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  1. Erniee

    Checking Browser

    I just got that this am when coming to the home page- weird
  2. Erniee

    Passenger Step well cover will not work

    time to update your entry
  3. Erniee

    Engine access

    contact me [email protected]
  4. Erniee

    Engine access

    tired of carpet?
  5. Erniee

    RV Dash A/C repair Dallas, Texas Area

    Mr Olivers is now Starlight Motors run by Pauls' x wife- they have a lot of nice coaches there
  6. Erniee

    Kohler 12.5kw Generator Question

    you must have Cruisairs?
  7. Erniee

    Vintage Motorhome

    very nice. I had a 84 35 FC Bluebird with same engine
  8. Erniee

    Portable A/C

    does your roof air have a diverter in the return air to make cold air come down instead of to the ducts?
  9. Erniee

    What is Wrong With This Picture?

    in june issue you will get to learn about the new 15 foot retro trailer
  10. Erniee

    Class A Coach Cover

    that's a fact, Jack-
  11. Erniee

    RV flooring replacement in Las Vegas

    when did you have your rally?
  12. Erniee

    RV flooring replacement in Las Vegas

    I have my shop in Weatherford. We live up high on a hill In Mineral Wells- just 18 miles west of shop. 6 days to do an install? The guy is a hack. 10 grand for flooring- that place is a rip off. Come to me- next year, will save you some serious cash
  13. Erniee

    Passenger Step well cover will not work

    anyone that says the floor must come up is obviously wrong. sometimes the set screw comes loose. outside and a bright flashlight will help spray some grease on the mechanism while you are at it
  14. Erniee

    Ramps for maintence

    I had a grandson graduate college in Dillon. Too cold and rainy for me. Now, I'm in North Platte, Ne