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  1. Kamping world- just like cancer with the fatal outcome good luck
  2. He just gave up and fixed it himself. Hydraulic line from front to rear. He bought a new line and routed it. He’s 51 and can do things like that. finally have my coach getting the front fixed after the deer hit last September
  3. So- his wife was driving- and she nods off- Brenda can sleep in any position- and she sure isn’t going to be behind our wheel. Brenda drove once. She doesn’t like it. I was on full alert while she was driving.
  4. Glad you had good luck with them. My son bought a motorhome from them last year and didn’t have the same service you had.
  5. I’m taking mine to a place in Nacogdoches- Marine clean. They are going to fix me up for 11 grand
  6. We have been in a lot of different campgrounds lately. It seems that 5th wheel manufacturers think that adding bright blue lights on the front of the rigs makes them look cool. At night they are very annoying. Is there any way to turn them off?
  7. My daughter has some property and I added a 50 amp outlet last year
  8. Happy thanksgiving- we are in Golden Valley Arizona
  9. FMCA use to offer Coach-net. I followed Coach-net when they left FMCA and have always heard good things.
  10. Just don’t raise your rear wheels off the ground
  11. Towables are a huge percentage of any campground that we see. They all look alike- white with swirls
  12. We are in pine mountain Georgia. Should here from insurance this week
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