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    Steering Box

    If I had a lush in my steering box I would get rid of it and send it to AA. x2 on the redheadsteering gears
  2. I used to drive this often in a 60' semi. That was years ago and it was OK for me. I would think the road would be a little better today and they probably haven't made the US 93 highway any steeper etc.
  3. That is amazing. The highest mileage I've ever seen or heard of in a Cat 425 is 6 MPG with 4.5 MPG being very common. A friend of mine used to say his Cat 425 meant 4.25 MPG! I will link him to this website so he can possibly triple his mileage. I know he will be appreciative.
  4. You can explain stuff to people but you can't understand it for them. The acronym caught my eye so I thought I would share it.
  5. I have to admit I was a little worried when the Seattle Times was blaring the headlines of a FMC shootout with two people being killed. Turns out it was the Family Motorcycle Club in the Seattle area. Thank you fellow FMCA members for being so mellow about our club. Whew.............
  6. An update for those kind helpful hearts within the club, we've done around 7,000 miles in the Gulf Stream since we purchased her. That's a lot of miles in the Gulf Stream. I would be constantly checking for water leaking into the coach and for salt water induced rust. Salt water can also wreak havoc on the electronics.
  7. Some things never change. I was a long haul truck driver in 1979. Just north of Phoenix, the clutch in my year old Freightliner packed up. I made it back to the only Freightliner dealer in Phoenix at the time. They quoted me $500 just for the Spicer clutch/pressure plate, take it or leave it. I borrowed their phone book, called the Spicer dealer in town, called a taxi and $220 later, including the taxi ride, (a long cross town drive) I had a new clutch and paid Freightliner around a $100 to install it. Shop labor was around $32 and hour or so. The mechanics thought it was great that I got such a deal on the clutch instead of being bent over at their parts counter.....
  8. Glad you found out it was only the bulbs burned out. Or were you able to use that 19 year old warranty??
  9. We partly financed a 17 year old Country Coach. We found a few banks to be inflexible in regards to the 10 year rule. 2 local credit unions were more relaxed. The problem we had with an older coach is the unrealistic, IMO, Blue Book pricing that had our coach listing for a scrappers price. The credit said they would consider an appraiser so for about $125.00 we had a complete appraisal done and the CU was completely satisfied with that, as was the insurance company. With all that being said, you could consider getting an appraisal so you have (possibly) a more realistic value, on paper, or your coach that you can use with a lender, an insurance co, and a prospective buyer. Good luck!
  10. When I was a lot younger my brother and I mounted playing cards on our bicycle by using clothes pins. It attracted a lot of attention from the local homeowners and we decided to not attract attention to ourselves and so we took the playing cards off. that was 56 years ago but I see a parallel here.
  11. LLC's seem to be a ploy to avoid the costs of living in your home state. I don't like paying up either but I don't want my honesty or integrity being questioned, so I pay my home state's taxes etc. AND license it in my home state too.
  12. There is a parking lot directly across from the cruise terminals in SEA. Do a little searching for Port of Seattle, long term RV cruise parking, and you should be able to find a phone number. We parked our car near the terminal that accommodates Princess and Holland America lines, long term, fenced, no problems. I am sure they have RV parking too, or at least they did 2 years ago when I was researching cruise ship parking lots in SEA. Good luck
  13. We had work done there on a prior occasion but the last time we used Dave and LJ's the oak divider between the dinette and (new) couch was deeply scratched. They just could not believe it until their installer fessed up to it. That and their uncaring attitude towards repair the damage, led us to Never use Dave and LJ's again. Since our incident I have met two other owners who sustained damage their coaches with similar attitude after the fact. We had spent over 5K and kinda expected a bit of CS after paying top dollar. YMMV Cheryl
  14. Wow, 58 posts before mine. My semi had Stemco hub covers. There was no need to suck the oil out of the plug hole, there was a drain plug on the side of the casting. The same drain is visible on the pic of the Volvo that somebody posted above. My Country Coach has the same set up. There is no need to suck or plan on how to drain the hub, it has a drain plug on the side of the casting. Takes an Allen head wrench to remove it. Very easy to do. Hope this helps.
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