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  1. I did that but the software seems to jump all over the place and not stay on the dashboard drop down. This is a weird setup
  2. There use to be a section where you could put in a membership number and find out the name. Can’t find it now
  3. Last June I put 8 Bridgestone tires on. My coach weighs 50,000+. I have run from Texas to east coast. make sure the date codes are current
  4. I was a co-moderator of the Wanderlodge forum. There was one thread that I didn’t want to receive messages and I thought I had just taken me off the thread but inadvertently, removed a couple thousand members who subscribed to that thread.
  5. Happy new year. Hope to see a few of you 15 miles south of us in Santo, T strange- since this forum was down, my post from a few days ago just appeared
  6. For toads- anywhere on this forum?
  7. If you have a Foretravel
  8. How about another Prevost Outlaw?
  9. Too many log-ins- is this forum not affiliated with FMCA?
  10. That is a Prevost Outlaw H 3. Thanks- my son is doing this work. With me looking over his shoulder, I might add.
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