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  1. We once had a gas engined 30ft Winnie with no slides. I could not get over the noise level, especially going up hills, but that is, of course, a very subjective issue. We now have a 40' DP with four slides. It has a 350 hp Cat engine, and I would like a little more power. But then. I would also like a 45 ft coach! I am going out on a limb here, and guessing that the creaks and groans from the body of the gasser you tested are as a result of a less than perfect chassis, Perhaps DP's are put on a better chassis, typically, than gassers? There will be many, much more qualified, responses than mine, but my feeling is that there is less to worry about with a diesel - until something goes wrong! Most RV gas engines are just pickup truck engines. Most DP's have very serious engines which are going to last longer than most people what to drive them in an RV. Having owned our DP for about 5 years now, I would never go back. JT
  2. Well, I performed minor surgery, and there is, in fact, a UJoint under the rubber boot. Even if I put up with looking at the UJoint, there is also a large hole so I would be able to see the road between my feet as I drive. Since I was weaned on early English Morris's and Fords that doesn't bother me too much, but I think I will cover it back up and maybe tape over the whole issue to try to smooth out the corrugations. Thanks for the suggestions, though!
  3. Carl, Thanks for your response. My experience with talking to Fleetwood has not instilled me with confidence in them, so I think I will cut it off and see what is underneath. I suppose I can always put it back on. I wonder if there is a universal joint under the boot? JT
  4. I have wide feet, but I can't believe that I am the only one who had had this issue: on our Fleetwood Excursion's steering column, there is a corrugated boot at the bottom. Occasionally, when braking, my foot catches on this boot, which is a little disconcerting. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone have a solution? I wonder if it is possible to replace the boot with something without the corrugations? JT
  5. I am a bit late to this string, but I took the Splendide unit out of my coach single handed. I replaced it with a wine rack and shelves. The unit had a large stabilizing weight, which I removed. Once it was out, it was not that big a deal to get the unit out of the coach. I put it back together and sold it through an ad which I posted at Camping World - not sure if they still let you do that. JT
  6. Thanks, Rich. The problem I am having (maybe I should have started with this) is that it sometimes takes several minutes (as much as ten) for the air bags to start filling. It sounds as if there is an air leak, but that eventually goes away. As soon as the air stops hissing, the rig starts to rise, and then stays up without any issues. My puppy Leonberger is a lot better looking that I am, hence the picture! JT
  7. Rich, It is a 2005 Fleetwood Excursion on a Spartan chassis. JT
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before. When starting up, I am wondering if it is best to wait until full air pressure is reached before switching the air suspension to 'automatic', or just flip the level over as soon as I start the engine? Thanks, JT
  9. Thanks, everyone, for the response! I had assumed that it was a generic part that would work with specific battery types, rather than the coach. JT
  10. I am about to replace the four 6 volt batteries in my coach, and would like to replace the hold-downs at the same time. They are the little brackets which fit over the edge of the battery and go into a slot on the top of the battery. I can't find the hold-downs anywhere. Any suggestions would be gratefully received! JT
  11. Thanks for that info - that's what I was afraid of! JT
  12. Thanks Tim! We actually will be staying at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, so we are O.K. for a place to park. Here is where I am confused; last time we went down, we stayed on 101. However, Microsoft Streets & Trips is saying to take Hwy 154, which splits off just below Los Alamos. It looks as if it would save about 12 miles compared to taking 101 and going through Buellton. Have you tried that route? Thanks, JT
  13. Hi, We will be going to Santa Barbara in August, driving our 40 ft motor home down from Northern California. We will be traveling down Hwy 101, but it looks as if it might be better to get off 101 and onto Hwy 154 just South of Los Alamos - or is it twisty and hilly? Does anyone have any knowledge of the best route? Thanks, JT
  14. Thanks, Jim. You may be right, since I have never seen the light come on. JT
  15. Thanks, that is great advice. I never thought of using the boost switch, and thought it was just for emergencies. However, living in Sacramento where it never gets cold (unless you think 30f is cold!) I have never seen the intake manifold heater come on! JT
  16. My chassis batteries on my Excursion DP C7 Cat are over seven years old. While the engine starts quickly when I turn the key, I am concerned about their age, and if they will suddenly fail. The existing batteries are Exide HC-31D, which appear to be 700 CCA and 840 CA. Questions - should I replace them now? and what are folks recommending for starting batteries? Thanks, JT
  17. Often times, when I am able to find an electrical outlet, it can be as much as 100 feet from our parking spot. I carry a 100 ft 30 amp extension cable, so getting power to the RV is not an issue. The problem I have is in winding that heavy cable back up when we are ready to leave. Any suggestions (other than getting my wife to do it) would be greatly appreciated! JT
  18. Thanks, all, for the information. One other question - since the Pacbrake work together with the transmission, will any reprogramming be required after the install of the PRXB? Thanks, JT
  19. I am considering upgrading the Pacbrake on my 2005 Fleetwood Excursion Cat 350 C7. Does anyone know what I should expect to pay for the PRXB, including installation? Is it worth the expenditure? Thanks! JT
  20. Thanks, we are actually leavng tomorrow morning, so I appreciate the timely advice and will take 20 I think!
  21. Thanks - what about HWY 16 out of Woodland, going through Esparto and joining 20 - have you tried that?
  22. I will be driving a 40ft mh from Sacramento to Ferndale, which is close to Fortuna. Looks like I will be taking 101 most of the way, but: Is Hwy 20, which goes past Clear Lake over to 101 close to Willits a good way to go? I have been told it is rather twisty, and I would be better driving down to Vallejo and going over on Hwy 37 to 101 Thank!!
  23. Rich, Thanks for the information! JT
  24. Brett, Thanks for your response. The only apparent difference was that the bottom pin was horizontal instead of vertical. There was, in fact, 120 vac on both outside legs. What about the phase - could it be different? JT
  25. Last weekend, at the Woodland, CA fairgrounds, the power boxes had 15 amp, 50 amp and 60 amp plugs. The two 50 amp plugs were taken, and no-one had 60 amp adapters. I have never seen 60 amps before. I was told that it is just like 50 amps (two 120 vac legs, a return and a ground). Is this correct, and if I make an adapter from 50 to 60 amps will I be able to use it without problems? Thanks! JT
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