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  1. We tow or JK Wrangler with a Rock Hard 4x4 front bumper. It has mounting points for the Blue Ox tow bar and recovery shackles. We attached the safety cables to the recovery shackles. We also use the Mopar Wiring harness to run the lighting and this makes for a really clean install. The Mopar harness plugs into the existing harness in the Jeep and comes with a pig tail, with a 7 pin connector, that is removable when not towing We run a Brake Buddy for brake assist.
  2. We tow a 2014 Wrangler Unlimited and have the Mopar wiring kit. Install was pretty straight forward and we have had no problems. The biggest help in towing the Jeep was making sure both the Motorhome and the Jeep had good suspension alignments.
  3. We had a similar situation towing our 4 door Jeep with our 26’ E450 Born Free Class C. We eventually ended up with bigger anti-sway bars front and rear, A rear track bar, and a big steering stabilizer. I don’t regret the money spent because I’m kind of a handling snob coming from sports cars...BUT... Before you do all that, get your rig and your truck to a reputable suspension alignment facility. I had our rig aligned but I didn’t know the alignment was not correct. That’s when I started throwing parts at the problem. When I still wasn’t comfortable we got the rig to another shop and we discovered the alignment was way off. Unfortunate because the first shop had been highly recommended. When we got the alignment corrected it was so much better. They then checked the alignment on the Jeep. While the alignment was technically within the spec it was on the borderline. They were able to adjust the tow and caster to make the Jeep track straight versus hunting back and forth. We went from thinking we were going to die towing the Jeep on our first trip to a 5,000 mile trip this summer with no stress. Bonus, the Jeep drove and handled way better in just normal driving. The “bad” alignment was like that from new. Spend the money on alignments and then decide from there what you need next. Make sure the shop can provide before and after alignment printouts and that they can explain how those numbers are affecting your handling Hope this helps. Sorry for the long post
  4. Excellent post but it is giving me flashbacks of the 80+ hour work weeks that I escaped 2 years ago by selling our collision repair facility. To the OP of this thread. To be successful you will have to be there everyday driving your business It won’t drive itself. In today’s world you can’t pay people enough to give a $hit. They need constant attention and direction. Every Monday you will start your day by wondering how many will call in sick Make your investment decisions wisely.
  5. I saw these reviews on YouTube for the Marell RV monitoring system. BluStream Temp Monitor These mighty ger you started on your research. Let us know what you end up with.
  6. The FMCA Towing guides are an awesome resource and I encourage your friend to check them out. That being said, we tow a 4X4 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited automatic but I have been researching alternatives lately. I found that Ford has a number of automatic transmission small sedans and hatch backs as well as several SUVs that are towable four down. Four wheel drive not required. I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. I think we are 1 for 3 on seeing the Mysterious Maria Lights. It was pretty spooky the time we did see them.
  8. Carl, I’m the choir and your preaching to it. 🙏🏼😜
  9. My mistake. We currently have a Wrangler Unlimited 4 door. Along with the Edge, we have also been looking at the Cherokee Trailhawk. I probably burped that out of my head and added it to my Jeep Description. Funny how the brain doesn’t work sometimes.
  10. Carl, Thanks for the reply. I had spent some time in the Towing-Toads section of the forum looking through the threads referencing the Ford Edge. That's how it got onto my possibles list. However, I didn't see anything specifically talking about towing with a C Class E-450 so I was hoping for some input from the membership if someone is actually doing it. Jeff
  11. Anyone doing it? We have a 2004 Born Free 26RB and currently tow a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Wrangler Unlimited. We have it dialed in and it tows pretty well. Two long trips: San Antonio to Florida and San Antonio to Albuquerque with no major issues. We are needing to replace the Jeep with something more occupant friendly for my wife’s friends and elderly family. We have driven a 2015 Edge and it seems like a good candidate as long as we can successfully tow it like our Jeep. My research indicates that overall size and dry weights are similar. The BF is rated to tow 5,000 lbs and our current configuration has us under the GCVWR. I’ve weighed or setup a couple of times Next big trip is Gillette this summer. Any input, either positive or negative will be greatly appreciated. Jeff
  12. Just another data point for the OP. We have towed our 2014 JK Wrangler Unlimited 4x4 on several 2,000+ mile trips. Put the transfer case in neutral, tranny in Park. Ignition key in off position. Key in my pocket. It is specified in the Owners’s Manual. Jeeps don’t have a steering wheel lock either. That’s another bonus. We run a brake buddy and I also installed the Mopar factory towing harness that plugs the Jeep into the 7 pin connector on the coach. This runs all the factory lights on the Jeep. Lastly, we did have a slight issue of the “tail waggin’ the dog” but my alignment guy found that the Jeep alignment from the factory had too much “tow in”. With that correct the Jeep tows much better and it even made a positive difference normal driving. Hope this helps.
  13. We joined FMCA yesterday in anticipation of registering for Gillette today. We have a few RV friends that are members of FMCA and joined on their recommendation. Gillette will be our first rally and I volunteered for tram and my spouse volunteered for coffee hour. This rally will anchor our big summer trip from San Antonio to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. We travel in our 2004 Born Free 26RB towing a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. This will be our third and longest trip since getting our coach in 2016.
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