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  1. No slides. No headaches
  2. We have countertops installed. Brenda going over punch list. All audio/visual installed with new satellite
  3. Carl, we are waiting on the quartz countertop fabricator. They have the product-
  4. Trimmed out new Samsung with walnut from old Dometic
  5. New tile has been added and the new rubber treads will be installed, properly, upon grouting of the tile.
  6. Entry work. Tomorrow will be a little twist from my all wood/rubber tread entries.
  7. Bedroom completed. I added insulation to bed box as the engine is there and could hear the engine on our initial drive home. My Wanderlodge and Prevost were very quiet. I also made a cover for the heat sink skylight, which we haven’t had one of these in 25 years. Brenda did the bed skirt.
  8. I think one would get in touch with maintenance at that park
  9. Main floor completed
  10. Just think if your water pump failed and you couldn’t flush. Headhunter toilet must have a headhunter water pump- at 1000 bucks. in this Foretravel there was a microfor - that went in the trash replaced by a 320 Dometic- manual operation
  11. Huge money pit. Too many complicated electrical systems. Time to simplify life
  12. Since we purchased the Foretravel, we have added new shades, valances- a thorough cleaning by our cleaning lady took 2 days. Same with the outside detailed. New cabinet tops are at the fabricator. New upholstery pieces are waiting to be installed. Just another money pit- but not like the Liberty
  13. Hickory in our Foretravel- real walnut interior
  14. Bought coach in Leander. It is sitting on my lot without being under cover. The detailer is a local mobile guy
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