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  1. The simplest solution is to add several dish washing machine pods to your tanks after emptying. As the ad says, if it will dissolve baked on lasagna, it will clean a black water tank!! They work particularly well if you travel a lot. The motion of the water and soap in the tank will even clean up dried out solids within a trip or three.
  2. Up here in the Great White North, I can start my Cat 3126 down to -20F. The chassis batteries are in good shape, fully charged, and I run the generator while getting the little darlin' going. The generator allows full power to the manifold heater. I then run the Cat at 800rpm to warm it up. Actually starting the generator is harder than getting the diesel going.
  3. AND.....get the engine and area steam cleaned! Might not help with the cooling, but will make you fell better to see all that shiny stuff again.....
  4. I must add that our best ever was 12.2 and the worst, 8.6 mpg. Using the cruise does make a difference, especially in windy conditions. And the toad weighs in at 2400 lbs. Mountains seem to make little difference, as you loose on the climbs what you gain on the descents. We have never knowingly used bio-fuel. We do not use engine A/C when driving, rather we use the roof A/C and run the gas Onan for A/C power.
  5. I too have oil pressure indicater issues. My guage, no matter how cold it gets on start up, only reads to the middle of the dial on start up. As the engine warms up, it quickly falls to the "L" on the guage only coming up slightly if I rev the engine. I changed out the engine sensor, and it made no difference. The engine computer has never flashed an oil pressure or low oil warning. Next is change out the guage?
  6. 36' Triple E with a Cat 3126, toad is a 2002 Chevy Tracker. We get 10.5 mpg IF we keep the revs between 1400 and 1650. This is from 55 - 62 mph depending on the wind. Before we had the rad and air cooler cleaned, mileage was 8.5 - 9.0. Tire pressure is 100 lbs all around. This is actual mileage over the last 60,000 miles coast to coast and to the bottom of Baja.
  7. We are planning to travel the Baja beginning in Jan, 2013. Anybody interested in being a "travel buddy"?
  8. My wife likes to use jumbo sized bath towels but it is a problem trying to find a place to hang them. To solve this problem I mounted a pair of 30" towel rods to the ceiling of the bedroom, right in front of the windows. With one rod on each side of the bedroom, the towels are out of the way and as a side benefit, when hung block more light from coming into the room. To keep the towels on the rods as we travel, we put clothespins on the towels just under the rods.
  9. With regard to black tank capacities: You should be aware that some rigs have the bathroom sink also emptying into the black water tank. This both good and bad; it fills this tank faster than you expect, but it does add more fluid to the tank. Check your manual!!
  10. Hi there!! Is anybody interested in travelling down the Baja in January, 2013? We are looking for a travel buddy (or two or three) to keep us company....you can reply to janvlen@mts.net
  11. Don't stay in the RV park at the Grand Canyon itself. It is dirty, expensive, and only has uneven gravel parking spots. We were there last year and were not impressed at all.....
  12. If you must use a block heater, then it should be "on" for a minimum of 4 hours. Even with a gas engine, a 4 hour minimum is considered normal. A better solution is to buy a timed unit, wherein the heater is on for 2 hours and off for 2 hours. The best solution is to buy a temperature controlled unit that when it is required, runs on the 2 hour cycle. These guidlines are normal in southern (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?) Canadian winters. In the colder weather up north, automatic temperature controlled oil fired coolant heaters are employed. Better to come south.......
  13. Our solution is to drop 4 - 5 dishwasher tablets into the tanks in the morning. As advertised, this stuff removes day old dried on food, so it does a great job on the tanks. Drain the tanks and flush after a days driving and the oders are greatly reduced. Doesn't seem to hurt the seals either...
  14. We have been advised that this Hwy is not suitable for class A units over 32 feet. We want to travel this road east from New Orleans into Mississippi. Any one have any recent experience on this route?
  15. Thanks for the advice, but I have tried that......no luck. I guess I will have to change the fan to a Fantastic unit and wire the condenser fans to turn on when ever the A/C is activated.
  16. I have a Polar-Aire 111 vent fan that requires a new motor. Spare parts are no longer available from Shur-Flo. Does anyone know of a replacement motor?
  17. I need the Ranco condenser switch # SPS-H2060-000 which I understand is no longer available. What should I substitute in it's place? Thanks in advance.
  18. The Swagman is your best bet becuase it allows the bikes to be supported by the wheels rather than the frame. Also if you get off into the boonies, becuase of this support method, your bikes will sustain less damage than if supported by the frame C J Vermeulen, Triple E Signature, 2002 Tracker ZR2
  19. I have the same problem in my 1999 Triple E Signature. Thanks for the info, will look at the box.......CJV
  20. Has anyone traveled Hwy 160 from Alamosa to Durango in early April? ESPECIALLY over the 10, 850 foot high Wolf Creek Pass? We have a 34' Triple E diesel with a Geo Tracker toad. Thanks in advance
  21. After puzzling over my Cat and Allison manuals, and getting nothing but confused, your explanation just made the light bulb light up. Now, why can't these clowns who write the manuals make it as clear as you have done? THANK YOU!!!!!
  22. I have a Freightliner chassis with Cat power, and the cruise control does not behave. It will "hiccup" at the top of a moderate climb even if the speed is as set. It will also "kick out" if the vehicle speed drops more than 10 mph, or if the speed increases to more than 10 mph. It is also slow to be able to resume speed, sometimes taking a minute or more before reacting to the request. And finally, it will NOT resume speed if the vehicle speed id more than a few mph above or below the set speed. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance
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