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  1. Going back to work on April 1
  2. Tag axles- does the above multi axle have steerable tags?
  3. Up here on the mountain, snowing so hard we can’t see the valley
  4. Drove coach 100 miles to brownwood I did go and so did coach. getting ready for our trip to Natchez in feb
  5. Since my 5 bypasses, been doing a lot of walking, driving Jeep and van. I’ll be driving the coach on a short trial run next week
  6. This message board use to have a lot of chatter. What’s going on?
  7. Have you tried the Prevost Community? what issues- other than telling us you have issues do you have? there are a couple places in Tennessee that know all about Prevost’s
  8. Is this a Headhunter water pump?
  9. I don’t need any vaccine card
  10. I had a heart attack and 5 bypasses. Was in Lubbock texas at the time. My son came up and drove coach and Brenda and I home a week ago. Currently walking a lot and am ready to get behind the wheel
  11. I had 2 razars- save your cash and spray some Kroil on all those moving parts. To me- they are junk
  12. Just received my October issue- all 108 pages. About the size of a comic book. Gone are the days when FMCA had a real magazine. My opinion.
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