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  1. If he is willing to sell it for $30,000 and it was well maintained, I would consider purchasing it at that price even if the engine was missing ! This past summer I looked at a number of 2003 40 ft tag axle Allure's and they were all in the $140,000 to $190,000 range. I would go for it.......... Let us know how you make out. Paul
  2. JR & Francine, A little trick I picked up on one of the forums a few years back to deal with the road salt. When the weather is nice take your hose and attach it to a lawn sprinkler and push it under the front of the coach. Then after a few minutes either move the sprinkler back or the coach forward. We use the type that fans fack and forth. Been doing this every spring for the past few years, and my frame is sometimes cleaner than the sides. Paul
  3. JR & Francine, We live in North East Pennsylvania and are within an hour of most of the Pocono ski resorts. When skiing it's rare for us to tow a car, and we watch the weather or stay put until the roads are clear. Our Colorado ski trio was in March when the daytime temps were in the 50's and the roads were dry. There was a 14" snow storm predicted so we headed out to the Alburqurque convention early to stay a day ahead of the storm. I guess I consider myself a fair weather skier and run good tires, (Not Snow Tires) and avoid areas where we would need tire chains. As far as the parking areas at the ski slopes, We have better traction than most of the vehicles in the resort. It's up to the ski area as far as overnite parking, some allow it and others don't. As far as slide freezing problems, we never encountered any, we just make sure that we brush off or blow off any that may accumulate under the slide awning on a windy night. In two of our basement compartments the one that contains our fresh water tank and the one with our holding tanks, I installed 3 light fixtures on thermostats in each of these set at 50 degrees. The purpose of the three bulbs is I don't have to worry about one burning out. I found it's better to use rough service bulbs the type that are used in mechanics drop lights. With regular bulbs I had to replace them every few weeks from the vibration on snow packed roads. This is our second year on the same rough service bulbs bouncing for over 15,000 miles. Paul
  4. Welcome to the FMCA Family ! As Tom said, please share your experience with us, and take advantage of the search portion of this forum to find topics of interest. If you attend the Perry, convention take the time to attend the chapter fair. I'm sure you will find a chapter that shares your interests, and it's a great way to make new friends and have some fun. Keep us posted and we hope to see you there! Paul
  5. The friends we have made over the past 35 plus years combined with the places we have been and the sights we have seen far outweigh the depreciation. Paul
  6. My vote is Rudy's on 2400 South Interstate 35 Round Rock, Texas Rudy's Barbeque Paul
  7. I'm not familiar with the latch on your Fleetwood but it may be worth considering mounting a magnet type latch similar to the type used on some kitchen cabinet doors................Especially at $35 a pop. Paul
  8. As the price of fuel continues to rise, the wife and I tend to shorten the distance we travel. I tend to agree with you that as fuel goes up, we tend to travel shorter distances or maybe not as much. Since fuel can me a major portion of our expense, I look at the overall picture. In our area gas is about $3.15 a gallon. If it were to go up to $6.30 a gallon tomorrow, I would consider going half as far or half my number of trips. I also agree with your quote at the bottom of your post ........"I've worked all of my life, now it's time to play." We just have to play less often........... Rather than not at all ! Paul
  9. Brett is right on the money. If you don't know the AH capacity because of the age and you are not sure of your TV wattage or furnace fan draw you can always try this. One day when you are parked without the engine or generator running even out shopping leave the TV on for an hour or two. When you come back check your battery indicator panel and see if you are still in the green. On a cold night with the propane heat on we watch 2 or 3 hours of TV with the inverter with no problem. We have two 12V batteries about 2 years old. I dont remember the Amp Hours. Paul
  10. Bill is right, with some additional information on your coach it will help determine your options. Do you have an inverter? We use our motor home quite a bit in really cold weather and on ski trips with no problems. In two of the bays we installed three 110 v olt 60 watt fixtures with rough service bulbs controlled by thermostats set at 50 degrees. They run off the inverter or generator when we are driving and off the inverter, generator, or shore power when parked. I chose to run 3 bulbs in each compartment so that if any burned out the thermostat just stays on longer to come up to temp. We also installed remote thermometers with the display inside our coach and spent many a below 0 windy nite with piece of mind. Simple and Cheap Paul
  11. We are searching for a wheel chair accessible Class A or Class C motorcoach to help a wounded Veteran participate in the upcoming Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC. If anyone knows of a motorhome with a wheel chair lift and wide entrance door located in the North East US you can help in this exciting venture. SGT Eddie Ryan needs our help ! Details Of Transport
  12. We stayed for a few days at Tiger Run in March before heading to the Alburqurque convention. The sites were large enough for coach, toad, and dolly with slides out. Easy in and out and a nice system for late arrivals. Paul
  13. Thanks Brett, I appreciate the list of salvage and surplus vendors and will keep it on file . My friend Pat is making calls this morning to track down the doors. He stopped over a few weeks ago with some questions on his coach and I looked them up in the archives. It only took about a half hour explaining FMCA and its benefits, to sign him up as a new member ! Now the next step is to sign him up in the Cat Engine chapter. Thanks Again, Paul
  14. Anyone know if replacment baggage doors are available for a 2005 Fleetwood Bounder DP ? I have a friend who has the 2 right rear doors damaged on his coach. Thanks, Paul
  15. If this is the one you picked up it can be ordered thru Camping World online Cordpro Cord Storage Paul
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