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  1. erniee


    Guess I am old. Tell me what Robert means
  2. No matter where we stay or the time of the year, we fill the fresh water tank and use that and store the hose. It’s hard to have a flood when you leave for the day when you turn the water pump off.
  3. It seems not much happens on this forum. I suggest going to FMCA and get a list of chapters in texas and contact them direct.
  4. Brenda and I attended a FMCA Foretravel rally in Durant and now in Pine Mountain Georgia for a Wanderlodge rally. Perfect weather
  5. If you are young and can get up on the roof and handle all that fabric when it gets inflated and acts like a head sail on a sailboat and wants to pull you off to the next county- DON’T 15 coaches, no covers
  6. Nothing much going on in this thread these days
  7. Quite a project and if you wanted to have it done, quite expensive
  8. The reason I don’t do floating flooring- it moves, it shrinks, it comes apart, it sounds hollow. I always adhere with either urethane adhesive or pressure sensitive adhesive. When it’s stuck- it doesn’t move.
  9. Check out prevost owners group on Facebook. Gil Johnson is the guru there. On my 97 Liberty, it was a power hungry beast and needed to be plugged in or generator running. Unless you turn off all the master switches, the coach’s’ parasitic draws will deplete your batteries in no time
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