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  1. Got a problem with my new ipad and android phone. Both of those will not recognize the IP of this forum. This old computer I'm using does but is dying. How can I get my new devices to accept the forum? Thanks Ernie I have tried in vain, also to change my settings here for a new email address which is ernietex@yahoo.com This is the only forum of all the rv forums I have issue with
  2. Buccees in Ft Worth is not to be missed, either
  3. rattlesnakes are protected by law? who thought that one up? who is gonna tell?
  4. Hog season is year round in Texas- you can shoot them - but not with a camera
  5. Erniee


    The CHP posted the photos
  6. usually the entry has am umderlayment and the carpet can be flush with it Carl, that is the plan since Brenda retired.
  7. My son has moved here and set up shop. I have given him a couple coaches and he is ready, in my opinion, to handle just about anything. I'm always available to consult him if he has a question.
  8. I was born in Brockton and grew up in Avon and East Bridgewater
  9. looks nice there is some T moldings available in various colors to do what you just did. FYI
  10. Looks like after many folks contacting the powers that be- this forum is back in business
  11. Carl, there is an aluminum oxide finish on this material. A damp mop is sufficient.
  12. The raised round is the style that I use. Those with the lines are hard to sweep off. Prepare to spend at least $100+ for all the steps.
  13. The entry is acacia. I have no problems with liftable steps.
  14. How about a nice looking entry instead of ugly carpet
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