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  1. I am having problems cleaning the face of the Glossy Kitchen Cabinets. Never had cabinets like these before and have had 5 other motorhome! Wanted to dust off cabinet and used Lemon Pledge with a soft cloth. The Pledge has left highly visible smears marks everywhere that was wiped. They look terrible. The Pledge was a bad idea! Needed to clean it all off. Started using Dawn dish soap and warm water, didn't work! Then warm water and Vinegar, didn't work. No luck nothing worked. At this point I'm very frustrated with the highly noticeable smears. Could it be the Glossy finish on cabinets and not the Pledge causing the problem! Any suggestions. Newmar, King Aire 2012
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    Prayers for a quick recovery!!
  3. 2012 Newmar King Air Purchased by Linda Boucher and Carl Christensen aka Manholt
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