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  1. Tim, I have a Fleetwood Excursion, and I had a problem with the largest slide being very slow to come back in. I took it to the dealer, who replaced the motor, saying that it was about to fail completely. Are your slides electric or hydraulic? If electric, I would get the motors checked out. If hydraulic, you may have a low fluid level. Unfortunately, the dealer I got mine from is out of business, so I hope I don't have any more problems! JT
  2. Since I recently became a member of FMCA, I am very impressed with the way one can get help and friendly advise. I had an overheating situation with my coach when travelling over the Grapevine to Southern California last summer. This e-mail string convinced me that I may have a plugged radiator, but I was not able to get to it. It turns out that the engine cover (accessible from the bedroom closet) has never been opened, so I am guessing that the radiator has never been looked at. The carpet was tacked down so I had to pry it up to get to the cover. The radiator was filthy - I am amazed that I didn't overheat on level freeways! Thanks for the great information. With a little Dawn and some water, the radiator looks like new! JT
  3. My 2005 Excursion's diesel generator exhausts below the driver's side window, which is now covered with a film that makes it really hard to see in the side mirror at times. Has anyone else had this issue -- and how do I get that stuff off the glass? Thanks for any help I can get! JT
  4. My 40-foot 2005 Explorer (Spartan MM chassis) has about 2 inches of play in the steering wheel, measured at the edge. I got underneath, and the play is in the shaft going into the steering box. I can easily turn the input shaft from under the coach. There is an audible "clunk" at the end of the play in both directions. I have owned this rig for about two years and have never been comfortable driving it. It seems as if I have to steer, then correct continuously, and it is horrible is cross winds. Do you think that this play is in tolerance, or is it contributing to the overall nasty handling? John Telling
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