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  1. Thanks, that's kind of what I figured.
  2. I have received a quote from FMCA for Michelin tires. I am wondering if i would be eligible for any current rebates from Michelin? Would be a great deal if so!
  3. Thanks for the responses. I am in the Sacramento Ca area, and expect I will balance the fronts only - is this what you recommend?
  4. Can someone please give me an idea of how much the installation of six tires will cost me? They are 275/70R 22.5. I have a quote for the tire from FMCA. Thanks!
  5. We are planning to switch our house TV from DirecTV to Dish, and currently have an older DirecTV receiver in our coach. Does anyone know if the Dish receivers (Wally?) will work with a KVH Tracvision L2, installed in 2005? I know we won't get HD. Thanks, JT
  6. I recall that you must press and hold the button on the Xantrex for a few seconds. Also, they may be an inverter on/off switch located with the battery switches and other monitors, probably close to the front door of the coach JT
  7. I had a similar issue, and it was that the inverter had turned off. Are you certain it is actually running?
  8. Thanks, everyone for your input. It did occur to me that if the house batteries were completely dead there might not be enough energy to activate the solenoid. JT
  9. I am now wondering if the emergency switch works in either direction, but I can't think of a way to try it out. Perhaps disconnecting the engine batteries? JT
  10. Thanks, Rich. I am replacing the batteries, and will look at battery connections etc when I do so. Do you think that the emergency starting circuit should work in both directions? JT
  11. Last weekend, my (four 6 v wet cell ) batteries died. I tried to start the generator, but it seems to use the very batteries that are dead. I tried using the switch that connects the chassis batteries to the house batteries to help start the coach motor, but that didn't work. I guess it allows the coach batteries to help the starter, but not the other way around. Do you think that is the way it is supposed to work (it is a 2005 Fleetwood Excursion, Cat 350, Spartan chassis) because it seems illogical. I was able to get the generator started by running the coach engine for a while to charge the batteries I was trying to charge. Ironic. JT
  12. Thanks to all who responded. I was getting power to the motor, but only 4 volts, it seems. I needed a new controller board. Less than a new motor now Lippert owns Power Gear.
  13. Thanks for all those who responded. The access to the slide motor is, in fact, behind a board below the bedroom drawers. It was not much fun getting to it. The motor is getting power, but not responding at all. Funny thing, I was just commenting how well all the slides were working. There was no indication of a problem - it just stopped. Usually, if electric motors are dying, they do so gradually. About the fact that I have had to replace two motors to this point - the first was about 12 years ago. The second was about 3 years ago, when a gigantic storm blew one of the slides out of alignment, and when I brought it back in, the chassis of the motor itself cracked. I am hoping that this issue is a limit switch or something beyond my comprehension (which wouldn't be hard) so I am taking it to a repair facility. JT
  14. Herman, the kick plate is not easily removable, and I can't tell what is holding it in place - there is only about a foot between it and the end of the bed, even with the driver's side out. The motors burning out have each been on different slides over the life of the vehicle. Yes, the slide can be cranked manually - but you have to be able to get to the motor to do so.
  15. Thanks for the manuals, Rich. Ross, I suppose that the motor must be behind the toe kick, or it might be accessible by taking out a drawer. Unfortunately, with the slide 'in', I can't get the drawers out, and I am reluctant to rip the toe kick off - although it may come to that. If the motor has burned out, it will be the third, but I have never been offered more powerful motors.
  16. Thanks, Ross. I checked the fuse, and it is O.K. Also, I can hear a slight click, which sounds like a relay, but no suggestion of the motor getting power. I looked under the bed, as Herman suggested, and the motor for the driver's side slide is under there - but not the one for the passenger side. I just wish I could find the motor!!
  17. No I have not - but I will look under the bed! Thanks, Herman.
  18. I have a 2005 Excursion 39R, on a Spartan chassis. It has four slides. The passenger side bedroom slide stopped working (fortunately in the closed position) and I can't find the motor or the mechanism. I can hear a relay clicking, but the is no motion at all from the slide. The other three work fine. Can anyone tell me how to get to the motor? Thanks,
  19. Yes, I have the two-way valve, but I have only used it a couple of times, since I use gravity to fill the tank. I always fill the coach prior to leaving home since we can't count on getting a water hook up when we park, so we are almost never hooked up to city water. JT
  20. kaypsmith, My hearing is good, but I may be a little slow. What am I listening for from the fill valve? It is an 86 gallon tank, so it would take about a year to empty from the drip, right? The tank is full, but I drained about 20 gallons out yesterday and the drip continued. I fill it using the gravity fill by sticking a hose in the opening. Sorry I don't understand about the 'backfill valve' JT
  21. Rich, that would be great! It is a 2005 Excursion 39L on a Spartan chassis. Thanks, JT
  22. No, actually I have not heard the pump coming on, and it drips with the pump off. The black and gray water tanks are on the side next to the drain, and there is nothing under them. There may be more than one fresh water tank, but, after crawling around underneath, the only logical place appears to be over the fuel tank. Thanks for the idea, though! JT
  23. Actually, I put a container underneath so I could catch and measure the amount leaking. No air on, no leak at the pump or any connection I can find. It appears that the water tank is over the fuel tank (between the fuel tank and the floor), and since the water is coming down over the fuel tank, that is probably where the leak is. I probably should have mentioned that it is a Spartan chassis. No way to get to the tank through the floor, so I am guessing that the fuel tank has to come out to get to it. Wonderful planning and design, don't you think? JT
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