
  23. Rich, until you get to the bottom of your electrical problems please know your refrigerator will stay cold along time without power. just run your generator every 4 or 5 hours for a 1/2 hour or so and refrigerator will stay plenty cold. Try not to open unless needed. Just a little band aid until fixed. Carl 2004 American tradition 40 w Spartan 118,000
  24. We have a 2013 crv 2 wheel drive. Myself and many of my friends regularly drive 70 - 75 when toying. We stop every couple 3 hours and start car and let run for a little while. I think there 65 mph is (CTA) cover there a$$' carl 2004 American tradition 2013 Honda CR-V
  25. Thanks everybody for the great information. Your forum is awesome. A member of my American coach owners group has hooked me up with a factory thermistor new in package. When I receive it and install it I will let everybody now how I make out. Thanks a million Carl. 2004 American tradition.
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