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  1. Thanks, everyone, for the response! I had assumed that it was a generic part that would work with specific battery types, rather than the coach. JT
  2. I am about to replace the four 6 volt batteries in my coach, and would like to replace the hold-downs at the same time. They are the little brackets which fit over the edge of the battery and go into a slot on the top of the battery. I can't find the hold-downs anywhere. Any suggestions would be gratefully received! JT
  3. Thanks for that info - that's what I was afraid of! JT
  4. Thanks Tim! We actually will be staying at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, so we are O.K. for a place to park. Here is where I am confused; last time we went down, we stayed on 101. However, Microsoft Streets & Trips is saying to take Hwy 154, which splits off just below Los Alamos. It looks as if it would save about 12 miles compared to taking 101 and going through Buellton. Have you tried that route? Thanks, JT
  5. Hi, We will be going to Santa Barbara in August, driving our 40 ft motor home down from Northern California. We will be traveling down Hwy 101, but it looks as if it might be better to get off 101 and onto Hwy 154 just South of Los Alamos - or is it twisty and hilly? Does anyone have any knowledge of the best route? Thanks, JT
  6. Thanks, Jim. You may be right, since I have never seen the light come on. JT
  7. Thanks, that is great advice. I never thought of using the boost switch, and thought it was just for emergencies. However, living in Sacramento where it never gets cold (unless you think 30f is cold!) I have never seen the intake manifold heater come on! JT
  8. My chassis batteries on my Excursion DP C7 Cat are over seven years old. While the engine starts quickly when I turn the key, I am concerned about their age, and if they will suddenly fail. The existing batteries are Exide HC-31D, which appear to be 700 CCA and 840 CA. Questions - should I replace them now? and what are folks recommending for starting batteries? Thanks, JT
  9. Often times, when I am able to find an electrical outlet, it can be as much as 100 feet from our parking spot. I carry a 100 ft 30 amp extension cable, so getting power to the RV is not an issue. The problem I have is in winding that heavy cable back up when we are ready to leave. Any suggestions (other than getting my wife to do it) would be greatly appreciated! JT
  10. Thanks, all, for the information. One other question - since the Pacbrake work together with the transmission, will any reprogramming be required after the install of the PRXB? Thanks, JT
  11. I am considering upgrading the Pacbrake on my 2005 Fleetwood Excursion Cat 350 C7. Does anyone know what I should expect to pay for the PRXB, including installation? Is it worth the expenditure? Thanks! JT
  12. Thanks, we are actually leavng tomorrow morning, so I appreciate the timely advice and will take 20 I think!
  13. Thanks - what about HWY 16 out of Woodland, going through Esparto and joining 20 - have you tried that?
  14. I will be driving a 40ft mh from Sacramento to Ferndale, which is close to Fortuna. Looks like I will be taking 101 most of the way, but: Is Hwy 20, which goes past Clear Lake over to 101 close to Willits a good way to go? I have been told it is rather twisty, and I would be better driving down to Vallejo and going over on Hwy 37 to 101 Thank!!
  15. Rich, Thanks for the information! JT
  16. Brett, Thanks for your response. The only apparent difference was that the bottom pin was horizontal instead of vertical. There was, in fact, 120 vac on both outside legs. What about the phase - could it be different? JT
  17. Last weekend, at the Woodland, CA fairgrounds, the power boxes had 15 amp, 50 amp and 60 amp plugs. The two 50 amp plugs were taken, and no-one had 60 amp adapters. I have never seen 60 amps before. I was told that it is just like 50 amps (two 120 vac legs, a return and a ground). Is this correct, and if I make an adapter from 50 to 60 amps will I be able to use it without problems? Thanks! JT
  18. We drive from Sacramento to Southern California several times a year in our 39' diesel pusher, which has a 350 Cat engine. The fresh water tank is 68 gallons, and I have always filled it up before we leave, which means that I am carrying about 544 lbs up and over the Grapevine. I don't suppose it make a whole lot of difference driving down the valley, which is quite flat, but I bet it does going over the pass. I could get water at the Camping World in Valencia, but would it be worth the effort? Does anyone have any idea how eminimating 500 lbs or so (I would have to have some water for emergencies) would affect the mileage, or the drive up the steep side of the Grapevine? Thanks, JT
  19. Jerry, We had a similar issue with our 05 Fleetwood Excursion 39'. Had an alignment done (that helped a bit) then Super Steer, Koni shocks, restrictors on the air bags, and Michelins to replace the Goodyears. It is a lot better now, but I still fear cross winds! Also, I discovered that the drivers seat was offset by about 4" to the left, which was wierd. I fixed that as well. JT
  20. We are thinking about a short vacation at Union Valley Reservoir, which is just outside Placeville, CA. I see that there are some camp sites which would accommodate our 40' diesel pusher - but what are the roads like to get there? Thanks, JT
  21. On Saturday evening, a large tree took out the power in our area. Not to worry; I carried our coffee maker out to the motorhome the next morning and made coffee. There was an acrid smell, which turned out to be a component on the coffee maker's circuit board frying! I measured the voltage (no generator running, just power from the invertor) and got 117 VAC. Could this be the problem, and if so, can it be fixed? The motorhome is a 2005 Excursion. Thanks! JT
  22. We show dogs, and they are the primary reason that we have an RV. I NEVER travel with them loose in the coach. A hundred pound dog that gets stressed is not a good situation loose in a moving vehicle. Ours ride in wire crates, which can be purchased at most pet stores. Since our dogs are large (Alaskan Malamutes) I took out the fold-out bed so I could fit extra-large crates in for them to ride in. After raising and showing dogs for 35 years, I can tell you that some of them never get over the stress of traveling, but most are more comfortable when they are confined in a crate - and they are so happy to be going on a trip, they dash into their crates as soon as I open the RV door! JT
  23. I had the same issue, and I hated it!!! It got worse and worse, until the glass actually fell out, which was a little distressing. Fortunately, the wire for the heating element stopped it from crashing to the ground. My mirrors are Velvac, and the glass is remote controlled within the housing, so only the glass moves. The glass is held in place by a several tabs on a plastic frame. the tabs break, and the mirror shakes. I ordered a new glass from Velvav (they were great to deal with) and it came with the plastic frame and was easy to install. JT
  24. I just had the same problem with my Expedition. http://ShopFleetwoodParts.com has the part listed on the home page for $10.95, although there is a $15 minimum. I got mine somewhere else (http://discountrvparts.com/). It included the pigtail and connector, so it is really easy to change! JT
  25. I think that the material which seals the sliding glass window in my class A has fallen out. The window will not lock when I slide it all the way closed - I have to pull it back about 1/8" and then it whistles. My mind keeps coming up with the word 'windlace' -is that what it is called? Anyway, how to I get a piece and fit the window. Thanks, JT
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