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  1. Unless thermal windows for motor coaches have improved lately, I would stay away from them. I am taking my coach to a glass shop tomorrow. They are going to reinstall my driver's side window which was impossible to see out of under certain light conditions. The cost was not too bad (about $350 to replace just the fixed part) but I would just as soon not have to have it done. I must confess that I spent hours scrubbing the windows and went on to this forum to find out why I couldn't get them clean. Brett straightened me out, but I did feel a little silly! I thought about taking the window out myself, but the whole thing is about 4' wide by 3' tall, and I have reservations about balancing on a ladder and taking it out. I live in Northern California where heat is much more of an issue than cold so I can't comment on their ability to keep out cold. I exp[ect that is compromised once they get cloudy anyway. JT
  2. I have the same issue with my Fleetwod Excursion. There are a few places who advertise that they do this work, but none of them close enough to me (I live in the Sacramento Ca area) so I started asking glass shops. I found two locally who said they could do it, although only one of them had a facility big enough for my vehicle. I expect to have the work done next week. I am having the drivers side front (fixed) glass replaced. They are going to pull out the enitre frame, a then extract the section that needs to be fixed and replace the glass. They are going to put a piece of plastic over the window opening so I can drive home while they work on the window. Interestingly, even though it is a glass shop, they send a template to a company who does thermal tempered glass. All of this, including labor, for $325. The local RV places wanted to replace the whole thing for about $1,500, so I feel this is pretty good. Fleetwood (and the dealer who sold me mine) are out of business. The 'new' Fleetwood doesn't want any part of my problems. Allegro might be a bit more sympathetic, since this is definitely a safety issue. Have you contacted them? JT
  3. Brett, Yes, they used Equal when balancing the tires. . I will have to ask them if they used the right valves! thanks for your response! JT
  4. When I had the tires on my RV replaced, the installer used new valves, which appear to have a little ball bearing in the end instead of valve caps. I am having difficulty putting air in the tires now. Does this type of valve require a special inflator? Thanks, JT
  5. I will check that out, but it looks pretty flat I think.
  6. Thanks for that response! I think that is what I am going to have to try to get done. When you say that you have done it, I ssume that you are in the repair business? Any idea who I might approach in the Sacramento, CA area to get this done? Thanks, JT
  7. Thanks, Herman, I will peak underneath the seat with that new knowledge! As far as leaning to the right, I thought we were not supposed to talk about politics on this forum!
  8. Thanks, Brett, I will try calling Fleetwood. Am I being over sensitive, do you think? I have driven a few cars that were this way, and they drove me nuts too!
  9. My 2005 Fleetwood Excursion's driver's seat is offset to the left by about 4". This means that. if my body is centered in the seat, the steering wheel and the pedals are 4" to my right instead of being right in front of me. The only reason I can think of that Fleetwood might have done this is to make more space between the seats. I find myself sitting way over to the right to compensate, which gets old when driving hundreds of miles. A side issue is that the driver's seat won't rotate all the way because it is too close to the side of the vehicle. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I overly sensitive? JT
  10. Thanks, but I should have mentioned that the coach is all 120v.
  11. I want to replace a couple of the inside light fixtures in my coach - it's a Fleetwood Excursion 2005. The existing ones have small bulbs, not sure if they are LED or quartz. The light fixtures I have found to replace the old ones take regular 120v incandescent screw-in bulbs. Is there any reason why using regular bulbs would be a problem/ Or, is there something I can do to convert the fixtures? Thanks! JT
  12. Thanks, Brett. I makes sense that it would be the filler pipe. I imagine that the mechanic either forgot to put it back on, or didn't put it on properly, but I really doubt if they will admit to it, so I am out the cost of cleaning it out and another oil change - probably somewhere else! John
  13. johntelling

    Missing Cap?

    Sticking out the back of my 2005 Excursion's 350 Cat engine is a pipe about 2 1/8" in diameter. It is close to the top, over the radiator, on the right hand side when you look from the back of the vehicle. Right above it is an On/Off rotary switch. It must have had something covering it I suppose. I just had the oil changed a few weeks ago. Could they have left something off? When I put my hand over it with the engine running, I can feel a slight pressure, and the sound changes. Is it a crankcase breather, maybe? I just got back from a 800 mile round trip since the oil change, so presumably it was off all that time. Do you think the oil is still O.K.? Thanks in advance for any advice. John
  14. We also get slightly better mileage when towing our Acadia with our Cat 350 powered DP due to lower speeds. In California we are only allowed to drive 55 mph when towing, compared to 70 mph solo. One interesting aspect of pulling a toad is that it is easly to get stuck in fuel stations. Guess how I know? I have become very suspicious of fuel stations where the pumps are at 90 degrees to the access road - and also quite good at quickly unhitching the toad if I need to! JT
  15. The driver's side front window on our 2005 Fleetwood Excursion 39L is fogged to the point of becoming dangerous. The non-sliding part is double-glazed. I realize that there are places where this can be fixed; however they appear to be in Florida, Arizona and Oregon and I am in Sacramento, California. Does anyone have a local solution for this other than to replace the entire assembly? Thanks, JT
  16. Brett, Thanks very much for that information! It does drive me nuts letting the thing do that. I wonder why they don't program the 'latch mode' into it in the first place? By the way, I can't tell you enough how great I find the FMCA forums! JT
  17. Brett, Thanks for all that information about Allison transmissions and Cat engines. It would appear that it is impossible to either over rev or lug these things - mine is a C7 350. I normally drive with the retarder turned on so I won't forget it, which causes the transmission to lurch to a lower gear, and the engine revs to go up pretty dramatically. My guess is that Allison and Cat got together and figured out how to avoid blowing these things up. In the good old days we were taught to avoid that lurching thing since it might be harmful to the engine. My question is - am I doing any harm by leaving the retarder on all the time? JT
  18. Tim, I have a Fleetwood Excursion, and I had a problem with the largest slide being very slow to come back in. I took it to the dealer, who replaced the motor, saying that it was about to fail completely. Are your slides electric or hydraulic? If electric, I would get the motors checked out. If hydraulic, you may have a low fluid level. Unfortunately, the dealer I got mine from is out of business, so I hope I don't have any more problems! JT
  19. Since I recently became a member of FMCA, I am very impressed with the way one can get help and friendly advise. I had an overheating situation with my coach when travelling over the Grapevine to Southern California last summer. This e-mail string convinced me that I may have a plugged radiator, but I was not able to get to it. It turns out that the engine cover (accessible from the bedroom closet) has never been opened, so I am guessing that the radiator has never been looked at. The carpet was tacked down so I had to pry it up to get to the cover. The radiator was filthy - I am amazed that I didn't overheat on level freeways! Thanks for the great information. With a little Dawn and some water, the radiator looks like new! JT
  20. My 2005 Excursion's diesel generator exhausts below the driver's side window, which is now covered with a film that makes it really hard to see in the side mirror at times. Has anyone else had this issue -- and how do I get that stuff off the glass? Thanks for any help I can get! JT
  21. My 40-foot 2005 Explorer (Spartan MM chassis) has about 2 inches of play in the steering wheel, measured at the edge. I got underneath, and the play is in the shaft going into the steering box. I can easily turn the input shaft from under the coach. There is an audible "clunk" at the end of the play in both directions. I have owned this rig for about two years and have never been comfortable driving it. It seems as if I have to steer, then correct continuously, and it is horrible is cross winds. Do you think that this play is in tolerance, or is it contributing to the overall nasty handling? John Telling
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